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March 17 Body Evaluation

All right. It’s Wednesday body bow day. This is me like, Oh, well, I mean, I can eat lunch over it and stick it all the way out as far as I can, but normally that’s, that’s where it’s at. Um, so I don’t know. I would say I’m getting a little bit more defined. I’m getting a little bit more hairy too. Maybe we need to do something with that, but, uh, my chest looks like it’s, it’s a more defined, like a better curve right here. Um, yeah, I should have put it into the mirror. I’m sorry. That’s I, that’s why everything looks funny because I’m not looking in the mirror. Let me see if I can. Nope, can’t turn it around. I apologize. That’s why, that’s why I was wondering. Yeah, I apologize. So this body evil is going to be terrible because Eric forgot to turn the video to the mirror so you can see better, uh, arms a little bit, got a little bit more definition in them, nothing to really write home about, but we are getting a little bit of definition in our arms. Like I said, our pictorials, we can move them around a little bit each, usually the other one.

So stomach it’s tighter. It’s not jiggling around quite as much as it used to. Um, other than that, yeah, I’m feeling much better. Cardio is still working on that, but that could be because I run right after I smoked a cigar or blunt. So that could be part of the problem. Right. So maybe don’t smoke before you run and I’ll have more, uh, more cardio, right? So maybe that’ll be the plan. I’m not gonna make any promises there. However, uh, cause I’m more, more or less like this. Um, uh, there should be nothing that can stop me from doing whatever, but you know, science is sometimes wins Eric’s way is not always the best way. So maybe smoking before I run is not the most logical thing to do. However, if I’m going to stop, not sure, but other than that, like, uh, getting better, like, uh, feeling better, we’re doing a juicing thing. So, uh, I’ve done that for about 10 days now. Um, I guess my skin, my body’s feeling better. So going off of that, I’m hopping to shower, but uh, yeah. Keep it going. Uh, it’s not, it’s not a shift overnight, right. But we’ve been doing this for what maybe 12 weeks give or take 12 weeks. So, I mean, it’s a decent transformation in 12 weeks. We started just at 10 minutes a day and uh, yeah, you don’t really need very much time to change your life and we’ll go from there.

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