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March 20 Morning Taste Test

Well, I’m back.

All right. We got a lot of juice to drink this morning. I think I went a little bit, well, I didn’t think anything. We have more juice than normal cause we weren’t allowed to. We weren’t even able to mush up the greatest ingredient, which was the strawberries I was trying to save the best for last. Sometimes that’s not always the best idea because of today. We had to no go, we did full on everything and then like half on strawberries, which the strawberries is what I was excited to drink. Right. Strawberry juice is always amazing. However, this is what we look like.


Funny the way that it is, but that’s fine. There you go. You kind of see the contrast of the colors. So I’m guessing the top, part’s going to be quite a bit of foam. Like I keep telling you guys, there is a massive amount of foam on this all the time. We’re going to try to get rid of some of this foam. Cause I, I truly just don’t want to drink it. The phone is not very good. And even when I try to stir it up and get rid of it, it does not go away.

All right.

That’s good enough. So a little picture of our phone. See what I mean? It’s just it. Yeah. It’s it goes, but that’s, that’s foamy, right? It’s probably really good for you, but it’s not tasting very good. It’s kind of gross. So we’ll keep it to the side.

Right? Get a nice little stir in quick

Recap. What’s in here. We have grapes, Apple cantaloupe, bok choy, celery.

Come on, man. Help me out.

Yeah, I think that might be it strawberries. Oh and bell pepper. See, I knew about it. I had it and ginger, but that didn’t count. We always put ginger.


Wow. That is a very unique flavor. I would much rather prefer having more strawberry flavor in there, but having the two, like leafy as in the bok choy and the celery. Ah, that’s a very interesting combination. Very interesting. I mean, I might have done it before, but then I did it with the, the lesser water vegetables, I guess that’s the best way to put it. I was trying to think of something jazzy or I can’t that’s about, this is, this is different. This is different. Let me try it again.

Wow. That, that right there.

I tasted a little Apple in that swig. I tasted a little celery. I T like I don’t taste any of the ginger that’s. That is surprising. Cause usually I taste the ginger. When I put the ginger on top, I taste it. I put the ginger in the bottom or in the bottom. And I don’t taste any of it. That’s that? That is surprising. That’d probably be the number one. That’s that’s probably the largest or, you know what I mean? I’m stumbling my words. Leave me alone. The biggest surprise. There you go. All right, let’s give it another shot. See

 all right.

I remember before, based on every other time I’ve had celery, I’m talking about the thickness of the celery and how it’s kind of like food and everything else. How it’s like really meaty. I I’m not getting any of that this time. It, this, this right here. I mean, maybe it’s because I took all the foam out and the meatiness was just the phone, like disguising itself as like substance, but this right here, it’s now I could be getting, I mean, I’m obviously getting a lot of minerals and vitamins and things, but this is going down. Excuse me, this is going down more like water. Like just the consistency of it. I’m not talking about the flavor. Obviously it doesn’t the flavors, not water flavor, but the consistency, excuse me. The consistency of this is more on the basis of like, kind of like thin and liquid and liquidy like water.

I, I don’t know if that makes sense, but no, I think my mind is just playing games with me honestly, cause now, because if you remember before, let’s say yesterday, when I had to use some celery, I was like the room temperature, the temperature of it’s not as cool today. This is like, I am, it might be the phone again. We’re gonna, I’m gonna continuously take the foam out from here on out so we know it’s not just foam. So if it’s consistently like this and we knew it was just the pump, however, what’s very interesting is it’s cooler. As in if yesterday I was kind of complaining, it’s warmer. I’m nothing nothing’s changed. My refrigerator did not get any cooler overnight. Right. I didn’t change any buttons. So it’s, it’s interesting. This is more of a, a lighter refreshing drink if I don’t know if that makes sense. It’s not, it’s not meaty. It’s not earthy. And, but then it also has like a kind of refresh after you drink it. I, to know it’s really confusing because it doesn’t explaining how it is just doesn’t it doesn’t make any sense, but that’s, that’s kind of how it is. Let me try, let me try it again. Hold on. Okay.


Yeah, kind of basically, just like I said, I mean, it’s, it’s it’s more like on the line of refreshing the right now. It’s kind of getting not meaty, right. Kind of extra flavor fully, if that makes sense. I think during this area, let me, let me mix it back up.


Because once it dries, like the sediment and everything kind of sinks to the bottom. So at the dorm, like when did we get to this level? It’s kind of like, Whoa, all right. Cause it’s really all the flavors coming together at one point in time. I really didn’t know how to kinda be a vegetable juice critic,

But however, you know what I’m saying, I guess my calling is, is to

Criticism or critique vegetable water,

That one. So I got the celery after taste, but on the way down, you know, kind of how like not the pass rate or whatever, the cheap that the Apple drink, but the Apple juice, right? How Apple juice kind of has that flavor going down. It’s really difficult to explain, but if you, if you’ve ever had Apple juice before you kind of know what I’m talking about, it had that, that Apple juice going down flavor. But then like right now I can taste the celery, which is weird. So it’s not like before, so this is, this is what I’m thinking. It’s really confused me before is the last few days, every time I’ve had celery, I’ve associated the thickness with the celery because I taste the celery with the thickness. It does that make sense, but now I taste the salary, but it’s not like a thickness flavor that’s associated. That’s like


Along with the cellar it’s it’s like, that was more the Apple flavor going into it than just the celery after taste. I got a little bit left. We are already over our 10 minutes or I apologize.

Got foam getting kind of foamy. Good.

Don’t get me. I mean, but just the foams curls I am against the phone. So I might have to just figure out how to strain this. Maybe. Oh, maybe that’s what you’re supposed to do. You know what I’m saying? I don’t know. This is all new to me.

Cut camera. Rest is foam. Okay.

But I will say this one was pretty good. It’s good for a breakfast drink. Kinda get you I think maybe a cute, but we don’t have enough space there. Mine have to tinker tinker or excuse me, tinker with it a little bit, because I think a cucumber would be pretty good in there too. Right? Cause a cucumber is going to give us that hydration that we need. All right. Talk to you later.

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