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Bristol-Myers Squibb:

Their Main Focus Is Research And Therapeutic Areas Where They Believe They Can Deliver Transformational Medicines To Patients. Right Now They Are Studying More Than 40 Different Diseases And They Have Over 50 Compounds In Development. 

Translational Medicine: 

This Is A Rapidly Growing Discipline In The Biomedical Research Its Purpose Is To Expedite The Discovery Of New Diagnostic Tools And Treatments. With Their World Class Researchers And Their Long History Of Translating Scientific Learning Bristol-Myers Squibb Strives To Uncover Life-Changing Treatments For The Most Challenging Diseases Of Now And The Future. 

Through Their Research And Development Division They’re Looking To Develop Drugs For Solid Tumors, Lung Problems, Head And Neck Issues, Esophageal, Gastroesophageal, Glioblastoma, To Name A Few. 

A Notable One Of Its Subsidiaries Is Celgene Corp. Celgene Is A Pharmaceutical Company That Makes Cancer And Immunology Drugs Their Major Product In Their Pipeline Is Revlimid.