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Utility Sector April 3 (AWK, IDA, AES, NOVA, BEP, MSEX, DTE, DUK, NRG)

Every week I decide, or from here on now, I’m going to try to talk about a few companies or each company out of the watch list that I have each portfolio. And then we’ll kind of go over what we’re looking at and try to find one play throughout all of them. Now I’m not particularly looking at, uh, buying or selling the securities. However I would, if there’s, if there poses to be, uh, an opportunity for us to hedge our positions through the options market, I am 110% behind it. Uh, by doing this, our intention would be to downsize or to minimize downside or the downside risk and maximize the upside. Excuse me. So as we go, as we start, we’ll start with utilities, uh, we’re basically kind of look at a top down, so we’ll, we’ll try to look at, today’s try to grow, draw some lines, see what we’re going through. So when you’re looking at the weekly, let’s let me first go like this.

So our hundred exponential moving average is the yellow. Our 50 is the red. Our 20 is the green and our nine is the blue.

Okay. All right.

So when you’re looking at the weeks, all right, so this is last year, obviously Corona. So we know that was happening. And then as we go through, we had a real spark at the beginning of the year, and now we’ve reached a, I guess it’s a three-year high at 44 at bound. It came all the way back, but then it kind of made it support right on the hundred a week moving average. So, I mean, it went all the way back to here, so it bounce off of that and it looks like we could, it could try to shoot off of the 44. So that’s something I’m interested in looking at. Um, Where are we here we go. On the daily chart. I would want it to see break above the a hundred. Right. It’s holding right here. So that’s nice. You know, they like things like the field gaps. So there could be a decent little gun right there. It’s starting to kind of build support right here. Uh, we would like to see it go higher. Let’s see. That’s something I wouldn’t mind looking at

Kind of options place.

There could be. So there’s only monthly options in this. So April, no, I would probably take it out to may.

This isn’t bad at all. This is pretty cheap actually, because what we were looking at a price of 44, it’s at 37 you’re the 30 eights would cost you a dollar and 60 cents. The 30 nines will cost you a dollar and 35 cents. So a third dollar and 35 for the 30 nines, or was that the 30 nines, right? Yeah, the 39. So I’ll keep it at the bottom right there. You can see it. So the 30 nines with the potential getting the four 45. So that’s a five point as basically five points right there. That potential five points with only a dollar and 35 invested. So, um, was that dollar 40? So that’d be four, $3 and 60 cents that you can capture off of that if it ends right at the 44, but if it breaks out, obviously you’d have more. And that would give you 48 days that you could do that. That’s actually one-on-one to take a note of, I like that. Uh, and our G uh, 39.

All right, let’s move on.

We got Duke energy. Uh, it looks like it might just break out. Um, it’s high and tight. Just hit the line right here. This is, remember, this is our short term, um, trend moving average. We’re hold, Oh, look at this. It’s a breakout of the February, but we’re holding it. Like it was a breakout. It came back down and now it’s holding it. And it’s right at the breakout right here, which was, uh, November. So, I mean, it’s right at the cusp of, of breaking out if it comes to this 97, and this is another one I’m really curious about this one. I like this

Yeah. There’s this is the breakout. So we re we’re almost at that breakout right there. We just broke out of this. Our next is right here, and then we’re going up there. If I were to play this, uh, in each individual, uh, portfolio, I don’t have margin cause I can only have more general one account. Um, I would sell some, some puts, right? Cause it looks like it’s going to go higher, but it could bounce off right here and then around for a little bit, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to go below the 89 level, which is that’s pretty, I mean, it’s a decent little run. So I was seven points down and we’re about seven points away from the top. This looks interesting. Very interesting. I gonna make a note to just kind of stock this. It’s not something that, uh, let me, let me actually, I do want to see this.

So 48 days away, uh, we’re looking at, it could try to try to, uh, touch the, the one Oh threes. These are weeks we’re looking at one, two, three, four, or in the last four weeks. 85 and 96. So 10 points on the fifth week. So we’re at 48 days, uh, seven 1428. So yeah, we’re, we’re, we’re looking good. So 48 days gives us more than more than this. So it’s about four into the fifth week. Um, about six weeks away actually. Um, yeah, it could cause the kid hit the seven points up in the next six weeks. And what, what premium are we paying for the Y I’m not, I’m not talking about the 90 sevens. I’m talking about the, the one hundreds. And as you can see, there’s a lot of open interest is 31,000 contracts that are open at that point. So a lot of people are probably banking that it’s going to go a little bit higher. So look at the pump, the pudding

No just right here. 130,000 people. So what it could do or 3,100. So what it could do, it could blow past this and I got point we’d want to sell and then come back and land right here, if that makes sense. So it depends on who, because the 3,100 they’re going to want to. Yeah. I mean, we’re just keep it at that, uh, great opportunity. I like it. Make a mental note. I’m just going to put that down right here. Duke energy. One hundreds may D T E Oh man. This is another one that’s looking at a breakout. Um, yeah, this is two points away. Are all of them looking at a breakout?

Just about I made, I’m not going to lie. I made a move on Nova. I bought a call right around here for it to at least test the 57. So we’ll see what happens. He can continue to go up. That’s the only one I’m in right now. But honestly, every last one of these looks like a good, a decent play. Every last one of them like, look, we had a bounce off of the hundred and took off bounce off 200. We’re starting to take off. Uh, we might look back at the 50 and then go from there. But it looks like all, every, each and every one of these looks like it has a, a decent play to go long. This one right here, AEs looks like it could go as well. Cause we’re all at break or like brand new highs. So within these stocks, I would literally say there’s potential for the next week for over the next 48 days. Uh, which is basically what we’re looking at a month and a half to may expiration. I would say almost it’s it would be safe to go long on almost all of them or to sell, sell puts. All right. Selling puts would be just as, this is the same as going are buying calls. So I don’t want to take up too much time. Uh, cause I got to make a few other ones in. I don’t want to lose guys’s attention, but yeah,

AES it looks amazing.


Probably not quite as much. It guys, it has a long way to go as it’s going to probably get it, get stopped route right here and then go back down. So this would probably be an, I would stay away from that one a little bit. Uh, Middlesex, this one right here. If, if it can hold the nine out would say, yeah, it’s a go cause it’s, it’s bounced off of the a hundred before and then, or the hundred bounce off the a hundred when bump stop, bounce off the a hundred and then went this time. It bounced off the 50 and went. So it looks like it’s picking up speed. Um, and this is weeks and here’s the Corona right here, but this has consistently been going higher. Corona gave it a blip, but not enough for it to stop. It looks like it’s gas on, on that one, a D T E again, this we’re right at basically all time highs. Got it. Looks like it got and maybe rejected. I would, I would look at this and once it gets back down to the nine, if it gets there and then try to shoot it, buy it from there. Um,

Go Nova. I already told you about Nova. I got it. When it was right around the 50 AEs, we just talked about Ida, Ida Corp. I mean, it’s look, if it can this line right here, it’s basing it off of the fifth. When it hit the 50 here, if it can break out of that, then we’re looking for the all-time highs of one, one 13, one 14 and,

And it looks like it has some steam. I,

Again, I’d wait until it kind of comes back down to the nine at least, and then get in there, AWS. Okay. Uh, yeah, we did talk about this one, bounce off the a hundred bounced off the hundred looks like it’s going higher.