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Kkr & Co Inc:

Was Founded By Henry Kravis And George Roberts In 1976, In 1982 They Received Their First Pension Money From Oregon, Washington State, And Michigan. And As Early As 1984 They Raised Their First Billion-Dollar Institutional Fund. In 1998 They Expanded Their Operations Into Europe With Opening Their First Office In London. In 2000 They Created Capstone. In 2004 They Launched Their Credit Department. In 2006 Kkr Launched Their Capital Markets. In 2007 They Expanded Their Footprint To Hong Kong And Tokyo. They Were Finally Listed On The New York Stock Exchange In 2010

 Kkr Capstone 

A Team Of More Than 75 Full-Time Operating Professionals Dedicated To Supporting Deals In Portfolio Companies It’s One Of The Largest And Most Experienced Operational Forms Within The Alternative Investment Community With Offices In America, Asia, And Europe)

Kkr Credit:

You Can You Break Their Credit Department Into Two Sections Leverage Credit And Alternative Credit. 

Alternative Credit

 Direct Lending – Proprietarily Sourced Senior Debt Financing. 

Private Opportunistic Credit – Directly Source Mezzanine Financing In Principle Finance Investment. Special Situations – Distressed Event-Driven And Bespoke Structured Investments.

Leveraged Credit

 Revolving Credit – Acquisition At An Upfront Discount Of The Revolving 

Credit Facilities Of Borrowers

 Opportunistic Credit – Dynamic Allocations To Bank Loans High-Yield, Mezzanine And Distressed Debt 

High Yield – High Yield Bonds Based On Fundamental Credit Analysis

Bank Loans Plus High Yield – Bank Loans In High-Yield Based On Fundamental Credit Analysis With A Significant Focus On Principal Protection.

 Bank Loans – Bank Loans Based On Fundamental Credit Analysis With A Significant Focus On Principal Protection 

Capital Markets:

They Provide Traditional And Non-Traditional Capital Solutions For Investments And Companies Seeking Financing. They Focus On The Most Active Mutual Funds Pension Fund Sovereign Wealth Funds And Hedge Funds Globally As Of September 30Th 2020 Has A Platform Of Over 60 Investment Professionals Globality Across Debt And Equity Financing.