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March 16 Am Juice Tasting

All right, how y’all doing this morning. I, uh, I ended up putting two, two apples in here. Um, one wasn’t enough, as you can see, I still didn’t get very much juice. The sweet potato though, surprising gave it surprisingly gave a lot of Jews. Like I would say the sweet potato gave about up to, but right there in juice, which is in that bag,

Something’s at the bottom. That’s weird.

So this is kind of greenish, I guess. Well, from looking at the top, it’s like, it’s, it’s weird. It has a lot to do with the color of the squash. Um, the squash probably gave the most amount of liquid in here. Uh, I would give a better description than it looks, kinda like, um, throw up no going like slop, you know, but, uh, hopefully it tastes better than how it looks.

It doesn’t really smell very good, but we will try it, I guess. Um, I, I just have a bias, I guess, cause it’s more than time supposed to be fruit and not just vegetables and it’s just specials. So, and an Apple. So I’m disappointed, but I did buy, I’m waiting for Amazon to give it to me the juicer where I can start juicing, citrus fruit, where you put it on top of juices at for you. Then we mix it in here. So we’ll go one by Adam and we’ll have everything that we need. Right. All in one little, well in a two-part system,

I’m pretty shocked. It’s not bad. It’s kind of dry, right? It is dry. I will say that it’s a little dry, but other than that, it’s, it’s not bad at all. It’s way better than it looks. I’ll tell you that it looks great. It’s way better than it looks.

I think it’s kind of, it’s giving me kind of like a chalky feel in my mouth. I’m guessing that’s that’s the potato. Uh, well that makes sense. It’s sweet. Sweet Dave though. All right. Well, I, I honestly, I, I had no idea. Like I was a little nervous if the sweet potato was actually going to be sweet, but I’m guessing it is because this is the beverage that it’s made is, is relatively sweet kind of poses a question. Why do they put so much sugar in everything? If everything’s already kind of sweet, right? Like I haven’t been disappointed yet. Well, that’s a lie. The onion was absolutely horrendous. Second half of that onion is still sitting in the fridge. I have no desire. I’m going to eat it, but I’m not. I’ll probably cook it with some, some fish or something. Uh, I’ve known desire, zero desire to grind that thing up and put it in a drink.

No, no, I, it almost kind of scared me with the peppers too. Spurs had that nice aura or aroma to it kind of gave a little bit of flavor. However, I’d prefer not to have to go through all the work of granulomas, this, these vegetables to not be able to drink it and get a headache and all that kind of stuff. So that’s why we’re sticking to more, more, more, more normal, but not normal vegetables and fruit. Right. I got to go to a more gourmet. Uh, what do you call it? Grocery store so that I can pick up like more of the bougie vegetables

Maybe go to like a whole foods or something. I was, was, I was actually looking on Amazon and, um, well obviously because I bought that machine and if I didn’t do it this morning, cause I was in a hurry and I just want it, well, I don’t know where I was hurting for it, but I just didn’t feel like doing it this morning. But if I got the Amazon credit card, then every time I’d go to whole foods, they give me some kind of discount, which I’ll have to look into a little bit more, but that’d be, it’s not bad at all. Amazon whole foods discount credit card. Hey, why not?

I know this is going to sound really weird. This is one of the best ones I actually enjoy it. So we have two apples, a little bit of ginger, um, some collard greens, uh, about, I stuffed a thing probably twice there’s there’s about this much left in the bag, um, squash, zucchini, and a sweet potato, which is very, very odd that the sweet potato is not giving it a terrible taste. I’m thinking that’s what the granny kind of chalky part of it is. It’s just a sweet potato or what does it maybe is a starch or whatever is in there is giving me that kind of choppy, chalky taste, but it’s not overbearing, right? It’s not bad. It’s just, you can kind of taste it. But for, for no idea, thinking that I’d get like a sweet potato would have juice in it. I am quite shocked and this, they weren’t very expensive either. Video’s a little short today. Oh yeah. Whoa.


At the end. Yeah. It feels like I, it feels like I just drank chalk, but the whole, the drink was fine. The very last little part is just really chalky. So just prepare yourself for that. But other than that really enjoyed the drink. All right. Don’t know why I did that. But talk to you later. Oh, they’re like LL cool J back in that day, but that was like 30 years ago. So not very many people understand why I did that. All right, bye.