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Or excuse me for healthcare first, go over Minera or Moderna Moderna had an amazing day on Friday, 3%. Let’s check out this last week. Yeah. The moves just got bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and huge. So this is, oh, Darren. I popped off of the 50 then held the the one, five, nine to 50% retracement or extension. And it looks like it’s off for the races. Well, we got one 86 watch a quick little, one 91 pop or like basically drop. I would say it dropped like all the way down to maybe 72. It could cause liquid came from, from, you know, 59.

But if we hit the [inaudible], I’d say it comes back down to right around here. The 80 level that the 80 level I’d say by a good right here would have been your ideal jump in, especially after a down day on Friday, but looks good. like I said, be careful. we’re at basically all time highs at the one 89 or the yearly highs at one 99, which is basically all time highs for the stock. So be very careful. This could just take off, hit the two 15 and then shake everybody out. Remember just, just think of all the different possibilities that could happen. We are coming up to a massive amount of resistance, which is here and here. So we break out, we can break out pretty decent.

A B, B V we’re just entered the squeeze as you could, as an indication down here. I don’t know. I’m not, not, I guarantee that I’ve really liked this the way it is. Yes. We just hit the 50. So it would be a, a textbook just by, and obviously we’ve got the bounce the next day, but then we got rejected right at the 20. So I, if it holds the 50, great let’s look for it to, to kind of shift back up to one 19. But if not it could just drop down to the 100, which would be one oh eight. So just be careful. I, it doesn’t look very pretty Johnson and Johnson. We are right at the highs high end tight Friday started off great, kinda got destroyed. As you can see this chart doesn’t even, it doesn’t even tell justice. It looks extremely barest right here, but when you put it all in perspective, it’s a two point difference on a hundred dollars stock. So we’re looking at like nothing, 2% difference. No, it’s almost $200 stocks, like one and a half percent difference between here and where we are. So it’s not very much. And we’ve been dancing around in here for quite some time as we just entered a squeeze. So I, I mean, it’s all kind of goes and see what happens with the market, but I don’t see any problem with this at all.

Okay. However, let me say before, I would really want to get in. I want to see it go above the one 71 or if it kind of touches down at the 50 kind of the one 66, I would say that’d be another decent entry, but I’d be careful because it could flush further, but I wanted to see if it can maintain

Holding the 66 75 gild

This got, just look at this now I know I was saying, be careful watch the 67, but wow. I mean, that’s not really that much. It’s 66, so it’s not like it really dropped terribly, just looks terrible on them on the chart. Again, looks terrible on a chart, but we’re right at the 50 holding the hundred. Here’s three easy. If we can get to, if we hold this for maybe next week and we’re anywhere between this area, you know, went down, touched it and then starting to build higher then. Yeah. I’d want to get in looking forward to break the 67 77 and go higher than the 70. Or if this just starts going up next week, I’d want to see it break the 67, hold the 67, then go from there. Pfizer

Well, last week was not very helpful for Pfizer and we’re in a downward squeeze at this moment. I’m rising. Yeah. Stay away. Unless you want a short, I’d say this is a short, but watch be very careful because we have the 50, which we have all these lines right here. There is with support from the past, or just be very careful, but it does not look like Pfizer’s going To.

Doesn’t look like it’s going to the moon. Let’s just say that might be going downward. Bristol Myers, man. It’s like all the healthcare. We broke it out, which was one, two, three, four, five, and Monday we broke it to a high and God destroyed, but we were at the 20. So let’s see what that does on the 20th. It owes the 20th and look forward to break out. Cause this are dyadic stitches. These are just like I drew. So we’re in their range. As you see, is, is they’re high and a high, so we hold, hold this, this green line and look for it to go higher if it holds

Merck.Oh yeah, this is nasty. Ah, last week was a terrible week for this for Merck. And as the chart looks, doesn’t look like it’s getting any time and we’re better. So yeah, short by some bullets, AstraZeneca. I like it just be easy. It could jiggle around a little bit longer for the 20 to break the 55 75. This could. So in other words, we couldn’t hit the 70 or the 55 75 just to make sure the green go through Babette there decided to go higher. Yeah. H U N H United health group just well entered to squeeze two days ago. It says negative momentum. I would like to disagree with that. It looks like we’re steady building a little bit higher and a little bit higher looking to break the four 25. So if I were, I would buy some calls maybe a little bit longer or we’ll give it a little bit of time, but that’s going to be, that will be expensive just because it’s a $400 stock. No Sarepta Sarepta Yeah, it looks like a rollback over who were retest this 68 zero four. All right. Healthcare.



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