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March 20 Am Ingredients

Good morning. It’s Saturday. Uh, I can’t say I was cause I I’ve been up for hours, but I was working. I just haven’t made any juice. I’ve been in the room. I’m just uploading videos of YouTube, working on descriptions, a whole bunch of different stuff. However, now it’s time for our morning drink. We have strawberries, grapes, uh, pepper, bok choy, celery, and cantaloupe. The reason we’re working with bok choy and the celery again, uh, I didn’t have to make a drink last night. I apologize. So we need to get rid of these before they welt anymore. And they spoiled. So that is the reason why we are taking to where our lettuce are. Basically all three of our vegetables right here. Oh, let me throw in Apple a day. Keeps the doctor away, right? Boom. Throw on our Apple. So this is well, it’s starting to kind of get soft and mushy. So, um, instead of throwing the stuff away, I figured we might as well mushroom up this morning. So let’s bring out our trusty book. Don’t forget. We also add gender,

But that in there,

Our trustee book, let’s go into you. What are we got? Uh, we got up pepper reg considered that a bell pepper. There’s obviously there’s different types of, of peppers and different colored bell peppers, vitamin C K B six and a potassium iHealth, M Nemea prevention right there. So buck choy, which is this right here,

Vitamins, a C and B six calcium brain health immunity, boost, and cancer prevention. Then we have art celery right there, which is right here, gives us vitamin C K and a full late potassium, digestive health, anti-inflammation cholesterol, health, blood pressure regulation, and skin health. So that’s what our vegetables are doing for us today. Let’s check out our route. We know that they don’t have the cantaloupe. So we will not talk about the cantaloupe today, but we will talk about our what’s that Apple vitamin C potassium quercitin heart health, weight loss, and cancer prevention. They do not have our ginger, but they do have grapes, I think. Yep. There we go. Vitamin C and K potassium, cancer prevention, blood pressure regulation, and chronic disease prevention. And then our lovely strawberries, which I was really surprised as they gave us a good amount of time. I use a vitamin C magnet knees full late heart health, blood sugar control, and cancer prevention. All right, let me prep these fruits and vegetables for our grinding process. And I will see you in just a second. Okay.