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Coinbase Web Overview

Good since I’m just now getting started in cryptocurrency, that eyes will make a video for everyone else that might also be getting started in cryptocurrency. The exchange that I’m using, as you can see, look, this is one year. This is zero. We know this is what is this March 2nd, 2021. I had some illnesses, zero all the way up until March 2nd. And then I put in on March 3rd, put in some money. And then if we look at right now,

The bounce is right around $2,200. So it’s fluctuated as you see down here. Well, if you even look 24, let’s say a week, a week ago, it was down to 1900 and now it’s back up to 20, 2200. I haven’t, uh, I remember the last time I put money in here, maybe like a week and a half ago, I’ve just been busy doing other projects. So this dip is not me trading. This is just regular market fluctuations. Um, let’s kind of explore their, their, their app, um, or really their, their, their webpage. And then they have their app, which is nice. Um, I haven’t, this is, uh, this is probably the second time I’ve been on their webpage. I started on their, their mobile app, but for me, I just like seeing things big. Right? So let’s kind of explore. It looks like right here.

So what they do have, you can buy and you can sell different Bitcoins. Let’s just look so you can buy Bitcoin big CAS, eat the rum ether, classic light coin O X U S USD, dollar coin, basic attention token decentral land. I actually made some money on this one. I’ll show you, uh, Kyber network chain link district. Oh, X maker civic. Oh my God. Network die. Z cash app galore, stellar lumens, EOS. And I mean, you can see them. There’s quite a few. Um, I think last I checked, there was 46 of them. Uh, but they’re adding them daily and then let’s go back to up your shopping street and then you can buy it with, uh, I think you, yes. See there’s a $750 a week limit on your, like a regular debit card. But if you want to wire the money in, I think there, I don’t think there’s a limit if on a credit card is, cause this is my debit card. Um, well they just have different limits. Okay. So right. I mean, obviously you can deposit as cash.

Okay. That makes sense while you have your, so here’s my account. Right. So I don’t have, so the, the, so yeah, again, we’re literally just going through this as I talk with you. I’ve never, I’ve, haven’t done this before, so that’s why it probably seems like I’m all over the place kind of bouncing, uh, yeah. Cause on the mobile app it’s different, it’s difficult to see how much money you have invested. Uh, the one thing I don’t like about this, I don’t know. I don’t remember. And I’m, I, this is for fun, right? I, I’m not taking it as a day trader yet. I’m just trying to understand these coins and everything. But I would like to see if I’m up or if I’m down, like these are just numbers. That’s great that I have $358 and decentral or something. How much am I up? It’s difficult. Like if I were to trade, I’d have to know that number. Like I I’d have to know, but since this is more long-term at the moment, I’m not really concerned with how much I’m up or down. I’m just getting my feet wet. All right. Let’s see. So convert. Okay. So yeah, selling so selling, you can sell whatever corn you have and then put it into the cash converting. You can convert your coins into other coins, which is nice. Um, let’s see, send and receive.

Yeah, it looks like you just need someone’s phone number, email address, or actual or actual address and which you could do

Wow. Wow. Look at this. Be sure to select the right cryptocurrency. If you send crypto to the wrong address, ESG Bitcoin to a Bitcoin cash address, your crypto will be lost. So, um, hold on a second. Um, let me call you right back. I’m in the middle of a filming session.


This is one thing that I don’t like. This is what scares me about cryptocurrency, which why I’m playing with it, but I’m not taking it serious. Is this statement right here when you’re sending money, now there’s QR code that you can send. So it kinda stops this. However, I don’t like the fact that if I were to send a Bitcoin to a bit coin cash, I won’t get my money. It’s just gone. That isn’t, it that’s inefficient because it don’t have two names that both say Bitcoin in it and expect people are not going to get confused. So there’s, so there’s a, quite a few, like I understand everyone’s coming out with a new name and so, you know, uh, probably 15 years from now, uh, there’ll be something new going on. And then all the established names will be established and I’ll probably start trading a little bit, you know, once I understand more about crypto, but that, that part I don’t like, uh, transfer crypto fascia and Coinbase transferring crypto on, on the blockchain can be expensive. However, if you bowl it, both you and on the part use Chromebooks, we do the transfer offer for free. Okay.


Okay. All right. That’s nice. That’s so there you go. This is what I’m talking about. So here’s your QR code or the address, so, okay, so you have to individually come in here and if you want to receive some decentral land coins, I mean the crypto let’s let’s look at the address. So we’ve got zero X, B zero seven.


Yes. See, so the address changes as well. Let’s go back then. Okay. So each one of, if you notice each one of your coins has a specific like wallet, I guess is the best way to say it. So when you’re sending money, um, you just type in this code right here To right there. Now we know that it’s not Bitcoin. We know that this is a decentral coin, right? W what happened? Okay. Look, it even tells you this is a Manor address. Right. So, okay. That’s good. So what it’s doing is it’s trying to dummy-proof you, right? So if you accidentally make a mistake, it’s trying to re correct your mistake and give you a warning before you do something bad. Um, let’s see what this is. All right. So

All right. So here’s on this little section right here. It’s pretty cool. Uh, I’ve I’ve actually earned $1. I didn’t know. There was so many different ones, too, like different classes to take, to earn money. See right here, I’ve earned a whopping 2 cents from, uh, taking, or I don’t even know what it is, but you can look, you can earn money on diag rewards. Tezos, uh, Cosmo and the coin. Uh, this is more just, uh, over overview of everything. So if you want to make, I think with new cipher, yet you can earn up to $3 with the graph. You can earn up to $3, Uma, $6. So this is just different, different opportunities too, for you to make a little bit of extra money and to learn a little bit, what is for you. Okay. Um, Okay. So I guess these are the blogs, I guess. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Cause you can hear, let me move this down a little bit. You see, see where it says blog, Coinbase. So this is their, their, their Coinbase blog. Uh, yeah, they, I mean, it looks like they have a lot of different stuff. What is this?

Okay. Um, all interesting stuff. Not for this one video right here. Cause I’ll, I’ll end up talking for two hours and we won’t get anywhere and the video won’t have any purpose. So as a quick overview, we have home, which is this, and then you have your watch list down and then you can, yeah. Your recent transactions are over here, your total bound. Okay. This is nice. I like this. Um,


See, now this doesn’t make any sense. Okay. I bought it for a hundred dollars. It’s worth $355 right now. But then it says, what is this number? Right here is a 15%, right. That doesn’t make any sense if I’m up way more than 15% of them for like 300%. So that doesn’t make, I don’t understand what, what they’re talking about over there. Um, so yeah, you have your watch list, you have your education and then you have your little portfolio over here and then your recent transactions then when you click the portfolio. Yeah. It’s just everything a little bit bigger.

Not at

All. Uh, it just has all the assets that are tradable on, uh, we’re recording base.

Mm, okay. Okay. Here it is. This is what these numbers are. It’s Alec it’s how much of your assets are in each? So this is 27% of my assets are in Bitcoin. 15% of my assets are in decentral land over here. Spend crypto get reward. Was this okay? Look at this coming soon, introducing the Coinbase card. So if you want to go and be in debt, then this is great. It’s a debit card. Lets you spend your assets, any asset in your Coinbase portfolio and ORM rewards for your purchase. So this will be fun and interesting to kind of understand that when they have it come out, borrow cash, you can, You can borrow money at a pretty high percentage. Um,

Prices. Uh, this is nice. This in the last 24 hours, market’s up 3.3 and a half or basically three, three points, 75%, the little stars or your watch list will easy touchable by buttons. Over here, you can see you have your tradable assets, the top gainers and the top losers, all assets. If you just click all assets, let me show you. So some of these you can’t trade. So either net ether, M two is not a tradable asset through Coinbase buy Binance coin is not either tip tether or teether, uh, polka dot XRP, feta. So Coinbase is very diverse. It has has a vast array of different products that you can invest in. I don’t know exactly how, like again, there’s, I think there’s like 45 to 46. I get updates. Uh, every few days that they’re adding a new coin or uh, something else is going on, which is nice.

Um, what got me or what deterred me from investing in Bitcoin for awhile is I’m, uh, I work in a stock market, so there’s a futures department and then they also, you can trade Bitcoin on there, but you have to buy the entire Bitcoin. Right? And now that’s like 50 grand, 60 grand, which is a little high. I don’t have 50 grand that just sit laying around to invest in Bitcoin for one share and do nothing with it. But with Coinbase you can buy portions of, of these, right? So you don’t have to buy the whole coin, like with Bitcoin, Bitcoin’s at 60, about 56,000. And you know, it’s changing every day. Uh, but I only have $600 in Bitcoin. So it’s allowed me to buy what

One, 1%, 100th of a percent, right. Of Bitcoin, of a single Bitcoin. So that’s nice. So if Bitcoin continues to rise then, or when I say Bitcoin, I’m more or less talking about all coins. When all coins decided to rise, that’s just giving me a brand or larger opportunity to make more money because I’m not having to put so much money in. So if all you have is $20, $30, $40, $50, $60, $10. Well, there’s plenty of different currencies out there that can fit your need for that. Now the trading fees there, they’re kind of expensive, right? They’re they’re like, what was it like four and a half to 5% per transaction fee, which is expensive, but this is kind of new. And so it’s not that bad back in the olden days, trading on the stock market used to be $10 in $10 out, give or take.

So it was, it was quite expensive. This, this seems at, at, uh, it could be a little bit cheaper. So with that said, um, we kind of went over, around and above their internet website. Um, what we’ll do now on the next one, we’ll kind of do a crash course on what is all these coins? So we’ll go through no, not persons. There we go. Cause what they’ll do they have this lovely thing right here. When you go to each coin, you can go down and then there’s the official website and then the white paper, which I don’t know what that is. Okay. The white paper is basically your big explanation. So if you want to read, uh, like a research paper, you can click the white paper, but if you just want to go to the, um,

Uh, the official website, I was just reading this right here. So the world’s first cryptocurrency Bitcoin is stored and exchanged securely on the internet through a digital ledger known as the blockchain, Bitcoins are divisible into smaller units, known as Seto, Satoshi eats. The Toshi is worth like a 0.0 point a lot of zeros and then one Bitcoin. So remember I was talking about how you can, so here you go. Here’s my Bitcoin balance. Here’s my Satoshi. Right? So I have quite a bit of Satoshis. All right, well, in this video here.