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March 17 Morning Juice Taste Test

Good morning. Welcome back. So you see, we kind of have our nice colorful drink, little green, little black Berry color.

I don’t know. It smells terrible,

Surprising. Cause we only put a little bit of grain in here. Most of it was let’s recall what’s in here, right? What is free call? Because sometimes it’s difficult for me to find and match the videos together unless I kind of at least, or at least explain what I just put in this. Right? So it’s not just some random me talking and it’s some random drink. We have two different types of apples. We have a pair, we have a cucumber, we have some collard greens and we have berries. I was going to say strawberries, but we don’t have strawberries. We have blackberries and raspberries. So if you remember yesterday, I was telling you about the phone.

Let’s try to stir, sorry about that. Let’s try to stir this bad boy together. Oh, you can’t really see it.

I, something in there smells terrible. All right.


It’s not bad at all. Not bad at all, I can taste the collard greens. I think that’s what smells terrible, but other than just the small, like the hint of collard greens, I’m getting, let me do it again. Hold on. I kind of liked this one.

This one’s good. I’m trying to think of something profound to say, but this is good. I’m thinking. All right. So we know the cucumber today. I made a special video. So you can cause it’s what’s sometimes is if I’m just showing you the vegetables, right. And then showing you this video of me with the juice, it’s difficult for you to understand how much juice each ingredient gives you. Right. So what I’m thinking I’m gonna do is I’m gonna make a third video, which I’m going to show you the GYN to show how much I’m going to do what I did today, which was show how much actually comes from each fruit or vegetable and fruit. And then through that, I think I, one, I think you’ll be a much better user experience for you guys. And then it’s also going to be much easier for me because then I can kind of, uh, cause the, at the end of this, there be a nice little book of all the different concoctions I’ve put together.

And then if you can see exactly me putting them in there, then it’s kind of like a more tutorial guide. So that’d be a little easier for you guys. Um, but yeah, this is good. Uh, again, we’ll go over nighttime. I’m trying to go more grassy green. I need some more Caboolture or bok choy. There you go. Bok choy. And he gets some more of that. I’d really need to go to more, maybe a whole foods too, get like a, a wider variety of vegetables and fruits because I don’t have a very, um, larger Ray of different vegetables I can, I can grab, um, today. I’m, I’m pretty sure the, the other juicer is coming. So what I’ve noticed is the juicer I have right now is kind of better for vegetables and it’s terrible with citrus fruits, absolutely horrendous. You don’t get any citrus. So what I did do is I bought one that’s more special or more

For citrus.

So what we’re going to do, that’s going to be fun because we’re going to be able to mix and mix them a little bit better. And uh, yeah, but let’s get back to this.


The Apple pear combination is really good. Right? Got something in my nails. The Apple. Yeah. That’s, it’s a really good combination. I’m not going to lie. Uh, I wish I could say I taste the berries, but I don’t. Um, that’s, that’s a little disappointing, but again, if you watch the other video or if you’re watching this entire thing, um, I I’m going to put together too that you’ll understand. We didn’t get very much, uh, juice out of that compare to let’s say the collard greens or the cucumber. Um, however, this was a good concoction. I enjoyed it. You know, I don’t think I, I personally have no idea whether this is the greatest thing for my body. Um, time will tell it again. Now I could go to the doctor and spend a whole bunch of money and for them to tell me what I could tell myself, if I’m feeling better, it’s working.

If I’m not, it’s not. So when I was just doing this, like the juicing in it of itself with no food was not working for me, did not. I was starving. It was terrible. But now that I’m now, I, again, it’s kind of like working out for the first month and a half. I didn’t see a difference at all. Now I’m starting to see a difference. When I look into the mirror and things, make sure you go to FYM and fitness to follow their, uh, if you haven’t, if you don’t know what I’m talking about. So I’m guessing it’s the same thing with a diet, right? So if you just stopped drinking soda tomorrow, you’re not automatically going to be skinny the day after, right? That’s just not going to happen. There’s been multiple years and multiple buildup of where you are at the point in your life.

So it’s the same with me on changing the amount of vitamins that my body intakes in order for me to really see if my skin glows or if I have more energy, I have to do this on a consistent basis. So after maybe 60, 90 days, I then I’ll have a better, a better report to let you know, yes, this is, this is the path that I want to continue down or no, this is drinking vegetable water did absolutely nothing good for me. But, uh, it’s too early to tell and I’m going to get back to drinking, excuse me. Some of my vegetable fruit water.

Again, I do want, I would love to understand, I don’t know. I get repetitive a little bit, but the phone, the phone, like you seen me, you saw me mix it up with the foam. Just won’t go away. Like no matter how much mixing and swirling and whatever you do, it feels like I’m still consuming foam, but we’re getting close to the 10 minute Mark. I’m trying not to go over. So again, we put cucumbers which, and collard greens, which I can really smell the collard greens, a little bit of berries, raspberries, Blackberry, uh, two different types of apples and a pair. And we got our social pretty decent. It’s sugary too. Right? That’s that’s kinda what it’s kinda what we’re looking for in the morning. More sugary drinks and then an afternoon less sugary drinks.

It’s getting down to the end where if you haven’t been paying attention, the end is, is, is a little bit more difficult to drink. That’s where all the goodies and out all the foam is so bare with me. And the rest is fun. Talk to you all later.

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