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March 16 Pm Taste Testing

Welcome back. So this is what our, our juice looks like.

So tomatoes

I’m highly disappointed in it. Tomato. I really, yeah. The tomato at first tomato, I got, probably got us to like, right,

Right here. Okay.

Now compared to a cucumber and like, I only did one bell pepper because of how much water came out of a bell pepper, like the bell. So let’s remember we had lettuce, bell peppers, cucumber tomato.

Yeah. I think that’s it.

Yeah. I’m telling you the tomatoes did nothing. So all this juice came out of that little bundle of lettuce. Right. Which was a decent amount, the cucumber, which I’m, I am completely surprised at how much water comes out of a cucumber. And then I used the red bell. Pepper is almost the bell pepper and the cucumber almost the same, like the amount of water that comes out of the, both of those vegetables amazed to me. So I think that’s why we have kind of the reddish tent. Right? If you look on top, well, I’ll let you see on that side, we kind of have the, a complete reddish tint. Now, once I mix it all up, it’s not going to look like that. So let me go ahead and mix it up so you can kind of see what I’m talking about. So, so this is like foam. So if you ever wonder, like why I’m over sometimes and I’m like, Oh wow. It’s cause sometimes I drink the foam and like, if I don’t start well enough, the foam just sits on top. The foam is not a water. Let’s just put it like that. The foam is not water. So I give you drink a foamy beer. It’s not the greatest taste in the world. Same difference here. The foam is not the greatest.

I might’ve, I might’ve, should’ve put a sweet potato in here just to give us some sweeteners, natural sweetener we were having earlier. I brought a spoon this time. That’s why I, it, Ooh, Ooh. I don’t know at first this time.

Oh, what kind of good, but Dan, guess the extra work it’s not quite.

Oh, ginger. Um,

I don’t think I’m getting any ginger in here. Honestly. I cause it, you know, I did the ginger by itself this time and I think I might’ve maybe got, uh, four droplets. All right. I did a little piece of grit, ginger, and then I cut some more and put it in there because I’m, I’m sure I might’ve got maybe seven droplets. All right. So the ginger, as much as I want to feel like I’m doing something by putting the ginger in there, I don’t even feel like I don’t like after watching it. I don’t think that I’m getting any ginger anyways. I mean a very, very minuscule amount. So that means either I got to do a lot of ginger or just like ex ginger howl.

that? After

This, this needs some sugar, some, some kind of fruit, something this tastes a little bit too much like dirt water. Um, Yeah,

This is it. This is not very good. I know.


It needs now don’t get me wrong. It is very close to being good. Right? It’s very close to turning that corner of being like drunk, like, like drinkable and being like, Ooh, this isn’t that bad, but it’s just not there. It’s by no means is it there? It is. Ugh. Um, but let’s remember what’s in here a bell pepper, a two cumber and lettuce. So, you know, maybe I need a plan a little bit better when I, when I think about things like, you know, I understand the afternoon supposed to be, you know, hydration, get ready for the bedtime, you know, calm yourself down. Try not to be so, so amped up on sugar, but this is disgusting. Disgusting. It needs something else in here. I was thinking about an Apple. I put an Apple in here. We have two apples and probably good. Even the sweet potato. I bet you putting the sweet potato in here. It would probably be good. But this by itself is not the greatest. No. See why it phones back right back up. Let’s see. Just see what I’m saying. So that’s what I mean by sometimes it’s difficult to drink it. Cause it, it, you see, I stirred all the film away, but then the foam just comes right back up to the top.


I’m literally stalling. I am I’m stalling. Cause this is, this is not the greatest. Alright. Wish me luck. Oh, Whoa.

It’s not like the onion was still, I will say this. The onion, the onion taste the cake. The onion juice takes the cake. Onion juice. Way, way worse than this. Because even the onion juice, I wasn’t able to finish this. Doesn’t give me that flavor it just after I drink this, I’m going to need flavor in my mouth. Eat an Apple banana. I don’t know what for the most people, this drink right here will make you relapse on sugar. It will because after you drink this, you are going to want something that has to do with sweetness, flavor, something. This is

Yeah. Yeah. I’m on it. This is gross.

I did my cell phone. This one. Let’s see if we can plug the nose and get down fast.


Oh, that helped a little bit. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I got again is not, it’s just, it tastes like a cucumber bell pepper, lettuce Water.

So it’s not like it’s unbearable. It’s just unbearably bland. If that makes sense. That’s what makes it so gross. It’s not N just the smell like the tomato. I don’t maybe the tomatoes in there. I don’t really taste the tomato or it tastes like grass. And like what? I don’t even know. It’s hard to explain. Excuse me. All right. Got another minute. So we got, we got a lot to drink. Yeah, no, no, not for me. Yeah.

I need something else in there, man. It needs some flavor, some sugar and don’t put sugar in there. Obviously, you know, the whole thing we’re doing is so we don’t eat sugar. All right. We tried to get off the sugar. So don’t just add to feel green, Daniel, you figure a vegetable or a fruit on that sweeter. And then, but I, this might just put, send me straight to the bathroom. So it might have, excuse me, it’s making me fart. It might have that, whatever in there. That just is like, this is wow. Ooh. That was a bad one where it’s just like, this is going to clean your system right on out. Right. Just flesh it on out, you know, get all those nastiness out. This might be the best. Drink that for me. If that fart that I just had has any indication about this drink, then this is probably the most, the healthiest drink coffee ever. Oh my goodness. Excuse me. Whoa. Oh yeah. Well, I’m going to drink this real fast and then I’m leaving because I blew myself out. It smells terrible in here. All right. One more sip. And then I’m cutting the camera on it. The rest of the, that sludge. So cut the camera. Talk to you later. Bye.