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All right. For our first energy stock, we have Valero now Valero was looking great. We got, I mean, it makes sense. We hit a resistance right here at the a hundred percent. We look basically if a breakout fake out kind of rolled over, attempted on Thursday to break out again. But then Friday basically got, got destroyed. But if you look over here on the 28th of May, we’re basically touching support, right? So it’s kind of like the breakout we break out of down here. We get stopped right here and that’s where we are right now. So let’s check out the open interest, see if the, Ooh, look at this a couple hedges, right? But look at this big, big money right here at 85, 17,000 contracts at 85. And again, I’m reading this new book that unusual option activity. So I’m all interested about it and just trying to spot different things and things that look interesting. So that’s what we’re going through this this week is just different opportunities. If I enjoy looking at it, if it’s still interesting to me after the new, it will be something that we’re going to just continuously do is look at that. See if we can find crazy option interest in the stocks that we go over. Now, if nothing comes to fruition of this and all of it’s just noise, then obviously we’ll just go back to analyzing

The stock. But the option market looks Very interesting. Plus it’s just, it’s kind of fun. I don’t know. Maybe it’s not to you, but it is to me. So we have 17,000 contracts saying 85. Let’s see, does this 85. It does. Cause 84 95 is the the high you see. Now if we have 92, 43, I don’t know what this one is, but if it’s anywhere close to 92, 43, it would make sense. That’s 90. So we have 10,000 contracts at the 90 and then w these, then it just kind of jumps 95, 100. Now I don’t see it going all the way to 92, but there’s people out there they’re saying it’s going to hit this 90 17,000 contracts say 85. So between the 85 and the 90, there are 7,000 excess contracts, right? There’s 27,000 contracts and told towel. However, there could be a, a decent spread, 85 to 90, although you’re only you’re it’s, I don’t really see why you would do that because you’re only, it’s not like you’re, you’re lowering your costs by a lot, but we’re also talking about 10,000 contracts. You know what I’m saying? So 4 cents on 10,000 contracts is quite a lot of money. But you know, buying one or two of them, what I’m going to do is in quite a hefty, but yeah, there’s look at this 15,000 people bought the eighties. Oh, okay. Look at this. Look at this.

So this looks like it’s a butterfly. I don’t know. It’s just interesting. Cause it’s, it’s five strikes basically in between the eighties, the 80 fives in the nineties, 15,000, 17,000, 10,000. So if you were to go, let’s say 7,000 at no 15, because then that would mean that there’s 30,000 at the 85 there’s they got something set up here. Let’s look at the next, the next week. If there, is there anything, you know, there is nothing option expiration, monthly expirations. Yes. So we, we look, look for the monthly opera obser Bo you know what I said, monthly ops option expiration. So we’re looking VA low Val, this is a money play the seventeens 85 slash 90. All right. Let’s I’m sorry, I didn’t do the oil so we can kind of check the oil. Now this is, I don’t know. So I made these videos.

Today’s Monday morning, I made these videos yesterday, made them all. It was all excited about them and realized that I had no sound. So I’m having to redo the videos at three, at first thing in the morning on Monday morning. So that’s why the oil market is moving. Now. The VLO going into Friday would probably not make any sense, but when we’re opening up almost 1% on the oil, which is just massive again, watch out for the 73 45 that’s looks like we’re, we’re going 73 45. Let’s go into the quarterly 20-year quarterly. Cause that’s where we kind of have to go back. Next resistance again, if we can, if we need to break out of October, 2018 high, which is 76, 90, 76 90 now, and it closed that same quarter. These are three months at 45. So that was a massive, massive drop. If you see it was from July 17, up to basically 18 April 18. So that’s 3, 6, 9, 12, almost a whole year, right? It was an upper trajectory kind of how it is right now hit that number and boom, then Corona happened. Boom. So this is enormous need sorry. I got a message.

There’s going to be enormous selling pressure at this number. Now of course, they’re going to say some, something stupid about the news and all this other kind of stuff, right? That, oh, the Iran, whatever that has nothing to do with it, it has everything to do is we’re getting close. I mean, it probably does a little bit, but we’re getting close to super resistance. All right. If we can break past that, then the next is literally top of this massive 2014 drop 2014 drop, which is the high of this was 92 96. So do we see this? We break this. Our next target is literally 88 to 93. So this is huge. I’m also expecting a pullback. This is let’s go back to days. So we have had pullbacks, so don’t get me wrong. I am expecting a pullback back to 66, 77 at some point eventually when w when will this come? I’m not sure, but just be careful and watch that after we hit the 73 in one day, it could drop back to 66 just to shake everybody out. And there are Iran news could do it right? Shake everybody out, get everyone’s scared, and then let’s go higher. But it looks to me that we’re positioned just to take out the 1800.

Alright, Exxon mobile. Now all of these are kind of be the same. We got destroyed. We kinda got hit hard, right? We, we got 50 percentile and then we got kind of rejected, which makes sense. They were going to, it needs, we’re going to need something powerful to break out of that 64. But see, this is what sucks. We already know oil is going to pop up 64, 3 cents on Monday morning. Cause it’s already up 63 cents on Monday morning. So it’s basically kind of cheating, right? I don’t like that. I cause I I’d much rather go into it without knowing what the oil market’s going to do on Monday morning. So because not this, what could easily easily happen is the market reverses. So everything that I say right now could be reversed. That’s you know what I mean? Does that make sense? That’s why I would have rather just done this before the market opens because it’s giving us a false sense. Cause it’s European opens opening right around now. Well, let’s take out our options. Ooh. See, I mean, this is weekly options or monthly options, 20,000 at the 60. And, but look at the big number over here. We got 33,000, 13,000, the 30th, excuse me. The 33,000 is interesting at 65 because it’s really not any money. It’s only $3 out. Let’s look at this. How much can this bad boy move in five days, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. [inaudible]

Well, that’s a big difference in that one day, 8%, man. This is like the financials 8% [inaudible] So obviously that’s seven and a half percent, but a seven and a half percent pop from here brings us to 66, 8 still. Okay. Over here, 66, 66, 68. See that it’s right into that 65. So, whoa. There’s a Buku amount of money. And if it does hit the 8%, then those 10 cents turns into two or $3. That’s enormous money right there. Very interesting. We were only paying 10 cents 99 cents or nine 50. Right? That’s I mean, your deltas are, there’s a 10% chance for that. It’s gonna go into money, whatever. Yeah, the money play [inaudible]

65 and then 70. I don’t really see 70 seventies is kind of stretching it because 70 means we come all the way up to here. What is 70 from here? It’s a 12% gain, a 12% gain in. I literally you’re paying a penny for it. So it’s almost hard to say no, you know, $5, you got five contracts. You know, it’d be like six bucks dollars. That’s hard to say no, let’s see. Cause there’s 13,000 contracts that say that there that this could happen. All right. M M P I am in love with this doc. Keep going, keep going. Pays well, pays good dividends. It’s all cylinders. Let’s go. This is more of a long-term play. I’ll advise out I’ll turn out of money long-term options. Or if you want to capture your Delta at one, then go in the money. But if you see, since March, this has gone straight up, it is beautiful. Let’s but let’s see how much can we move in a week?

5%. What do we got over here? Oh yeah. There’s there’s very thinly traded options on this. Yeah, there are no one paying attention to this. Look at the 50 fives, right? The 50 fives, even the 50 to 52, you’re already in the money. Like you’re literally already in the money extrinsic 25 cents at the 50 twos. Right? That’s not actually, honestly, this isn’t. I mean the options kind of suck. Right? Don’t get me wrong. Cause they’re they they’re just weird. There’s nothing out there, but there is decent numbers at the 200 at this right here, the 55 also at the 47 to six point drop. But you re you’re not paying anything for this. You’re paying 7 cents for 55. What could this do? It moved five. The largest, it moves 5% gain. 5% here at 6 54 0.8% only basically a 5% gain is $2 and 69 cents 1656. So this could has potential to get to a dollar. If we have a massive move that’s 7 cents is hard to 7 cents turned into a dollar that’s you know, 13 times or money. That’s hard to say no to

The money. Play The money play. We’re looking at M M P money play. That was 55. Yeah. Basically 55 because you see there’s literally no volume anywhere. There’s, you’re paying more. There’s more extrinsic value. The further out you are. Right. Does that make sense? So you’re inverted and actually literally you’re negative in, well, right here, you’re paying 25 cents of extrinsic value at 52, but at, or at 55, you’re paying 7 cents. Now I know it’s but it’s almost like right in the middle. So you’re paying a lot of intrinsic value extrinsic value for the 50 twos when you’re paying 7 cents for the 55. You’re really not. You’re not, it’s just, again, my money plays are gambles straight up gambles. We’re just having so NOCO is another one. All cylinders. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful load up on your portfolio. They pay great dividends. That’s I made a different video today on which was better cryptocurrency or Chevron and Chevron destroyed them.

Right. For the amount of money I have in Chevron compared to the cryptos, Chevron destroyed it, but I should have done Sunoco. Cause Sunoco is even better. Sonoco is ridiculous. Yeah. I don’t know what else to say about Sunoco pull back so I can get more, right? Like your breakout right here of 36. All right. It’s only two points, but my goodness. I mean, it is just up, up and goodbye right up, up in goodbye, which is another one. If you want a smaller, less, less price one go here because this is up, up and goodbye. Just the same. And in energy transfer, they have, I would say they have, it’s basically the same company in a sense it’s very different company. So don’t think it’s the same company, but a lot of the same company, because he owns a lot of Sunoco. Right? So if Sunoco’s does well, he does well too. And it’s way less priced. It’s priced at $11 and 30 cents, opposed to what a Sunoco, 38 [inaudible].

So let’s do let’s look at Sunoco Sunoco. See the thing with these oil stocks is nobody’s paying him any attention. Right? And not at all. As you see, like there, they got a whole bunch of put interests. So I mean, they’re betting that this is that oil is about to get destroyed this upcoming week. But for cause there is nothing, nothing, you got three at 42, we’ll add, it’s also pretty far out of the money. We’re looking at $2 away and there’s 300 contracts, $2 away. And you’re, you’re literally paying 2 cents for it. Again, this is very difficult not to want to gamble the 2 cents. Okay.

Let’s see what it’s done in a week. 1, 2, 3, let’s go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. So we ended up right here. 4.8%, 4%. We’re looking at 44.8. We’re looking at 5%, 5.6%. 40 57. So when you’re coming over here and you’re analyzing the forties, that’s why the 40 twos, there’s only three people there. It’s like, yeah, that’s not going to go. There that’s needs too much of a, of a bump. But when you’re looking at right here and imply to interest super low, my goodness, implied volatility, super low they’re banking, 60, 64 cents for the week. Yeah. These, I mean, this is a sure gamble, the forties pure gamble, but you got a high probability that this might do something. Look at your Delta 6 cents. So you’re dealt. Wow. What is going? This is making any sense.

I bet your gamble is pretty high too. So what w w basically what that means. There’s not very much volume on this, so it’s probably not in the vibe. And implied volatility is really low, so it’s not going to have the gamma spike. Won’t won’t gamma and Delta won’t really change too much. However, look at this per dollar movement in is 83 cents. This is 6 cents, man. Oh man. Yeah. There’s high, high probability that this, this 5 cents or two and a half cents, which is extrinsic right now, what’s that most. So probably 5 cents will come Monday morning and a couple hours. It’s going to be more, but just look at this. Cause if oil has a little bit of a crashing and comes back, these are going to be dirt cheap. Even the 37 fifties are probably going to be like dirt cheap, because what you’re paying 5 cents of extrinsic value in the money. Look at this. You’re you’re paying this. Doesn’t make any sense if you were to go well. Oh, that’s that makes sense. Cause it’s not, everything’s closed. So that’s why, but we have to look at these numbers again when they open up. But there’s there’s, I mean, there’s decent. You’re not paying any, and you’re not paying up on these options at all. That’s what I’m basically saying. Like your extrinsic values, nothing. Nothing. All right. Let’s see. That was Sunoco.

Rural Dutch. I like this is for like an iron condor. Now, if the rest of the oil kind of breaks, your iron condor might not work for this one. Cause you know, the rest of the market just broke on you. But I like selling. Yeah. Actually the iron condor I’d still go for it. It’s just kind of skew it to the bull side. So you might want to give yourself a little bit more extra space on the bulls, but let’s look at the numbers. We got 3,800 contracts at the 42. Yeah. So that’s like right around here. Yeah, I mean, we could get up to 43 again. I just don’t like this, this stock at the moment. It’s not in my favor, but a breakout could be coming in a, it could have be a massive breakout because well, not a massive breakout. The break. Well that’s well, yeah, that’s basically a 10% move that could be coming to 42 is a 3% move three to 10%. And that closes the gap a three to 10% move. Yeah. It could work.

There’s a decent amount of money on there saying that it could work. So as you see it, but there’s also a larger percentage saying that it’s not going to work at the 37. So that could be a strangle E I like it for a breakout. Look at this. We are steady climbing, looking for the breakout of the 25. Yeah. There’s nothing. This is nothing. There’s no one trades this in options, which is kind of disappointing. How many millions out there’s plenty of volume. It’s just no one trades the options there, option unfriendly, which is gold mines because there’s no one paying attention to them. So they’re really cheap. Really cheap. Cause look at it. Implied volatility is 26. So this isn’t even a higher implied volatility than Sunoco because Sunoco’s only 18, but there’s, I mean there’s 187 people. That’s not bad with a negative extrinsic value. Oh, well, yeah. That makes sense. Whoa, what is this dude? They got lasted 65 cents.

So you’re paying 7 cents, 6 cents of extrinsic value. That’s not that bad. Does this stock have the oppor can it move? Yeah. I mean in let’s just go for these three days. Look at this that’s 2%. Okay. 2% brings us to 26, 19. Nope, we’re under, but what is this foreign? 2, 3, 4, 5. Let’s see this. So it’s a 4%. So let’s see. What, what is 4% do? 4% gets us to 26, 73 and that’s still lower. So then the next one out. So that’s, that’s a no go. You see what I’m saying? 27 50 that’s 27 50 and there’s no volume. There’s no money there. The, the money’s right here at the 25, which is in the money, but it’s not demanding. It’s sucks. So, all right. Let’s move on to KMI, which is another one, which is like, whoa, this is just like Sunoco and MMP. Obviously we just hit a high, but let’s look where we were coming from 11 to 19 VAs and our bad.

This is a long-term play add up. As much as you can, let’s look at the quarterly kinda 20 year quarterly where this has a potential of getting up to 44. We break out of this 21, then really the 21 to 23 area. We’re moving. If we’re literally looking at this, the 21 is the six one or the 1 6 1 extension, the four to three is 33. So this has, I mean, it has every bit of potential. If oil continuously is climbed, is, is all the potential in the world to get to it’s 44 or at least 25.

So let’s look at the open interest on this one too. I’m interested. So we got 12,000 contracts for the 20, whoa, look at this. There is a lot of, a lot of money out there. I mean, there’s a decent amount on the downside as well. So don’t, don’t think because of what we got 10, 11 21, 28 31, but like 30 to 34,000 contracts on the downside on the upside, we got 20, 24, 25, 26, about 26. So there is more, more contracts on the downside than upside, relatively low implied volatility. So that means that like two standard deviations. It just we’re, it’s basically banking on two standard deviations to get a 20 kind of, yeah, two, two. Yeah.

Even the 1950s are cheap, man. They’re 8 cents, 10 cents for the 1950s. And these are ridiculously cheap, man.

Let’s see in three days, 4%. Yeah. Ah, they’re pricing it out like a 5% move because a 4% move only brings us to 1993. I forget how, how they’re really cheap, but kinder. Morgan’s not very, it’s only $19. That’s why it’s really cheap. I forgot 5% on a $19 stock is a quite a big move. Well, it’s not a big move at all. This means that you move in like 50 cents or you know what saying? So that makes sense why they’re really, really cheap, but Kamai another one I would, like I say, I quit. Okay.

Probably like the Septembers, if they’re that cheap. Cause look, even the September twenties, you can buy them for 50 cents. And there’s, I mean that that’s giving 90 days, the 20 ones are what? 30 cents. So the 21, like those are really cheap for, for giving yourself the gift of time. Cause you’re giving yourself a lot of time, BP. It’s I mean, you can’t say it’s not bullish because I mean, on Thursday it hit a high it’s just like every other stock. If oil continually goes higher, look at the potential they have, they have a potential of getting to 79. They were that in October oh seven 14 or no, this is 10. So they’ve, they’ve been out of, out of the graces for quite some time, but 52 make sense. What is this? This is 2000. Oh the 2018, there were $44 stock. So they’re, they’re 50 percentile.

They’re 50% under from the, I mean you got to remember what the oil market looked like, but we’re 50% basically to the 2018 oil and we’re almost there on the oil. So this has huge potential. I mean, you gotta to go a little bit more into exactly where they’re making the money, but it looks beautiful for like a more of a, long-term not, not daily total with total. They what day is this? Six. Nine. Oh, well they’re, they’re showing the chart today on Friday. They, you hadn’t been watching it. I don’t know. They didn’t. Cause this is six, 10 and Friday was not six 10. So I’m thinking they are changing the ticker cause they, they didn’t trade on Friday and last but not least Chevron several times just like BP. I do not see anything wrong with Chevron for the long haul. Beautiful. Look at the option. Interest on this, on the one tent 51,000. That is a lot of money. Gentlemen and ladies, we’ve got another 12,000, another 10,000. Whoa, with that 52 thousands kind of out in the middle of nowhere, right? One 10. Yeah, that’s right here there. So their pricing in break into one 13, cause this is the one 20. Whoa.

I want to see one 20 at all. Let’s see how much this can move. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, right here. 8%, 8% gets it to one 17. So as crazy as that sounds it has the potential to run 8%. Wow. Wow. And that’s this right here. There’s 10,000 contracts out there and that’s one penny. Yeah. Chevron Corp, man. Let’s see what happens. That’s that’s too. It’s too. It’s too juicy, too juicy way too juicy. For rolling dice, it’s difficult. I mean we’ve got 12,000 contracts and you got 22,000 contracts that are costing like a dollar to $4. So it’s kind of like pick your poison.

All right. And that’s it for our oil as you see, let’s check out how oil is running. Okay.So there we go. Last 30 minutes down, up, down up, it looks like we’re about to take off.



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