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Okay for utilities. Our first stock is a Nova, which I’m just disgusted with this dock, which is my own fault. I truly believe in their technology, what they’re doing. I see a huge potential in the future. However it looks absolutely horrendous and it doesn’t see like it’s going to subside anytime soon. Yeah, I mean, if it was a beautiful short from 40 to basically 20, so it’s a 50% haircut basically from the very high of it. It’s an over 50% haircut and it looks like it could just roll over even further. It doesn’t look like this is any where close to being over and done with. So it looks like a next target may be 2375.

We got a Barrack and water. Look at the momentum. The momentum is pushing this stock hopefully to break out at the one 62 I would’ve loved to see that it closed above. Hold on a second. Let me look at this. Where is this? This is one 56 36. Oh, did it closed above the line that we, we drew yesterday? It just doesn’t look like it. Because we closed at 43. This is, well, I don’t know it’s right at it. I mean, it’s literally right at it. It’s too close for me to be able to see. No, I’m just curious. Yup. There it goes. So we closed above it. Not by very much by three set. No, no, but like you have like 3 cents, but we closed above it, which is, I mean, we look 12 or 22 minutes before we were below it. So it barely closed above our resistance or resistance now turned into support, which is a beautiful thing, which means that next target would be the one 60. And I think that we could probably get there this week cause the squeeze. So I think we might blow like this squeeze my fire off and we were headed to one 60. No problem.

We’re republic services. I see. I mean, look the moment. I don’t see anything wrong with this stock. Parabolic moves. I mean, look from March, this has just gone straight up, straight up. So, and then it’s just in more or less consolidation period. The 50 has jumped higher than 100 closer and it looks like at what our main momentum has shifted as well. It looks like within the next week. So we should get the pop and at least test the one 11, if not the one 13, which is right here, Brookfield, renewable partners had a great run-up here, but yeah, it looks like we’re going to the 37. If it can hold this 37 for at least maybe a week, right. Then I’d want to get into it. But right here, if it comes crashing into this 37, I don’t trust it. I don’t trust it at all. We have a lot of single prints right here, most likely up into right here. So we could just fill those, those prints all the way down to here. And then I would want to see kind of like that a U shaped instead of a V shape.

I had a Corp. Well, our utilities just don’t look very good. The only other utility it looks good is Republic services. However, this, we might, this might have a little bit of promise just because of how it closed on Friday. So you see, this is, this is what I want to see with BEP, how it came with Brookfield, how it came down, it kind of rounded the bottom and now it’s starting to head back up. That’s what I want to see. Cause it’s, I mean, we hit the 50 or we, we blew past the 50. We hit the a hundred we’re on our way back up and it closed above the 98, 48 or 49. So far I would say this one Republic services looks to the best A E S

No, no. Yeah. We closed above and our momentum shifting. I actually like, if this would, if you were to get in at any given time, this would be the time. This would be the time for at least a test of a 26. I’m not saying do it. I’m just saying if this would be the time to do it, or if you were going to do it, this would be the time. And hopefully with a break above the hundred and then at least touching the 50, but be careful. Now we have duke Energy. Yeah, Man, not happy with you, duke. I’m not happy at all. What’s going on, man. Get back up to these levels. One oh five. So I got in right here or no, I think I got in my right here and it popped up the very next day. I did not take profits. And then I don’t know what happened on this day. I didn’t take profits. And so I’m quite frustrated. I want this to at least hit a one oh six so I can salvage and profit. But our momentum looks terrible. It’s shifting down, but if this can get up break, at least the one oh three, then this momentum is going to shift extremely fast. And I would say, we’re looking for a breakout of one oh six. It’s just taking a minute for it to get there. Middlesex, watch her looking good, looking real good. See, this is kind of what I figured. So we had a beautiful pop, right? This was the 25th. And you know, we, I mean, we it’s taken a minute to get higher, but look, all it’s done is wait for the nine to catch up to it. And the, and the the 20, so now that’s popped on the nine. I can see that it could continue its grind higher two 87 91,

DTE energy Just fired short on the squeeze. I’m not convinced this is a short cause. Look, it’s hard. One, two, three, four, five days, right? Of just basic, literally going anywhere. And yeah, we had a red day on Friday, which means, you know, inspired to squeeze, but not a convincing cause that, I mean, that is not, I can, it looks large, but it’s not a convincing red day. It does not look like they’re ready to, to get throw in the white towel. Cause we’re more, we’re close to, we’re pretty close to the one 45. And we’re re like, look, we’re at bounce last time, bounce. Last time on the 50, it hit the 50 it bounce and come back a little bit, but it didn’t touch yet. So I mean, Monday we’ll have to see, but I don’t see it going down to one 35.

I see the higher probability probably going to one 41. Now I could be completely wrong, but that’s, that’s kind of what I’m saying. Cause it’s also, it’s it’s has it’s it’s in converts. It’s like right in the middle hit the 50, but then also hit the nine on the downside. So that’s difficult for me to really say I kind of stay away from that. But if you were if you can tolerate more risk than I can, I would actually go long run NRG. Oh wow. Look at that. So in, so Thursday, it, if you remember last week out, this was just a dead duck. This was terrible. But in one day, I mean, it’s not that big of numbers. It’s like a dollar and 50 cents, but we, we re the bulls retook or took back over, right. They shorted it all the way down.

And then this is Monday, Tuesday or Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday come Tuesday. They bounced it down a little bit. And then Wednesday, Thursday and or Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Thursday, Friday, not bad. So energy, energy, it might be looking like it wants to start heading and going to the high side testing at 44, which makes sense because oil is extremely high. So this is one I’ll keep my eye on. Maybe by some, some out, some outdated or some further dated out of the money options at maybe like 38. Cause it’s not going to cost you very much, but if this starts really getting going, don’t forget. We still have a longterm gap back here at the 42, which is really not that long. It was just in March. So I mean it’s two months ago we were trading at $41. So it’s not like it’s, it’s a crazy for you to say that it could be close to the $41 sooner than later. All right. Have a great one.



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