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Moderna Stock Ticker Mrna. If We Analyzed Their Stock Price Over The Last 10 Years Or 5 Years You Will See That They’ve Been Under A $30 Company Until The Beginning Of This Year. What Is Very Interesting About This Company Is Since Inception Which Was 2018 This Company Has Lost 1.5 Billion Dollars And They Lost 500 Million Alone In 2019. In Early 2020 The Ceo Of Moderna Told The President That They Would Be Able To Have A Vaccine For Coronavirus And Since Then Their Stock Has Went From Under $25 To Over $130. The Company Was Awarded Over Four Hundred Million Dollars From Operation Warp Speed To Bring A Solution Or Vaccine To The Market. This Company Does Not Pay A Dividend. Institutional Ownership For This Stock Is Quite Low At 52%. What Concerns Me The Most About This Company Is Days Before The Government Approved Their Coronavirus Vaccine It Is Seen In Their Sec Filings, Many Of The Top Directors Of The Company Sold Their Stock, The Ceo Of The Company In One Transaction Turned $400,000 Into 13 Million Dollars. It Raises The Question If You Believed In Your Company And The Products Why Would You Cash Out At The Beginning Of The Ride. To Me The Only Reason Someone Would Cash Out Millions Of Dollars Is They Are Not A Firm Believer In Their Product Or Their Company And It Sounds Like A Traditional Pump And Dump.