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March 19 Am Taste Testing

All right. We’re all saying about the beat, how the beat really will change the color. And it wasn’t even very much deep, but it will change. It’ll change her perspective on everything. And, uh, just for warning, if you do juice up a beat, and then you, you look at your stool and you looked at your pee and you’re like, man, something’s on it right now. It’s just the beat. Don’t worry. Some reason the beats are very, very powerful when it comes to color, kinda like black people. You know what I’m saying? Inside joke. All right, let’s give it a shot. So let’s kind of recall what’s in here. We got the beat. We got some, some, what do you call it? Celery. We’ve got half an Apple. We got some cantaloupe. Um, a couple of grapes, strawberry strawberries. I was impressed. I don’t know about y’all. I was quite impressed with the strawberry juice, right? There was a lot that came out of strawberry. I think it was everything. It was actually more than an Apple and the grapes, which is surprising a sweet potato. We already know the sweet potato is going to give us a geese in the mouth. So there’s no reason to, to talk more about that. We also know that sweet. potato going to give us an old chalkiness at the bottom.

Yeah, you can see that’s the salary salary. It’s not, I’ve had better. Yesterday morning was better. It was for it’s weird. All this stuff came out the vessel out of the frigerator. And sometimes, you know, if you were to drink just the apples, it’s a little bit different. It’s not, it’s kind of cool, but for some reason, like, right, do the salary. This is this isn’t the first time I’ve done salaries. It’s just maybe like the third or fourth. Every time I’ve done salary, it has this weird warming kind of meaty, Hardy taste. It’s really difficult to explain. Uh, maybe when, when, when you’re doing this and you can try it for yourself, but it has a really, really weird consistency. Consistency is the best way to put it.

Anyway, uh, this is good. The, again, like the seller gives it, the meaty feel into it. The beat, um, gives us it’s coloring. Maybe it gives it flavor. Maybe the beat has a little bit of sugar. I’m not really, I’m not really sure. I haven’t done my in depth analysis yet when I have that, most definitely there’ll be links on every page. Uh, but right now I haven’t yet to do that. So I’m not a hundred percent sure what a beat does for you. Um, yeah, this isn’t bad. The one thing I wish though, cause I, I, I’m never going to do all that work of cutting it up and make it into juice and then sticking a refrigerator that that’s kind of counter productive to me.

Oh, this is a side note. This has nothing to do with the juicing. Um, I keep getting messages right now. Right? They keep coming down and distracting my, my, my train of thought distracting, like what I’m doing, I’m here. Where am I here? What time is it now? Living here now? Where am I? I am here talking to you guys enjoying my drink. But every time I get a distraction, getting notice a little someone strings down because it comes down at the top for that split. Second, my train of thought and my focus and my commitment to you guys is distracted. And it all depends on what they’re saying, because I can read what they’re saying, even though it comes down and bounces back up. It’s enough time for me to basically get the gist of what they’re saying now, if it was really great news, right?

Or someone’s trying to offer help to me, this would be one thing, but it’s not, it’s not one of them was a good morning, right? I mean, this has been going on basically for this morning. Um, this is part of reason. I just, I, for most of the time I turned my phone off for this particular reason. I know going on a tangent, but what we’re doing, we’re transforming our lives. We’re transforming our health. We’re transforming our body. We’re transforming our mind. Well, when we’re doing that, we need to transform everything. And what people would, they don’t get the people that are sending these messages. The one that said good morning, that’s a, that’s a, that’s lovely, good morning. You can’t go wrong with that. But the other ones, it’s first thing in the morning.

Why do I want to hear you complain about something that I don’t even know what you’re talking about? But the first thing on your mind is complaining. It’s too early in the morning for that. Then the second one is asking for money. It’s like my goodness, not a good morning, not a hello. How’re you doing? Not a, you’re an amazing person, Eric. I wish I could be like you it’s hatred and anger in the first one for something I didn’t do. I’m you, you know, I’m with you guys every day, right? At the house, you see the same background. So I haven’t gone anywhere. And then the second one is asking for money and people wonder why. I just want to turn all my off and then just disassociate with everybody. Why I’m in a happy life. I’m good. I’m eating, drinking my juice. Right? We’re having fun. Deciding what it is we’re going to do with ourselves. Working out, got to, you know, my body’s getting better. My mind’s getting smarter, feeling better. But then every time I open up my past, I got that past. That always comes back.

I’ll get back to my juice, man. This is a good juice man. I got time for that stupid. And hopefully you guys don’t either. Well, if you’ve made it this far with me and you’ve consumed all my content up to this point, hopefully you are at the point where you’re like Eric, I understand completely. And I understand, and I get what you’re saying, because since I’ve been following you and since I’ve been doing what you’ve been doing and kind of modeling my life off of yours, I haven’t, I don’t have time for either. Cause that’s kind of what this whole purpose of everything is, is to transform ourselves from who we were over here to who we want to be, which is over here, we’re doing that through our mind, our body exercise, studying, putting nutrients into our system. The more good you put it in, the more good you’re going to get out, but you have to understand that this world is set up for nothing but negativity to come in, if you allow it. Right. So the most important thing that you do is cut it the off. Now let’s time. Let’s get back to the juice and cut it the off.

Yeah, the celery is really meaty. Um, this is good though. I might, I mean again, I would put it in the freezer for maybe 30 minutes just to give it that, that more ice cold, uh, just make it ice cold, but it’s still good. Don’t don’t get me wrong. It’s still good. But at this point right now, it is it’s too much. It’s not that it’s too much, rather. It’s not cold enough. It’s good enough where it is, but if it worked gold and maybe I put some ice cubes in there. Wow, wow. It’s the first time I tasted cantaloupe. I tasted it. It’s like in the back of my throat does up to now. I didn’t really taste the candle, but now I taste the candle. I personally, I don’t like melons and cantaloupes and none of that, I don’t even like watermelon. That’s this is my personal printing.

Uh, peripheral press burns. So maybe you do. That’s why I put it on. I put the, I got, I got a watermelon, I got a honeydew and I got a cantaloupe. So all three things I would not like to, I don’t like them at all. But yesterday in the last few days we, we tried watermelon in there and it gave out a lot of juice and the juice was sweet and it was good. It was like a good nectar. Right. So from that, I was like, you know what? We’re trying to just get as low, as much juice as possible, uh, to fill it up because you know, we know celery and, and, and, uh, cucumbers, they give out a lot of juice, but I’m trying to find the fruits that give out a lot of juice as well. Right. Um, you would think fruit would give out more, but not all the time because the machine doesn’t work, how you would want it to. So, uh, experimenting and trying different fruits and vegetables is what we’re doing during this month. This first month March, we’re trying to find different concoctions and all that kind of good stuff.

And, uh, again, again, more distractions. So we’re going to finish this. And then I think I might just turn all my notifications and distractions off because I’m not in this world to please other people. So with that, let’s drink and cut the camera.