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March 20 Pm Ingredients

All right. For our afternoon drink, we are kind of afternoon. Uh,

Well, yeah,

It’s not the mid day. Not the morning. So afternoon is the correct word or word usage in the afternoon, we have our lettuce, we have our squash, our zucchini, our grapes are strawberry tomato and carrots. We are using the strawberries are leftover from earlier today because it didn’t fit grapes. Cause I’m, I’m, I’m kinda nervous that this is just going to taste too much like dirt and vegetables. So I’m trying to hide and mask the flavor, just a pad with the grapes and the strawberries.

Uh, if I remember correctly, the squash gives out a decent amount of juice. The lettuce is, is always giving out a decent amount of juice. Um, the tomatoes are kind of disappointing, but whatever. And the carrots usually give out a decent amount of juice. All right. Let’s check out. And I think, I think our book has every item on the list ran out of ginger. I got to go to the store and get some more gender, but it’ll be all right. What is a financial, I see, I got to, I got to go to the store and, and just figure out what all this stuff is. Um, let’s go a carrot first vitamins, a C a and B six potassium I health skin health cancer prevention. Let’s go with R

Which is right here. Vitamin C and K folate, potassium, heart health, cancer prevention, and skin health. All right. Now we’re onto our lettuce, Which that would be, um,

Yeah, The circle kind of lettuce iceberg, I think, but it’s not up here. It says green leaf, red leaf from it, uh, vitamins a and K potassium zinc full, late anti-inflammation sleep aid and anti-anxiety relief. So are for everyone that, or anyone that’s stressed out on a daily basis, you might want to do this because it literally says anti anxiety relief and sleep aid. All right. So you kind of like everything that an anxious person, uh, has problems with anxious being anxious and not sleeping very well. So let us might be able to help you with that problem. Just mental note, we got squat,


Which is vitamins, a C E N diabetes management in anti-inflammation and lung health. We have our zucchini, which is right here, environments, a C and K magnesium, magnesium potassium, digestive health, blood, sugar control, and heart health, or excuse me, our heart health and eye health. Then we have our grapes. Let’s go over to our fruit. We have our red seedless grapes, right there.

There we go.

Nope. Uh, vitamin C and K potassium cancer prevention, blood pressure regulation, chronic disease prevention. And last but not least Rob Barry, vitamin C mag, magnesium folate, heart health, blood sugar control, and cancer prevention. All right, let me prepare this entourage or arsenal of vegetables and a couple fruit and get us ready so we can watch us zip it up.