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Banking Sector Review April 17

Sector, we’re going to go through, let’s go through the banking sector. Our first one is Goldman Sachs. As we see this was the earnings is, or earnings was before the bell. It popped all the way up to 44. And then towards the end of the day, this is Wednesday. It got destroyed with the rest of the market, but it got destroyed almost a third. Oh, to the 33 33, which is the 50% of the move that we’re looking for. Right? The completion of the move is three 95. So we’re basically at the three, the three eight two extension held ourselves regained the 50, right? Like basically hovered around and waited for the 50 to come to us, opposed to coming all the way down to the 50 or down to the hundred. We just kind of wait until the a hundred came, moved up and the 50 kind of moved up with the stock.

Then Friday, we had a nice little pop up, which this upcoming week I’m looking for us to test the three 62 right here. When it comes to options, I would kind of look for this one, cause we might get stopped out or like kind of slowed down at the 47, just cause we, we had some resistance there before and I, 56 is I think this is, would be the all-time high. So it might need a little bit of momentum to pass, to get past the three, five, six. However, if there’s a lot of buying, which there was on this day, the breakout could be like substantial and could break us through the six two to the six, eight relatively fast. It kind of depends on what’s going on with the market. So Goldman Sachs is something I’m, we’ll be looking, looking for this upcoming week


Oh, there we go. They are four 28. So about 10 days from 11 days from now, they will be reporting. They’ve been, if you see, they’ve been in a squeeze since April six, really they’ve been in, they’ve been hovering around this two Oh six line for what almost really since over here. Cause these are days all the way back to a first came out there and February 25th. And then since February 25th, we’ve been basically, you know, version two the mean is the two Oh six this, the squeezes building momentum to go higher.

If, as long as the earnings come out decent, I see that we could hit the 50% of our retracements, which would almost be to the two 16, the all-time high or at least the few year high. And yeah, this is something I’d be, I’m more interested in looking on this. Let me take notes. Looking for bull, but earnings are coming up G S which is Goldman Sachs looking. That’s all, that’s also bullish, but I don’t remember the price bull looking for the breakout. Really. If we can break out of two 10, then we’re looking to two 15, break out two, one zero. All right. Let’s move on FAS. This one’s difficult just because it’s three it’s three times, right? It’s three X. So this can move fast, like really fast. If you see, like it went from 100 to 80 in one, two, three, four days, right in less than a week, it basically dropped 20 points.

And now it’s back up here, but it had this. You have to remember it has the potential to break and break hard like this next week. If finances are, or the financials are looking beautiful, this has the potential to go to one 25, right? Because look one, two, three, four, five, basically five days when 20 points. Oh, in five days it could pop up to one 25. Do I think it’s going to go all the way there? I’m not quite sure, but if it’s hit this one to seven extension to the T and got stopped out below it, let’s draw a little bit. Let’s let’s do another line. Let’s do this. The extension from way down here to the high, to this low right here, it gives us a little bit more accurate numbers because the reason I did that is one 25. Is, is it possible? Yes. Is it possible? Not quite as much. So I wanted to find some more new there’s some just, just some new numbers. We’re looking more or less at the 50 at one Oh four 95. That’s a decent, decent price for at least a little bit of a rejection. Right? Some resistance to finances import back at the one-on-one then probably a two to the one 10. So I would like that if we can get past this one Oh four, hold it. And then looking for the one Oh one 10 to the one 17

T Rowe price. I mean, if you just look at this, we have earnings coming up, which is on the 29th, but this is, this is just beautiful. I mean, look at this. This has been writing the 50 perfectly and it’s, I mean, it’s basically on, I think this is the 20 it’s in the 20 even better. We bounce perfectly looking for a breakout of 82. That’s that’s nice right there. I like this one

T Rowe’s T row 82.

Not much. I can say. I mean, if you guys see it, it’s holding the 20, this is super strong. It’s tight, but it’s our last run brought us 10 points. So this would bring us basically 10 points from here. We’re looking at 85, a little quick breakout. Let’s look at our other breakout, 82, 78. So we’re looking at about five points. So we break out at 83. We’re looking, you know, maybe about the 90, 85 90. Let’s confirm that if other trades what I mean by confirm it to see if other traders are looking at the same thing. Just because our numbers are so tight. Yeah. Look at the weekly. That’s ridiculously nice.

We’ll run it from all of last year, basically. Yeah. You see how it’s it’s. I mean, first you see what line I did from the last year’s low to the high of October before it had a nasty dip down to the 50. And then since then it’s, it’s playing out more. This is playing this series of Fibonacci perfectly. Right? So hold the seventies. We’re at 77 82. So we’re a little bit above this line. We’re holding the 76 looking for the 100, which is one 91. So give or take right around where I said about five point breakout of the 83, that was about 88, 89 there, the projected is basically 91 from those numbers. So that’s,

That’s not bad at all. Write down pro Jack did 91, one 91. I liked this one, circle it. All right.

This is bank of America over the weeks, man, over 30, this is a new, this is we’d have to go almost before 2008, really for numbers. But above this, let’s get back to the days. Okay. They already reported. So we don’t have to worry about that. It looks like they, they blew on earnings or they, you know, like they, they blew out earnings. 62 was 65 was the estimate. The actual is 86. So that’s not bad at all. Then, you know, Friday, Thursday and Friday, the market was kind of just kind of weird, but it looks like it’s, it’s shaping up to take out, take out this 40 high 39, 15. I don’t really see too much, like on there, let’s run this real quick.

See it’s basically holding this line. That’s this is where it was. That’s the resistance. That’s what the traders are trading. So 40 70 is the next resistance up to 41 91. I like it, but I like T Rowe price, better KKR. Oh man. This is just, as you see from the last time we re drew this, this is full steam ahead.

Yeah, Man, two out. I didn’t see this. I didn’t get in on at the beginning of the month that this is full steam ahead. I mean, it’s not moving a whole bunch. It’s only moved like $4, however, like next target 55 and then it might have a little resistance, but real the real target on this one’s 58 and that’s KKR,


Another beautiful, beautiful Chart.

I mean, it’s literally out of ties the day report for 22. So what’s that’s next week. Today’s the 17th. So what Friday? Maybe something like that. Yeah, as long as they don’t like blip on their earnings, I see full steam ahead on this one as well. This is Blackstone. Let’s Chuck tuck to shut this. Okay. So this is the only one that doesn’t look a hundred percent promising, however, okay. Yeah, they, they, so they, they wolfed earnings estimate 81. They came in at 73. So this is, that’s probably why, but there are at highs. Look for their they’re about to hit the 50. So look for maybe adding in at the 50, see what happens on the 50. They hold this 50, then it’s a great opportunity. But if not look for it to kind of crash down to the hunted

Northern trust,

Not much you can say on that, it got rejected where it was supposed to get rejected. I mean, it literally bounced it. It was one 10 55 was target. It hit one, 10 40, kind of hard to argue that with earnings up this upcoming week Tuesday, Wednesday, something, but it hit the 20. If the earnings Wolfe, I would see it come down to maybe the 50 and then take off. But I don’t really see that. I see a one 16 coming in and a little bit is more realistic, right? If it can break the one 10, like this one right here, the a hundred percent, the one, 10 55 and hold it then one 16 all the way. Cause it’s already hit it. Got came up, got rejected. Came back, got rejected, got rejected hard. So it’s already taken out. Everybody’s from basically here. It’s founded support. Now let’s go last, but definitely lock leaf BlackRock.

Beautiful, Broke out and out of the seven 87 89. If anything, I see this one. Just give it a minute. Right? It came out. What was the earnings came out? What did they say? Actual estimate? Seven 63 actual seven 77. So it broke it it beat, but not, not a really enormous B if anything, just cause it’s gone sky rocket since March 25th. I’d say give it a little time to let the, the lines kind of catch up just because the March is still is right around the same price of the hundred. So I could see it kind of stalling out this upcoming week, you know, not any drastic moves just for the lines to catch up and then go from there. All right. So our biggest one that I see that I like right after this upcoming week is T Rowe price right here. I like that to beat out the one 83 Northern trust is another one. Let’s

Nope, not the right one. Hold on. Here we go.

Let’s see. Okay. So they’re only monthly. They just, their last monthly options expired. So we got 34 days. I kinda liked that what’s target here. We are 85 with the target of 91. So we could get the 85, our targets 91. Remember we could get, so there’s $6 is target profit. So there’s $6 in between 85 and 91. And we’re paying basically three. So, you know, that’s, I mean, you could get it for cheaper hopefully, but if we spend to make six, I still like that. Yeah, let’s keep this one as a thought. We’ll look at Northern trust. If we can get something a little bit better, one 80 fives may. But at about a $3, let’s go to Northern trust real quick, Northern what’s target on Northern the one 16 is target one 15. It’s the one tens. So when, when are, what are these?

The same ones? One 15. So yeah, we’re basically trying to get the same amount of movement and we’re paying about the same T Rowe price looks like it might just be a little bit cheaper, but with this one, I would, I go out and if I could get the one fifteens for 90 cents, I get it. If I can get them anywhere like a dollar and last I’d get it just because if Northern trust were to have a blow out day from now until then, then your what is it? Your gamma is going to, you’re going to have a gamma explosion. So I’ll try that just cause I like the T Rowe price is better. So I’m, I’ll, I’ll say some of these one 15, one 15 may NTRs N T R a S.

All right.

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