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March 17 Afternoon Juicing Process

So this morning when I made the video and I showed everybody how much juice and everything was coming out, I thought that was kind of fun. Uh, so I decided to make another video. I should have started this after I cut the watermelon one more time, but whatever you guys will get to enjoy me cutting the watermelon one more time. Probably got it. Cut it one more time. Cause that it’s still pretty bad. 


Watermelon doesn’t give us a lot, a lot of juice. I’m disappointed, man. I will be disappointed. 

Let’s give it a whirl. 

Okay. Well the watermelon was a little interesting. Wasn’t it? Do a little dance then with, Yeah, that one’s a little bit too big to stick in there. Let’s go with that one. Probably shouldn’t be putting, uh, the green part in there. 

I see it’s all falling apart on me and everything. I see. Maybe I shouldn’t have recorded this and now it’s making me look like I’m I’m a degenerate or something. Oh, well 

The watermelon has it locked. 

We’re not going to use all this. All of it because that’s way more than I was initially or originally thought. Plus I have a feeling that the, the skin probably isn’t as, as a tasty, as I would’ve liked. So we’re gonna do something again. I got to put your down. Sorry about all this. We will get better with, uh, the camera. I’m just gonna take this, like take the, just get the good part. I’m gonna leave the skin to the side. Yeah. We’re going to have to edit this video up a little bit, huh? Oh, well that’d be all right. First time is always the worst time or first few times Where worded the

I’m out of juice. So we know like, if we want to just a filler, we just use watermelon. Now the bok choy is going to give us a lot of juices. Well, so I think I screwed up large on the Mount of vegetables, honestly. and if you kind of look, look at it, the rainbow, right? We’ve got our watermelon, we’ve got our box. We got, 

What do you call it? Our carrot. And I mean, if you were here, you’d be able to smell it. It smells like ginger and a little bit of a pepper. So that was fun. Uh, there you go. That’s how much juice came out of everything I just squirted or chopped up. We still have, see, I didn’t even use all the carrots that I was supposed to, so got half the Mellon and I good, good portion of the bok choy. Uh, next time I know not to use the entire mill and maybe like a quarter of it and not half of it. All right. Talk to you all later.

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