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Excuse me. We start with financials. Look, this is Goldman Sachs. I mean, this is one, two, three, four, five. Remember this upcoming week we have a shortened week. Today is Monday the 31st, which is a Memorial day. I hope you guys are having a great day having barbecues and things. So just remember it’s a short week. Let’s go back to last week. One, two, three, four, five. This was basically Monday. If you, this is just beautiful, Which Is Wednesday would have been the time to get in. Right? However, we’re we’re we are trading right on this nine, the nine, and look at the 20, the twenties almost above 62, which is ridiculous because this is, this is, this is last week, the week before we go all the way down to here. It’s it’s basically the above it’s way above the low of the week before. Right? So we are building a lot of momentum and I mean, mind you, this is all pending on the market, right? Cause a lock-in changed over night. This last few weeks have been pretty crazy, which I would almost say it’s accumulation period drastic moves on getting weekends out before the next major move up. That’s what I would, I kind of perceive. So with this upcoming week, I, unless there’s some news, it’s a four day week. A lot of people might not be there. The volume might be light unless there’s something huge that’s pending. That’s just come out of nowhere. I see. We’re going to be trying to test this three 95, which is 20 points. Seems like a lot, but if we break out into three 76 and we break out convincingly, then three 95 is right around the corner. Let’s look at price T Rowe price.

This one it’s, we’ve hit it once two, three, four, five. So I love this T Rowe price. I think it’s beautiful. I think as massive potential, however, I would like it to come above and then come back and find support at 91, as opposed to it being resistance. C M E group. This is what I like. I liked this Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. So look at our line, right? Two 15 is our line two 20 is resistance. We basically got knocked out of the resist at the two 20 Found came all

The way down below our line, but this is the key point. Look at this is Wednesday. It hammered basically. And it closed above the two 1592, which is extremely bullish in my book. And I would look for it to attempt again, just like what I said, Goldman Sachs and T Rowe price. Well with Goldman Sachs T Rowe price, this looks amazing. I would look that, you know, this upcoming week, we’re going to take out the two 20 and we’ll be looking to probably get resistance around the two 26. Now we could find resistance to the two 20 and come back down to two 15. I just don’t see it really coming because it’s coming up with a, quite a bit of momentum because you look at our bath. Our last trough was 11 points to eight to two 19. So if we say 11 points from here to 13 to 23 or 24 rather I don’t, I see us coming right. Or what is that right around here?

Black rock one, two, three, four, five. So yeah, we’ve done nothing this last week, which is amazing because it had every opportunity for it to break down in it. Wasn’t it? I mean, look at this. This is four straight days in the red, right? It says up 61 cents, but these are red days, four of them in a row. So they don’t get knocked up at night. They don’t constitute those green days, right? So we’ve had four straight red days and it’s done. It hasn’t even gone down, right? It is literally not gone below 81 or 87, 871 98. It broke above on Monday and it has stayed above and the nine is almost there. The 20 is almost there. I would say this one is poised to hit the nine 26 relatively fast. I liked that I would buy some out of the money calls on that Blackstone.

Just beautiful, just beautiful. The banks are just kicking butt and taking names. Aren’t they, if this stays above the 92 53, I’ve absolutely no fear. We wanted to stay above with the target of 142 F a S F a S be careful with it because it is a very highly manipulated cause it’s three times, right? It’s three X, the daily movements. So on a day, this is Tuesday, Wednesday massive wound from 21, 22 down to 14. So eight point move. And then the very next day we pop right back up to eight points back. So just be very careful with this timing and positioning is key, or you’re going to be holding the bag for a little bit. I do see this breaking out of the one 25. If we have a decent week, this upcoming week, we break out of the one 25 heads to the one 39. I want it to hold up, hold the one 27 oh seven. What you see over here? If we can break out, come back down. Then I would like to load back up for the push to one 39. Let’s talk to talk to Chuck Charles swab.

Well, this, we were in a squeeze. We were losing momentum of the squeeze, but yet we are building it back. And this is, I mean, this is a yearly all yup. Yearly all time high. We were knocking on the door of the 100% extension. Yeah, it it’s looking beautiful. We are tight. Our lines are right there. It’s the, these are small EDBD breakouts. They’re just like tight breakouts. We’re riding this line. Look at our, our 50 period. Moving average is slowly but surely creeping up higher. Yeah, I see a little bit of resistance at the 74 64, just because, but after I don’t see a deep resistance, I don’t see a dropping below the 70 mark. K K R. I want to throw this stop. I really want it to throw this stock. I I’m frustrated with it.

However, the Mo the downward pressure of this stock is succeeding severe subsided, and we were starting to roll back towards the upper echelon. So I would say it tied one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13. So almost two weeks or three weeks of being in the same exact position. So I would say it’s held this position pretty strong. It does not want to drop and to getting in getting a little bit of positions, getting a little exposure. This would, I would say this would be the place to do it. Just because it’s been holding, if it wanted to drop, they had ample opportunities to drop it. They just happened. Bank of America, look at that. We are high and tight. We’re above line. We’re holding it. Let’s see what they did. Look at this. We broke out, got rejected, came all the way down. And what is this? The 20, I like how it broke below the 41 95. So it took out all the stops, right. But then it came right back above it and it closed above it. Even on a negative day. It’s above it. Yeah, again, this is pretty much synonymous with all the banks. It looks pretty lovely. Just be careful on your positioning and that’s it. And T R S Hey, beautiful.

I would say be careful, this, this likes to have a negative, big days as in look at this one 21 to one 15. So six days or six points in three days is pretty common. Cause look at com like we did it again right here. We did six points, three days here, six points, three days here, six points, three days here, give or take mind you. And then six points, three days here. And then these seven or four days we have our range is 18 to 23, which is basically five points. So just be careful, get, get in position, get a position that you enjoy, watch yourself. Cause it has the capability of flushing down to the 20 with the quickness as it did here. Right. But the 20 is above or one 16 levels. So it’s quite bullish. Watch the one 24 and then watch the pullback probably to about one 20 where I would prefer to rather get back in on the, after the touch of the one 24 36, come back down and find support. And there we go, have a wonderful Memorial day.



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