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March 24 Body Evaluation Fitness

Air, we did the video, correct this time. Uh, so you can see, uh, I get here, let me push all the way out. That’s pushed all the way out, but we’re still kinda, there’s not as jiggly. Now. This is just normal. There’s more light in here. We can see it. We’re not as Jake Lee, we’re tightening up our arms. We’re kind of getting more well-defined our pictorials are having more, more recurl um, I don’t know. Um, again, kind of clearing up, I guess. I wouldn’t know. Um, if you pay attention now, this, this could just be me. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just crazy. Before I was working out, I was starting to get gray hairs, right. By this time, uh, I was starting to get, like, I mean, you can see one or two, however, the more I’m working out, it’s kind of like I’m reversing the greatness.

I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous and crazy. However, the proof is in the pudding. I was grayer in December than I am now, if that makes any sense. So whatever I’m doing, it’s affecting my body. Right? Cause I’m getting one. My cardio’s better two. My, my figures looks better because my arms are kind of getting bigger. We’re worried about legs and just a little bit, uh, stomach’s getting more, a little bit more. Well-defined kind of do the side view. I’m still big. Right? I still got my love handles, which were worried about those. Um, but I’m feeling much better. Um, my flexibility is almost better than it’s ever been and I can easily touch my toes. Even when I wake up, uh, I’m sore all the time. Like they’re, they seem, I feel like I need to stretch, but um, every time I scratch, I’m getting closer and closer to like almost easily putting my whole Palm on the ground, which is good because I can tie my shoes without bending my knees easily if I so chose.

So my flexibility is great. My endurance is getting better and better their treadmills. So the internal parts of my body, right? Not just the, the physique and uh, there’s, I’m firming up shoulders and kind of filling back out. I don’t, I mean, I’m guessing if you remember for awhile, I didn’t notice any difference. So this to me is like finally, uh, all this hard work is finally starting to show dividends or pay dividends. So if you’ve made this far, or this is the first video, you see, check out the other videos, I’m going to hop in the shower, just cause I’m hot and I’m sorry, sweaty. And I’ve already made a nine, like, or I’ve made the other video and there’s only so much we can talk about my wife. So, Oh, well not quite because starting next month, which is basically we have one more evil in this section, which is next week, but then the week after that, we’ll then I’m going to start like going further into my legs because then we’re going to start working into my legs. So we’ll have to on the eval, we’ll have the upper half and then also the lower half. All right. See you next week.