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Basic materials. Let’s go ahead and get into our accounts. Let’s see which ones we have.

All right. So basic materials, O Y B not, we don’t have any LYB. We do have a couple of the other ones. So when we get there, I will let you know, L Y B Lindell Bissau one, two, three, four, five. So this is where we were last week. Looked like it was going to break out, but this is I’m pronounced. I remember this is what I was concerned about, that it might roll back down, which it did, and it did pretty ugly. What day was this? This is Friday one, two, three, four or five. So Monday, Tuesday, going into Wednesday, you had a terrible gap down that it looks kind of like it came from nowhere. So be careful with that.

It’s kind of weird at this price. This price is more attractive than this price, right? It’s a lot more attractive. I’d like to see, kind of, let me show you something. See how we’re playing this red line here, here, here, here, here, here. I’m I will be, I like it right here. I would like it even better. If in a couple of days it touches the red line and then decides is, wants to go higher. That would that just because it has shown me multiple times that it wants to touch this red line on this particular trend, right on the larger trend. However, if we go back from last 10 October, excuse me, sorry. Talking a lot. We’re at the a hundred day moving average. So it was turning on the a hundred. Now it’s on the 50. So just be careful because again, this is literally a a hundred percent move of this to here to back. So it’s already made it’s a hundred percent move. It would be perfectly fine for it to make it really, truly go all the way down to here, right. Or anywhere where this white, this yellow line is, and then decide to proceed higher. Do I see reaching one 25? I do, but I don’t know when I, he international paper.

So some international paper, we are June 65 call. We bought it for 70 cents. They’re at 85 right now. I’m pretty sure this is what we were talking about last week. One, two, one, two, three, four, five. So last week we were here, we popped up big just like the rest of everything else in the market. It went to poop. And then from there it looks like it’s coming back. I like these right here. They were kind of like cameras. Yeah. Got to keep an eye on this one because it looks like it could be poised to break out and make a new high come next week.

Dow industrial or Dow chemical. I don’t remember what they call it now. It looks terrible. Kind of, not really. Right. So again, this literally looks like international paper, one, two, three, four, or five. We were here on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. So Monday had a beautiful day. Tuesday reached a brand new high and sell a bit sold all the way off and sold hard right. To support to the 20. So we, we literally went from like four point loss. So, I mean, it was a massive loss, 71 to 67. So it’s a big loss. Got everybody out from right here and stayed above the 68 21. We are in the what happened July 80. Yeah, we still have a little bit of time. I might even honestly want to get a little bit more when it was on Monday, this option was much higher. It dropped in half. We bought it for 44 cents, 23 cents right now. If it, if it can hold this 68 kind of wait until next week, kind of see what was going on.

I wouldn’t mind. Cause we have the July’s is not the June’s. I wouldn’t mind adding to that 23 cents because literally I spent almost $20 a day at Wendy’s. So for $20, I’m going to throw away anyways. I would bet it on this because I’m in for me, if it holds above the 68, then we’re, we’re shooting above the six. Does the 71, if it does it before, if we can get above this 70 to 77 before, like June, June, then just on involatility we should be at least up to like 60 cents, right? Sure. When Williams,

We made a decent amount of money on it on its way up. This it’s just waiting. It just, it had a three for one stock split here and has gone all the way up and just parabolic. Give it a little bit of time, give it some breathing space. Just be easy. It is close to target. But as you see, it has gone from two 30, three to two 90, almost 70 points since March. So it’s not like this is a long time. This is really fast. It’s barely these roofs. So I would not be surprised if it jiggles around here for quite some time to let our moving averages kind of come back up to us now, mosaic, I’m quite frustrated with mosaic

For no other reason than it did what everything else did. If the market was not crashing, I would love to wonder if mosaic would have hit the 38 94. Right? So this is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. So Tuesday we were at, we had just braking made a new high and got destroyed, but so did the stock market, right? So it broke out what I wanted. So it did exactly what we wanted it to do. However, it did not hold where we wanted it to hold. So let’s go into this account. Let’s see what we do. So yeah. This last, that last little draw down hurt and it hurt bad. We were $2 in the money, right? Yeah. This destroyed is what happens. Not having to stop. We were $2 and then we got the 36 calls ending this week. So we need mosaic to do something and do something decent come Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Or we got to get out at 50 cents out of $40 loss when we had a $200 game. Well that’s sucks. Yeah. Well it’s my own fault. I didn’t have a stop.

All right. So we have the point D D

Yeah. One, two, three, four, five. So it broke out and it came back down. If it can hold this 83 17, then I would say, look for it to test the 87 27,

Which is over here.

We are trading the red line, so don’t be surprised if it does crash down to the red line to gather support and then take back off we’re. Well, we’re out of a screws. We had two blue bars, so the momentum has shifted, but again, like I said, if we can hold this 83 17, then our lines are going to increase in Nope.

Album B a S Y.

I mean, I don’t have anything negative to say about this. It’s not going anywhere. We can’t trade it with options. It’s boring. We’ll

Move on.

Eco lab looks like it’s headed back down to disaster. I don’t know about you guys, but it looks like we’re going to 200 or two seven. And then if the momentum doesn’t switch, we’re headed to one 99. Buying puts on this. I, I would, I would it’s below everything. It does not look like it’s going higher. Rio kind of mad at Rio

Made great money on the way up here, gone and got destroyed over here just a little bit, not like really bad. I went further in the money just so I wouldn’t make bad decisions. So the it’s not going to make a lot of sense. The calls that I made there really aren’t worth anything either there June 18. I think I got them all right here. So, I mean, at that point in time, they made sense. Got them for 45 cents. There were 7 cents, the June 18 one tens. Now we did find we’re at support right here. Where if you were going to buy Rio at all, then it was much better to buy it here than it was here. Why? Because we are at support we’re at the 50. Right? So watch it be careful. We’re very close to the high we’re 10 points out.

Let’s look where we’re coming from. So from 73. So, I mean, we’re, we’re getting close, right? We are much closer to the high than the low. So just be attentive, pay attention. It’s had a massive run. It was beautiful. Then got destroyed, but it’s found resistance or support. So just watch for it to come back up or just be careful. Cause we might roll over to the yellow line or at least to 82 45 Scott’s miracle grow. Nope. Don’t like it. I’ve already seen it. We’re below everything. This is one, two, three, four, five. So two, this is last Friday and it didn’t look very good and it has gone straight down. So not a very pretty sight. I would look, I don’t even know. It looks terrible. I look at, watch out first support right here. Oh, they’re down here. All right. Let’s see. One, two, six, seven, eight. I was just counting because I just realized there was a couple of them. I didn’t go through for the last two weeks on different charts. So I just want to make sure that there was 10 of them. And thank you and see you later.



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