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Sarepta Therapeutics:

Sarepta Therapeutics Stock Ticker Srpt. This Company Is At All-Time High Over The Last 5 Years You Can See It’s Out Of Trouble Breaking Out Of The 150 Level But Since Is That 175 During The Corona They Dipped Slightly But Reached An All-Time High Before July Then Dipped And In December Sarepta Is Once Again At An All-Time High. 

This Company Would Be Classified More As A Growth Stock Since It Does Not Pay Dividends. Sarepta Therapeutics Is A Biopharmaceutical Company That Focuses On Discovery And Development Of Ribose Nucleic Acid (Rna)-Targeted Therapeutics Which Is The Treatment Of Rare Neuromuscular Diseases. 

The Company Is Located In Cambridge Massachusetts The Institutional Ownership Of This Company Is Quite High At 92%