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March 20 Pm Juicing Process

Okay, there we go. That’s what our fruit looks like when we prepare it. Uh, the grinder world will grind up most all of this stuff. So let’s again, we are working with our Mueller Grindr. All right. So let’s start with tomatoes so we can see how much tomato juice we get out of two tomatoes. so you were like, wait a minute. That’s two tomatoes, the sweet pepper. Sweet, sweet, sweet potato. Had more than that. Exactly. That’s what’s disappointing about this machine. Sometimes it doesn’t make any sense. All right. But there is a lot of juice still in there. Now let’s go with a little bit of lettuce and watch the difference stuff it in there it’ll be all right. double, it came out of that. Then tomato juice, which is really disappointing. So when you’re drinking tomato juice, I wonder how they really do that. Okay. Let’s get into some squash. Really just got to put him right up there, get it going lightly on there. Squash gave a decent amount.both of those gave us a decent little amount I had forgotten or strawberries. I knew I was forgetting something in that last picture. Cause that it looks good, right? No, it doesn’t really. However, once we throw some strawberries, let’s these, these bad boys up tomato. I’m just saying right. Carrot time.

We’re just do two at a time type checks to see how much liquid we can probably do doing like this. There we go. Got our four carrots. about a lot. You see how much that’s a lot. I do. All right. Now, first one flavor. And this should top us right on off I would say very aggressive. I’m out to get some more grapes because they seem like they’re a great filler. And I mean, they produce a decent amount of, of liquid. So this is what our, our vegetable water looks like when it’s all kind of clustered together. And I will see you in a minute.