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So we got NRG, which is, I mean, if remember we, we drew these lines as pressure points and out of nowhere, boom took off. Let’s look at the options on this one, the 40 coming up this week. Yeah. Yeah. I see it. Cause if we break out of the 39, well, first off let’s count five days, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. So we’re at 34. So it’s a three,

9% gain.

A diaper set gate gets us to 40, 62. So is it in the works? Yes. Per to pay 22 cents for it? You’re better off paying 25 cents for a 39.

It’s just cheaper For a dollar you’re saving or you’re spending 3 cents. Well, two and a half cents really, but you’re gaining a whole dollar. It’s that, that one makes more sense right there. If you believe NRG is about to take off a little bit higher, if you don’t then don’t, but again, for the little quick gamble, $20, it’s more expensive than oil, but it’s still not really expensive for a potential turning into a, a dollar 25. If that makes sense. Hope you caught me. So that’s five X give or take duke energy frustrated me a little bit, but if you see it, it looks poised to break above that. One-On-One 91. So let’s come over here. Let’s see. Yes. He look at this, the 1 10, 1 10.

So people are banking that it’s going to break to here and beat the breakout of this number that it did twice. That would be what that is a lot for two and a half pennies. That’s a lot, that’s a big number right there for duke energy. That’s I mean, that’s, I mean, it’s not, it’s not costing a lot, but for someone to just put 13,000 contracts on something, let’s see. Well, that, that is a lot because each of that’s $2 per contract and there’s 13,000 of them. So if someone’s betting $26,000 on that and the one right above, we’re looking at 5,000 times seven, so that’s even more money. So it doesn’t look like a lot, but in all actuality, that’s let’s bank on that’s 5,000 times seven. Yeah. $35,000 banking on that. So 35 plus what did I say? 26. So there’s like 50, $60,000 banking. Then it’s about the break out break above, even in the, in the July option exploration, the 1 0 5 has a little bit of money in it. I mean, I gotta try it. It’s it’s $2 and 50 cents, maybe $5. Somewhat. If people are going to put that much money behind it, I don’t see why not. You might as well go for the 1 0 5 because it’s only 7 cents. I mean, well, it’s three times more. So that’s why I understand why they put a lot of the thirteens out there, but duke that’s a lot of contracts, a whole heap load of them.

I liked him. Is this fun? Isn’t enjoyable. All right. Let’s check out D T E. Okay.

All of our utility and oil stocks should be going higher just for the simple fact. It’s mostly commodity based M D T E 1 38. Looks like we found some support right at right at right before bounce or, you know the break right here. We have 1, 2, 3, 4 touches right there. That’s that is, it had the opportunity to go down, but then shot up $2 at the end. Ended on a high that looks pretty promising. There is absolutely no option action at all. Nothing. yeah. And you’re going to pay pretty much for 40 fives. You’re paying extrinsic value, 40 cents $40 for that. The risk reward. Isn’t really there. I don’t see it. I like it. Don’t get me wrong. I like it. I just don’t see. It’s difficult to, to profit right there. Middlesex is another one bounced. Perfect. Let’s see. Do we see any,

Okay. Yeah, there is nothing, no volume. Yeah. No. It looks great, but there’s there’s as you see, there’s nothing. I actually, this makes a lot of sense too, because I keep having, I have Middlesex, I bought an auction, which was pretty stupid for this one reason. You see how the extrinsic values at $2 and 50 cents? Well, that’s obviously fake because I have been trying to sell my option for Middlesex water for what about a week and a half at 5 cents. And it will not sell. There is nobody here. Nobody wants there’s no one interested. So buyer beware,

Brookfield energy or renewing we’re partners. This looks pretty good. Went from 30. Let’s see as 18% gain. Wow. How many days let’s go back. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Let’s just check these five days. What can they do in a, in a week, 15% in a week? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. So let’s see the bottom to the top. That was a 3%. So a 4% gain, 4% gets us to 41. I see. At least we got a little bit of action in here. Not much, but a little bit of action for the forties and for the look at it’s the 40 fives, we got 5 cents out there. I don’t really, I see 41. That’s what we looked at all. Like I said, this is, this is a week two. So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. It has the potential to pop up 15%. So 15% Brings us to 45 give or take. So 45. It has the potential. It’s kind of like money away. I’m not gonna lie. You’re better off just spending 12 more dollars and go for the 40 fives one month out. If that’s what you want to do, which would make more sense, honestly trying to play it like that to 40 fives. Give it a whole month. And then if you catch this, you’re good. But 18% in four days, I don’t see it. Eh. Hmm. Well, let’s look next week. There’s always next week, right?

Sorry about that. That was probably dizzy supernova or Senova yeah, it looks, yeah. I mean, it’s changed direction. It’s on it’s upward trajectory. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 whoa. That’s 22%.


Ladies and gentlemen,

And it is really cheap. The implied volatility is, is way up there. No, that’s not cheap at all. You’re spending a lot. You’re spending a lot, but look at the deal. They’re starting. The July’s are starting to kind of cake in, but there’s no, like there’s nothing out there. That’s like, whoa, you know what I mean? Like the forties. Yeah. It’s just nice. Cause it’s cheap, but I don’t see any huge, huge money there. A E S I like it. I like it a lot. Let’s check out the options. See, see what I’m saying? See what I’m saying. This is a little bit different. Now we got 7,000. We got 15,000 contracts all within best banking on the 27th. That’s some numbers I like to see right up to here to 27. I like those numbers. There’s a lot of money out there that’s doing for that even 700 all the way up to the 28. That’s a little bit more interesting. All right. That’s that is $14,000 Invested on 27. I don’t know. Maybe $14,000 is nothing to you, but $14,000 is a good amount of money for me, just to bet on something. Right. Then we got another one right here, which would be $1,400 on a 28. But then the big numbers right here, 7,000 contracts, right? So six, well, 600, 908, 7 times 25 cents. Oops, not 25 cents. It’s $25, 6, 9, 8, 7 times 25. So there’s 147,000, a hundred thousand little over 150, $40,000 banking. That is going to go past the 26th. That’s some decent money, right? Sure. Beats the Sonova where’s like maybe five, $300. Right? So that sparks my interest. A E S Of course, I’m going to go for the $2, right? I should go for the, the 25 cents. Right.

Kind of both. What? Pay $30. You get one of both and it’s almost impossible. It’s, it’s hard to argue. It’s not like it’s very expensive, right? So again, mind you, you don’t have to put up all the money. I’m just looking through it. This is just fun. Money. I D oh my goodness. Look at this. This is on a tear. 1, 2, 3, 4. Look at this in the last five days or four days, looking at 4% gain in four days. But no, but no, you guys see what I’m saying? There is nothing. There are no contracts, no one is trading Ida. Not at all. Nothing, nothing interesting. So that is very disappointing. Very disappointing because it looks beautiful. But no, I don’t think we have an edge, a Merican water. All right. Let’s see. We’re looking at the breakout over 1 62. Ah, yeah. Look at this. We got some action. Way more than a, the one we were just looking at, you know, Ida, Idaho court, whatever it is, had nothing. Here we go.

What? The 200? Yeah. This makes absolutely no sense. Why Would someone be banking, $1,200 on that? That doesn’t make any sense. It’s not enough to, for me to want to chase way that far. Right. That’s extremely far 200,

The one sec. Cause you’re talking way up here. There gotta be. They’d have to know something that nobody else knows. I don’t really see it. I see. Maybe in for that much money, why would you spend, okay. You’re spending $3 when you F you could just, you know, buy the seventies for 7 cents. So it just doesn’t make any sense to me. Right? So I, I would say this for 7 cents, right? 7 cents. That’s, that’s a decent little gamble, but that’s not there. I don’t know. I’m I’m not, I’m not convinced on that one Republic services. I enjoy this one. This looks great for me. Maybe not for options, but for, for stock or to buy, you know, credit spreads, you know, put credit spreads. That would probably work on the other ones as well. Yeah. See, you’re not getting any kind of action. There’s no action over here.

This is like sleep good night. Go to bed. It has no action. So again, follow the money. And we done, we found NRG duke and H E S R our winners today on speculative, whatever you want to call it. Erik, we’ll just call it Erik. Johnson’s looking for crazy interest or crazy volume or open interest. There we go. Now that sounded absolutely horrible. We have to work on that. If you have any suggestions on what we call this and let me know, but I hope you understand what I’m looking at right now. I’m gonna show you there is nothing right? Bore rain. Now let’s go to something that’s not boring, not boring. Right? Let’s go to another, not boring. One, not boring. Does that make sense? Go to a boring one. So you know what I’m saying? Boring. We’re looking at the open interest. Nothing snooze, no volume, nothing go to one. That’s not that a we’ll go to AEs. Boom. See? Interesting. All right. Have a great one.



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