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All right with financials. We’ll start with CME. Now. Most all the financials are looking pretty good. This is the second time I’ve had to do this. You know, I went through all five of these sectors, made the videos, uploaded them to YouTube, was ready to do my secondary part with my writings and found out that nothing was recorded. So I have to do this again. So excuse me, if my enthusiasm is not at point or if I, I’m not as excited as maybe I was the first time when I did this, because I literally just looked at all these first thing in the morning yesterday. So I already know

Where all the socks are. So I apologize.

CMI looks good. We bounced off of a low right here. We did not even like here’s the two 11 was kind of the line in the sand. However, we didn’t even get to it. We’re when we dropped below a little bit right here, below right here. But that I I’ll see that as too much of a concern that more or less probably getting the last couple of people out right there before they decided to bring it higher. My only concern would be two 15, but as of this morning, see, this is where it’s kind of cheating. The market’s gapping up at least at one o’clock in the morning on Monday, if the market futures are up. So the market futures continuously stay up. Look for this to try and break out of the two to one. Okay. N T R S. Now majority of these banking stocks all look pretty good. However, on Thursday, Friday, we had some nastiness. Here we go. Here we go. One we’re six points out of the money with Northern trust. I’m not concerned at all. It looks like we’re headed to the 1658. However, depending on the market, we could, well, hold the support right here. If it holds the support at 1658, then start going wrong. Looking to take out the S the 1 23. Now, depending on how the market looks this morning and this upcoming week, it might not even get to the 1658. It might go past, or it might just start finding support right here,

Trying to take out the 1 24

As with always be very careful because it’s literally [inaudible], but the bar went the whole run, right? Do you see the hundred than the 1, 2, 7 extension than the 6 1 8 extension? It’s basically went the way up. However, you see what I’m saying? So it’s completed. It’s move. I don’t see this ruling over because the banking sector is so strong or financial sector is so strong, but just to remember, it has completed its move BX. This is very strong, very strong. we’re looking, headed to a hundred, just be careful like everything else is we might be late to the party just a little bit. So don’t just buy everything and put all your money going into one a hundred. However, if the market stays strong, then we’re headed to a hundred, but don’t forget. It can always roll over at about 92 to try to find some support.

Goldman Sachs. This is an ugly chart. However man, the other video is so much better. All right. So we have a potential of running about 8% on the financials. And let me show you what I’m talking about. So this quick run-up right here. This is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 days with a 10% gain, right? 35 points. So where the 10% gain and the more we looked at these stocks, you’re going to see what I’m talking about. So with a 10% gain, even with Northern trust, let’s go back to Northern trust and this little pop over here. Where was it?

I think it’s, I think it’s like this one six. Well, no, there you go. 8% in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. So basically a week in one day. So it all depends. You could choose other day then because it’s basically the same price. So we’re looking at like a 7% run, right? 7% from here. Okay. Brings us to the 1 26. Bricks is out. We’re not going to look at BX because BX is already at that place. Now what was this? 9%. 8%. So we could go up to here. This is a 10% gain, right? So a 10% gain in six days we had one. So what’s 10% from here.

Okay. Right here. Give or take around the four 14, almost the 4 28. So if banking can get going, watch for these prices to really spike. Cause again, here we go right here. So this was a 7% gain. 7% gain gets us basically to the 2 0 9 on T Rowe price. So what I’m saying with this, I’m not guaranteeing that the market’s about to shoot up or at least the financial is going to shoot up. Just everything is set up for it to have an 8%, eight to 10% gain. And that brings us right to almost exactly to resistance. I’m not saying it’s going to do it all in one day. I’m saying for the week we go BlackRock, same exact thing. How do I know? I already did these numbers yesterday percent gain right there. What does an 8% gain from right here? [inaudible]

Give or take right there. We’re looking at 9 58. That’s a huge move. Don’t forget. It’s only eat 80. So we’re looking at, that’s almost a, that’s what? Basically a 70, 80 point move right there. So, and that’s the 8%. It just doesn’t look. It doesn’t look very big right here, but it’s eight point, like basically the 9%. So what does that do that breaks us out to new high kisses is almost the one to seven. Talk to talk to Chuck. Let’s talk to Chuck. So what was it? It was over here. So we’re looking at 11% gain.

See what I’m saying. 11% gain. This brings us to resistance or basically completes the moves. As I say all I’m saying, I’m not saying it’s going to happen. All I’m saying is that coincidentally Eight and a half percent look where it eight and a half percent brings us right about like some decent numbers. Now I’m not saying it’s going to do that. Once again, here, we’re looking at bank of America. It’s been in a tight range basically since May 7th. So if it were to break out and hold the 41 91 or 95 and start finding momentum, right, then the momentum could push it past the 43 23, which I mean, it’s just a nice little break, which will break us up to the 45. Now on Thursday, we were really close. But what it, what the market really did was with banks did, is they flushed at the end of last week, which was good. But then Friday, they had a green day. So they flushed on Thursday to start bringing it back on Friday, which got everybody out. If you notice, like, okay, Blackstone didn’t get affected.

CME had not really at all. K K R you’ll see K K are starting to take off. And it didn’t get affected at off when I’m about to say, but it’s about to break out right here at the 56 73. So if it hits up the 56 73, look at what, look at this. This is a massive game. Once again, 8%, eight, 9%. We’ll go from the bottom eight, 9% from the bottom at the 54, it brings us up to the blue line. Right. But if we worked, I didn’t mean to have that line right there. But if we were to go 8% from, for this week at breaks us out decent, a nice, a nice, decent breakout from the high of 59 15. Does that make sense? So it breaks out of these lines. So either breaks us to a nice resistance point or breaks us out of an old high.

Now FAS is a little bit more dramatic. This is a three timer, right? But look at the move here. This is 18%, right? Which makes sense. Cause it’s three times. Well, not really. Cause it should be 27% if everything’s 9%, but three times, 6% is 18%. So it’s give or take we’re off a little bit. But if we were to go 18% from here, look where we are 1 39, literally almost to the point of where the 1, 2, 7 extension. So each one of these stocks at there at having a boom that has had before, if it has a decent week and we’re looking at, I mean, because financials can move. If they’re having a decent week, then we’re, we’re at basically what feed the ducks when they’re quacking on each one of these. So take up, take that into consideration and trade accordingly.



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