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The banking sector or, you know, finance financials. We got KK R we just, we closed out of this with a loss. It wasn’t very big. This, this down day right here really killed us and we never recovered that has to do a lot with me not managing throughout the week, which I’m going to have to start managing these throughout the week. At least having stops. All right, let’s go into the positions that we are in thus far, or right now

K K R. I’m frustrated with this doc. However, it is kind of doing exactly what it’s supposed to be doing. It is

We had our nice little run up, it came down, it kind of reversing trend as it broke everything. However, it came down and then it’s, it’s hovering around the 40 or the 55 48. It looks like it’s going to be hovering here for just a little bit as it wanted to push down and it did twice, but then it got like, look below and fail. Like really once right here. This is the look below right here. It came back and then it looked below for real and failed. And that’s that little, that little do Hickey right here. So it got everyone out that basically had this as a stop, got them all out and then was proceeded higher. That might’ve been the catalyst that we need for us to, to break higher. If we do, and it all has to do with the market, man, cause you see we market, this is Friday, Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Monday market was basically horrendous all last week, kind of really choppy. And I mean, this sneakily started coming back on Wednesday, Thursday, and then Friday when the rest of the mark was doing all right, this was counter trend. However, again, if it can get above this 55 48, hold it, then I’m more interested because it’s going to take a couple of days unless it blows up there, then when I’m wrong. But if it holds right here, then our 50 will be moving up higher, which that’s kind of what I’m looking for.

And if you look, look, everything else on Friday in the financials was green besides KKR. Ooh, I like this. This looks good. We’re above the 41 91, one two, three, four, five. So we were here Friday. We popped up, we basically got to the 43. I mean literally 42 91 got rejected. This is Wednesday, Thursday. And then Friday bank of America held. I mean on Thursday we basically tried to close above. I don’t know. What did we close at? 41 87. So what we, what 8 cents 8 cents below the next day we closed a nice health, hefty 40 S 40 like 50 cents above 51 cents a buck. So, and I’m talking about this line right here. 41 95. We have in plain, the 20, the 20, the 20. And it looks like we are ready to proceed higher at least tested 43, 23 tests. These new highs of 42 95. And I wouldn’t be surprised if we go higher. Let’s chalk talk to Chuck. I like him. This is one. This is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Again, this is all market mumbo jumbo, which the whole entire market was down. So if the whole market’s down, there’s not much we can do. We are in Chuck. We have the June eighties, which We took a 50% haircut. I, we paid 46 bucks and now there were like 29 50. So 30 bucks, 16 bucks haircut. I don’t, I’m not worried about this position whatsoever. We’ll re revisit this next week. I see us at least trying to hit the 74 64 next week pending the market. Doesn’t have a whole bunch of all over the place. Oh, this is just terrible. We missed these guys by a week,

I think. Yeah, because we’re no longer in them. That’s frustrating. Cause it, I mean it ended up hitting exactly what we wanted. It just didn’t hit there fast enough. Wednesday would have been the best day to get in right here. And I mean, it literally has taken off since they’re four points and I’m pretty sure this is going to go higher. There’s I mean, it might at the 92 50 to maybe look for a little bit like hit it, come back down to like right here, like literally where it is right now and then go higher

And TRS. We made great money a couple of weeks ago on this. We caught this move then kind of choppy. We’re still really choppy again, Wednesday, just like Blackstone. This would have been beautiful to get in right on Wednesday. Looking for the banks really for this to hit the one 24 might be too late. Just be careful because it could go like, it all depends on how the market feels. CME. This would be a new one for us to be discussing very frustrating. Then this is the first week we’re discussing this because this is, this was just gorgeous. Yeah, I see this is, this is beautiful. I kind of want to see it kinda break out or like again, make a new high come back down. And then when we look to get back in, so probably next week T Rowe price, we, again, we hit this one, basically perfect. On the first run up, we hit it here and then we missed Wednesday. And since Wednesday it is back on fire. It’s 11 point gain in three days, FAS,

We are in FAS. We got in late Friday, early Thursday. So we got in on FAS here. Of course, this of all of them. This is the one that’s not doing the greatest, however, it’s triple leveraged. And if the banking sector starts or if the finances start going well, then FAS, we are positioned great for FAS. We are, we went out a little further on this one. We went to July 16, one 45. We paid $2 and 17 cents with a mark to mark right now at $2 and 28 cents. So we are up 5%, we’re up $11 on this. And I, I see that it’s gonna blow classes one 25, once it does then one 40 is, that’s why I got the one forties. But I got it all the way for July. So I gave myself an entire month expiration before it expires. It’s where I kind of paid up for it. But just to give myself the gift of time, let’s look back like a whole entire month. Like a month ago we were at 100, right? Let’s go weeks because what I’m giving myself almost six weeks.

So one, two, three, four, five, six. So right around this area, you have a layer on the a hundred area and yeah, it’s, I mean, basically touched the nine weeks. I don’t see anything wrong with the FAS. I see it’s poised. Now, the only way that this is destroyed, is it because it’s triple leverage you know, bull financial bull. So if the finance is turn, this is going to turn it. It’s going to be ugly and ugly, ugly fast, because it’s triple leverage. However, as long as it doesn’t, you know, if finances have a good day, then this is going to explode.

Goldman Sachs is another one. It kind of looks just like FAS. I mean, literally looks just like it. Earnings was right here. They blew earnings out of the water by doubled. And since then, it’s sky’s the limit. We’re looking at a weekly chart. Again, it touched the nine it’s running the nine perfectly. It’s up, up in a way black rock, same thing, same thing. We caught this right here. This run-up, these are weeks. Don’t forget. Well, we didn’t catch it all the way back here. That’s what that was. We caught it like right here. Let’s go to days. And so I can show you, we’ve got this run up. Yeah, watch out once this gets going, as you see the $15 move, this can move and it can move big. Like it can, it could easily get to, You have to remember the law of percentages, right? The law of percentages is key on this. So from this line to this line, that’s 90 Where does the percentage, okay. It’s 10% plus 84 points, right? Okay.

10% is 91 points. See how that’s an extra $10. So if it has the same move that brings us to nine 56, right? That same 10% move. Does that make sense? So 10% from here to here is not the same as 10% from here up law percentages, the numbers getting bigger. So your, your percentage is it basically is a hundred dollars. So your 10% is an extra 10. Does that make sense? I don’t know if that made sense to everybody. If you understand basic math than it should or basic percentages, isn’t it should. So we’re looking like this could easily move a hundred points in, I mean, look, 43 points in three days,

This could Easily get to nine 26 to nine 99 before July easily. If, if, cause here’s the thing. If they start raising rates and every last one of these banks is like oil, oil and banking basically got destroyed in 2008. And they’re the two sectors. If you remember, it’s been a long time, right? It’s been a very long time. And this is kind of right when I was getting into into everything. This was 2008. What was leading the market? Like the two major things was oil and finances since 2008, it’s been nothing but technology technology has, can politely controlled the world. Right. And when it comes the stock market, your banks and your commodities, I mean oil gold, kind of what, if you remember gold was at two grant and it went all the way down to 1600. Now we’re giving a little bit of a synopsis of kind of everything, but all of our commodities and with interest rates extremely low, it’s difficult for us, everything, right? It’s great for zone intensive industries like tech, where they need billions of dollars to start up. Right. But for banks, it’s terrible. They’re not making any money on the loans. So once it’s it switches around and, and inflation and with what’s happening, they raise rates and banks are gonna start making hand over fist money. All right. Talk to you later.



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