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Energy, if will, same story kind of washing the repeat with oil at the moment. If you can see the 66 77 is the target. That is the massive target we have been consistently been talking about since the beginning of this. We’re basically seven years in below 66, 77. I personally thought we were going to break it. What is this Friday? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. I thought we were going to break it Monday. We did on Tuesday. If you see, we made it all the way to 67 oh two and then got rejected for three straight days. And they were some pretty nasty selling days too. I mean, we lost a

We lost 8% in the oil market in three days. So was it a nasty day? Yes, it was completely terrible, but it was, it was almost expected. Right. I, I mean, I personally thought we were going to break above, but we did not, but I mean, again, it’s nothing to be concerned with. It’s going to go higher. It will break out. I don’t know if it will happen this week, right. But it will again, waiting for it to break. Well actually this is, this is interesting. This is really interesting. All right. Our first break look at the 151, our last, our last touch, which was in May 5th 57. So that is way higher than 51. Right? So let’s look down here. Our retracement was at 57 57, 25, 57, 29, 57 44. Right? Where are we now?

58 or basically 59. So we are our hundred day moving average is now up here, right? Opposed to down here, which is very bullish for the oil market. Remember, I’ve been saying it, one of two things could have happened when it, when you see how the, the distance between it one or two things, it could have came and it could’ve came all the way down, but it hit the 50 and basically jingled around. And now the a hundred has caught is almost caught all the way up above 60. So if it was going to make a move, it would make a move. Give it just a little bit, maybe. I mean, remember these are days, so if it stays anywhere close to here, this is going to be above 60, relatively fast. Let’s see when the first, yeah, so it’s the a hundred day if it broke above 60 February 16th. So we’re days away before the hundred is above the 60, which I, I mean, in a sense, it would kind of give it the ability. Cause look at this, that’s a parent that is a huge move, right? There was at 39, it was touching. And then it basically doubled almost, almost like 80% gain. So it makes sense. It’s been jiggling around our necks. Like if this were the case, look at this.

So like I said, basically a hundred percent gain, $33. It’s a 98% gain in 826 days. Right. So let’s go, let’s duplicate this. There you go. I’m going to show you something. All right. That’s not exactly what I wanted to do. All right, well, you get my point. We’re not going to duplicate it because it’s not working how I want it to, but it was a hundred percent gain, 98%. So 98% gain on this. If it were to happen, brings us to 120 right now, I know you could be looking at

Me and you’re like, there’s no way. Or it was going to get to 120 and any time soon, however, do

Not guesstimate that it’s not because just on inflation value, how much money, how many dollars did we print last year? What was it? One third, the amount that was available. So just from inflation alone, oil can make it up to 120. And literally it will, would be the same exact price as it is today. Just it’s going to cost more because we printed so much money. And so did the world. So could the oil go higher to a hundred, hundred and 20 probability, very slim possibility possible. All right, let’s get into it.

CVX. Now we just looked at oil. All these stocks are going to basically look like what the chart we just looked at. We are in the money on quite a few of, excuse me, the oil stocks or right. And half the money. So let’s check about we at CVX. We didn’t, I don’t think I pulled in any last week. One, two, three, four, five, which is good. Cause it, it, it was nasty. But again, we just looked at the whole oil markets. Almost all of these are going to be the same. What we’re really looking for is the one or two stocks that did not drop that they did not care what oil was going to do. And they were going to stay strong. Regardless.

I Sunoco Sunoco. I mean, mind you after earnings, this was, I mean, estimate 69 cents actual a dollar 60. My goodness. That is beautiful. It came all the way down. This is what two weeks ago. And we are on all cylinders about to break out this one. I I’m in love with this. This is beautiful. June 37 50. What are we at? We’re at almost 36, 37 50 for 26 days is only 30 cents to that. I can literally get you to a dollar. It was a three timer right there. Three backer. Give yourself a little bit more time and give yourself 54 days. And you’re looking at less than a dollar. You give yourself 200 days and you’re looking at a dollar 50, right? This Sunoco is dirt cheap. It’s dirt cheap. It’s I mean, they’re giving it away. I want to give me some of us. I think we already got some Sunoco. Let me check.

Yeah, we already got some, we got a 37 fifties. September’s right. Cause I, I can remember they, they were really cheap. So September 37 50, we are almost there and we haven’t till September we bought them for 80 cents. They’re at a dollar oh seven V L O Valero. No, no, thank you. Do not like it. I will kind of like it when it reaches this red line, if it can touch this red line, we’re good. But again, with the whole or oil it’s, it’s, I’m looking for this exactly what I’m looking for as you kind of know, I just said it we’re looking for stocks like Sunoco. When the oil is going down, they don’t care. They’re moving up. This is not what I want to see.

Okay. Total. Yes, but no, the reason no is because it had affect it. The oil market affected it. The reason yes. Is the oil affected it kind of, but then this is also a lot of market manipulation right there at the top. This is like, I think this is a French company too, so I don’t know anything was going on in France. So just be easy. But again, look earnings 84 cents, actual dollar 34. I do not see any problem with this company. We are in the fifties. We are in the fifties for June. We are down $10 or 10 cents cost basis. 45 cents mark 35. Yeah.

Well, Dutch shell. See, this is again, it’s not really what I want to see for what we’re looking for at this very moment. However, this fared a little bit better. Remember oil crashed on Thursday. This is Thursday. This is Friday oil crashed. It’s right on the hundred. Right? It’s came down like reversion to the mean it’s came down. It needs to like 44 is it’s high. I just be careful again, oil, because it’s all like right now it’s a lot of manipulation if you’re buying stock and not options by way. Right? Because remember we’re, we’re, we’re discussing options. So there’s a time limit on these. If there is no. If I had an unlimited supply of money, I would have be investing everything I had in the world right now. I know everyone’s like, cool. Both fossil fuels are going out. No, they’re not.

Have you ever as much, as much as we don’t drive cars, we make up for in plastic. Right. And makeup and everything, other products that petroleum is in. Right. So yes, the whole everything’s talking about, you know, we’re going to drive electric cars, but what are we going to make our plastic out of? Right. The plastics petroleum product. So, and I mean, I don’t want to talk about it too much cause there’s, I got a whole, much larger synopsis on the oil market and I don’t want to go into it. So he, he, this is like an Italian company. I mean, it held on pretty well it’s wherever this line is, it’s holding it. It held, it, held it, held it. Now it’s getting rejected by it. It’s holding this 50%. I give it a little bit more time. Kind of checked the oil market. I don’t, this is, this 

Right here. If you buy it here, he would have had to flip out immediately because

If you didn’t flip out and it came back down on you, then it’s worth less than it was when it started. So in what we’re doing, this wouldn’t really work. It’s, it’s too volatile in the wrong direction. Now, if you catch on these perfect days, right, you’re good for a little bit. Right? You gotta have. But the reason I say it doesn’t work for us at the moment is because we’re only looking at it once a week. So these are like intraday. It’s like one, like three-day moves will be perfect and then get caught because we’re not managing it only, but once a week, does that make sense? So if I were to make videos on Wednesday, then this is completely different than we can. It just opens our, our arsenal X O M Exxon mobile, same thing, same exact thing. I got rejected at the 64, which is, I mean, this is what two weeks ago oil market oil market, or a market or a market don’t want to be anywhere close to this until it decides to do something. Now, do I believe if I was buying just to buy? Yes, I would buy just to buy, because look, this is July 14, right? This is the last time oil was anywhere when I was in Africa. And the oil market just went

Goodbye, but it’s is 2014, seven years ago,

If oil decides to do something, then Exxon is poised to literally go back up to one oh four and higher K M I, I have enjoyed this stock, man, look at this. This has 10 years. This one got destroyed over the years. Let’s go back into

The day. Let’s read K M I R K M eyes. We are in the money. We have the seventeens in the money. We bought them for 40 cents and now they’re worth a dollar And 82. And let’s look at what we’re doing. Yeah, I’m fine. This is another one of those. Sunoco’s where the oil market is crap. And this is like, yeah, we don’t care. We’re going B P British petroleum. Yeah. This is like the CVX and the Exxon. Not, no, thank you. Not right now.

We were talking about a whole video.


The reason why I say yay to M M P even though it’s following the oil market the last two days, right? This is disgusting. All right. Is for this one reason, we are at our high over the last year. And as much as the oil, market’s probably manipulating this. It’s not at all. Why it, this is so there, this, this is a partnership, right? So as long as oil is high oil can GI rate 40 points in a day. As long as it stays, maintains where it is, this company is going to make money because it’s a partnership and it’s set up differently. So they’re going to get paid on the services that they provide or the oil that they’re pumping regardless. So as long as oil is above like 40, they’re going to be making money, hand over fist. It doesn’t matter just from fees and the glide collections that they’re collecting. Let’s look at 10 years. Yeah, we got potential. Go up to 90.

Oh, say once you get to the 55, then

Kind of be nervous a little bit for a nice hefty pool back. But until we get to that point, because look at the 55, let me show you what I’m talking about. Boom difficulties here, difficulties here, difficulties here, and difficulties here. This is a monthly charge. So this isn’t weekly. This is months. So like just, we had one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight months back in, when is this 2013 around that area, then touch month, month, month, month for three months in 2015, while those are big moves, 68 to 54, three months in a row. Right? So that would be my biggest, like, watch out. Don’t forget that’s coming in close, but other than that, they pay great dividends. And I see no issue with this company. They’re going to get paid as long as oil is flowing.



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