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March 20 Am Juicing Process

All right here. It goes our vegetables, our cantaloupe, our celery, bok choy, our pepper, strawberries, grapes, and Apple. Right. Let’s start with, we’ll start with something kind of sweet or start with grapes. You see, I just kind of stuffed him in there and we’re, we’re also gonna do a little bit of this, some of our ginger. So what’s at the bottom.

I’m going to take the break, take this. Let me show you what I’m talking about


Now. A little bok choy, kind of give us a vegetable flavor.

 right here.

Like the heart, but we’re going to save that for just a little bit. So let’s put some, some celery. Let’s put it this way


Yeah, because I want to see how much it goes in

now let’s, let’s go for,

Let’s make it more colorful here, here. This is what our colorful drink looks like right now. Let’s keep, let’s keep the colors going. Let’s put a little bit of yellow.

Wow. That was a lot. That was a lot right there.

No, that, uh, bell peppers gave us a whole bunch. You see the kind of graininess. That’s what I mean by when, when it’s kind of, well, it’s kind of cool. I mean, you got about four or five different colors in there. All right. Now we have left. We have basic our, excuse me, basically our fruit, we got strawberries. We’ve got apples. We got our cantaloupe. And then we got the hearts of our, uh, celery and our bok choy. Let’s go ahead and do our hearts. We’re mix our bok choy and our sellers basically together. And then the rest will be the fruit, the good stuff. But this is going to take

Now we’re going to do straight fruit. So we have our Apple, we got our strawberry and we got our cantaloupe. So we’ll start with the kind of lope,


Don’t forget. We are dumped the rest of them in here. We’re using our Mueller grinder that you can buy on Amazon. Look at that.

Apple dried. That’s it. We’re running out of space. We’re running out of space, apples in a minute, but no it’s apples and strawberries. So let’s see how much our Apple gives us. and we are really close. I mean, let me give it a stir.

I think we can get a couple strawberries in there. Not very so just cause we’re running out of space. So we’ll save some of the strawberries for later. Just quick can full of strawberries. Give us that last little, a little bit of

Let me clean up real quick and I’ll see you in just a minute.