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Financial Sector April 3 (BLK, FAS, TROW, CME, KKR, SCHW, BAC, BX, GS, NTRS)

And this one, we have the banking sector.

Can you see everything? Yeah.

Everything. All right. Let’s look at the BlackRock. I mean, we’re uh, where’s the, let me get this out of the way. There you go. Oh, okay. I’m sorry. This screen is too small. I knew, I thought something was funny. You can’t see the bottom of it. However, this was January 1st or January 11 right here. So the, the high of the year was January 11th and it looks like it’s. I mean, it’s about to break out. We had the,

The reversal point right here, which was March let’s go into the day.

So it hit the, basically the a hundred, the a hundred on the daily, and then as taken off or about to fill the gap. It’s this is about to take off, let’s look at a,

Or just go, boom. I’m trying to get this into the screen.

Yeah. They have weekly options as well. So something that we could play per the week. So this is six days from now.

It is quite expensive. Um, in the smaller accounts, this might be a little bit, uh, out of our price range, just because, um, you’re looking at, like, if you wanted to buy right here, it’s going to cost you $900 and that’s larger than, than what we invested in, in the stock. So that wouldn’t make sense for, for our portfolio. However, I would, if you have a larger portfolio, this looks like it’s about to break out to new highs, however, with our portfolio, which, um, which we’re discussing, it’s too big. It’s too big because in order for it, we’d have to go. Where’s the high, the highest seven 88. We’d have to literally go to ride around here seven 90 and with only six days left. I, that’s not something that

I’d want to want to want to take

Now on, on my speculative account. Yeah. But on a girl, like a, uh, growth builder to know, uh, let’s go over to, we’ll go right here. FAS is different. And I’ll explain that in a second. So Northern trust, if we’re looking at Northern trust, this, this looks pretty too. It looks pretty. So on that, let’s go to the weekly chart.

So obviously this is Corona, but it, before Corona, it was pretty much, it was kind of in a, in a range bound, it broken out of the range, but then it’s like, this is the high over last three years got kind of stopped out, uh, broke down. But then on the, this, remember the red one is the 50. So when did it really, it crossed over, uh, last November, November 9th. And since it’s state above, and this was January 25th. So January 25th, the, or the week of January 25th is when it hit the 50 and the a hundred, uh, on like on, instead of resistance on support, let’s go on the day. So, yeah, it’s and that’s around this point right here. So if we look at the daily, like the end of January right here, it hit it, and this is the a hundred on the daily. And since then it’s hit the 50 bounced off the 50 came back, hit the 50 again, and had a couple of days around there, but then has taken off, made a new high. And now it’s look at that. It’s on what the 20, so Northern trust looks like it wants to take out and make that new high of a few days ago of one Oh seven. Now, since this is where, where would your,

Okay. Yeah, that looks perfect too. So, um, when it breaks out of the one Oh seven, look for a target of one, 10 55, uh, at least it slowed down right there. If it doesn’t slow down there, then next target would be one 16, Goldman Sachs. Let’s take this to the week. Let’s erase all of this. This is all.

However, this one is not, if you’re looking back, this is on the low too. It goes back further. The last high, since that point in time, it is broken out one on the, the beginning of the month or beginning of the year, excuse me. And retested, not only the a hundred percent breakout, which is right here, but the a hundred percent breakout coincided with the, the nine week high. I mean, so if you’re looking at this, this is really taken off since November of last year was that 200 and it’s basically gone on 150 point tear without looking back. Um, let’s look at, let’s look at the daily. So on the daily,

Um, let me get rid of this because that’s in my way.

All right. So on the daily we had on March 18th is when we hit the all time high it, then we had one, two, three, four, five, five straight days of down. Um, it looks like it’s starting to build a little bit of momentum right here as the 50 day, moving average is, is catching up by time, right? So if you look at it, this is March 5th. So it’s, it’s above where it was on March 5th. It’s really, it looks like it’s just waiting for the 50 to come up 50 and the hundred to come up before it takes its time. Cause what, this is the, this is January 29th and January 29th would be the last little upward trajectory and our last large pool back. And it’s not, it doesn’t look like it’s getting anywhere close to that. So with that would be telling me, is that it’s just waiting for the time. So if you see the a hundred day is above the lowest, low or the beginning, or you understand what I’m saying, the support which it had at the beginning of the year. So Goldman Sachs looks, looks decent. I would wait for it to kind of turn just a little bit more since this is. I mean, I, what I did is I think I got in here last week,

Or one or two days, it was great. And then I’ve had to help. I forgot last week was a short week. That’s my own fault. I forgot. Uh, yesterday was great. Friday or black Friday, whatever, or no good Friday. There we go. Um, so that, that hurt me, but yeah,


I can re retest this, what if you look at it, we just clicked. We closed the gap and then we shot back higher off the gap. We, we ended the day plus 64, so that’s not bad. Uh, we’re looking for a breakout of the 35 to retest the highs.

But again,

It might take one or two days for the 52 to catch up.


X Blackstone group. This looks, this looks like a winner. Um, let’s go into the weekly.

Yeah. Well, earnings are

April 22nd. So just keep that in mind. It could break out like, if now, if it depends, if you’re buying for options or if you’re buying the stock, then yes. That’s part of the portfolio. I need you to understand all these stocks we already own, right? So it’s not whether we’re looking we’re in these stocks for the long haul. What we’re trying to do is buy options or look at opportunities where we can increase our ability to buy more stocks, right? Without having to put more money into the account, we’re trying to make some money. Um, we’re very restricted on what we can do with the options. We can really just basically buy and sell them. Um, we can’t do any margin based strategies. So what we’re doing is looking over again. So again, all these stocks we already own in the portfolio. These are just looking for quick, um, weekly or daily trends that we can capitalize off of. Now, we’re looking at the daily. It doesn’t show us what did it do on the last calls all the way up until this is August. Last year, we went down after a call, but in October we Rose and January Rose after the call, it hit the hundred day. This is

Sorry about that. Um, and yes, I do speak Spanish. Uh, where was I? Yes, it on the daily, it hit the a hundred and the a hundred day moving average and just bounced. That was March 3rd. Now let’s look at how this looks. Yeah, it looks like


It looks like we can one or two things is going to happen except blow out big. Or it’s going to like get rejected, come back to nine and then try again. Let’s this one I say we could look at


13 days. The, no, I say this April 21st, right? Because when did did, no, this is the 23rd. No, that’s wrong. So we wouldn’t want to do the 16th. So they remember their report on the 22nd. So I wouldn’t want to carry into the report. I’d carry up to the report on anticipation. They’re going to break out good, but it’s just too much of a gamble, not knowing what would, uh, too much of, of there. What could happen at the report? So seven 20, 76, 25 is the high I’ll go. 76, 13 days, one Oh two. Let’s write this down. That one looks like it’s cool. Now of course I wouldn’t hold it. Uh, I would, I would get rid of it if it made me start losing money.

Okay. 76, April 13 days.

All right. Onto the next one bank of America. Yeah. Um, this one almost looks better than B.

Um, yeah, they report again on the 15th. So they report next or in two weeks. So we’d have to be very careful with this one just because they’re reporting.

Now their earnings could blow off and just be amazing and they could go sky high. And that’s why we own some of it, or it could not be what we want and it could be quite ugly. That’s why I wouldn’t want to hold the option going into the Intuit, but leading up to it would seem fine to me. The, this is on the fourth day, the 15th. So no, we wouldn’t be able to go. I mean, we could buy, let’s see.


The 39 50 up. Yeah. I kind of liked that one. Now. Of course, all of these could change

Going into the market on Monday because the prices could change. And the perspective of what we’re looking at could be different. So don’t just buy blindly for listening on come Monday or Tuesday, whenever you decide, when you, whenever you, you look. So just make sure that you’re paying attention to what’s going on. Now there’s a lot of volume or open interest at the 43, so that you got to pay attention to that as well. And if and the 40, so you pay attention to your open interest. There’s a lot of money that’s going on right there.

The 39 50 April 13.

Well, again, Chuck looks amazing too. Uh, it doesn’t look like it’s pulling back anytime, Susan Susan’s right, right on brand new highs, all time highs. Uh, I’m guessing majority of these, what is, wait a minute, Chuck. They have earnings on four 15. So Yeah, I mean, if you’re looking at their weekly chart, it looks amazing. If you’re looking at their daily chart also looks amazing. It looks amazing. Let’s talk. Talk to Chuck man there. Well, the all time highs, 68

One Oh two twos. 13 days away. 68. We’re at 60. Nah. Um, it’d be a great idea. We are, I kind of already have two of them, uh, that I’m scoping out and, but this looks awesome.

Okay if you see it. So we’re looking at a breakout of 67 90 K K. Are we, um, let’s look at the weekly, but I would, yeah. K K R we just broke out to brand new highs and the week of the, on the weekly chart on the daily chart on Thursday, it was a brand new high. So this one, we might have missed it, but let’s, let’s do this. Let’s check this out. They’re saying it’s 50% of the move that it’s capable of. The a hundred percent move would be 55. So if you see that kind of draw that you see what I did draw that same little line, be careful on the 50 52, uh, on this, I would wait for a pullback and then go for it.

Okay. Finally, one that I’m not a hundred percent. Oh, well, no. If you look at this, look at this

So we’re looking pretty good. Right? So I’m going to draw this line from here. Yup. That’s exactly what I suspected. So it it’s above this support right here. Right. But then I was wondering why is it stopping at this point right here? And it makes sense because it’s at the, the, to the point or the two, 3.6, uh, on the Fibonacci extension. So if it can break above here and hold above the two, six or two Oh six, 14, then look for the two 15, all the way up to the a hundred percent of the move would be two 32, but I wouldn’t just keep tracking it. That is very, it’s an interesting one T rope. I mean, these are all looking like the gas is on Just hit the nine nowhere near the 50, or just hit the 20 nowhere near the 50. Yeah.

Looks good.

The FAS, this is the one that, all right. So the FAS is the ETF it’s what does it say? Yes. The bull D ETF.

If you look on this one

Bounced off of this line, um, it’s, uh, a Fibonacci based off something I don’t, you can draw your own lines and find those those numbers. However, they, it bounced literally perfectly. It almost hit the one Oh one Mark. I got kinda screwed on that one, uh, two weeks ago. But then I got back in around here. So it’s not in the banking, uh, portfolio, it’s in the speculative portfolio, but this one, if all the banks are doing well, then we’re looking to break out of the one Oh one and hit to the one 25. It really all depends on how the earnings come out, um, the week next week. So if let’s look at the,


So on this one, it’s a little bit more expensive. That’s why it’s in the speculative count, but this could move and it could move big. So that the one Oh five, it looks like it’s, I mean, that’s 12 points out of the money, but in actuality, I would say that this is a easier bet to make than on an individual stock, right before an earnings call. Because if one of the one, if you’re betting on one and it goes bad, then it could just be terrible. But if the rest of the sector goes up, then this, this one particular stock could go up. So if I would hedge myself at the one Oh five, all right here, I think I have the one hundreds, not on this exploration. I think it’s at the end of April. Um, just cause I’m trying to hold a little bit longer on FAS, just cause I liked the chart and it looks beautiful to me and I am trying to hold it to the one 25. Um, yup. And that would be the financial sector.