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We have energy If we look at oil, if you’ve heard me talk since the beginning of this 66 77 is the main target. It is Monday, the market is closed. However futures were open and the Monday settle is 66 91 with being up 59 cents. As you can see Right here.

So let’s zoom in just a little bit. I think this, what was it? One, two, three, no, this might be Saturday. Nope. Nope. One, two, three, four, five, one, two, three, four, five. Yeah. So two weeks ago, do you remember? I was talking about, watch out, came down and we are right back at the level, which has haunted oil for years. I’m not going to go in a long depth and reshow the chart. Cause you can go back to the last four weeks and you can see the chart. Cause we’ve been talking about it extensively that this is the line in the sand for oil.

I want to start accumulating small

Right now because I don’t trust it. I don’t trust it yet. When it comes up, brakes are 67 98 and then comes down back to 66, 78 and holds it. That’s what I want to see, but be careful because this, I mean now, excuse me. It could just skyrocket from here. Like goodbye. Sianora see you later up to 73 before it does anything before he even thinks of coming down. So just be careful, you might miss it. Just think about it. It’s gone five points from here. This is a lot of people are going to short this or been short here, shorted here, shorted. Here’s where to here, shorted here for to here. You get the point. So with this right here, it could squeeze, it could squeeze up to 70 S like really 73 easy. So just be careful Chev run, which is, this is all extremely frustrating is at the best highs it’s had. But this looks more like how the markets are like how basic materials we’re looking. One, two, three, four, five, one two, three, four, five. So two weeks ago we were Monday. We were at one 10 and we have basically been destroyed seven points. Oil’s looking amazing, but Chevron is not. We are below the 50, which I wait till it gets above the 50, at least at least M M P. This is just, I love this play. I love them. They pay great dividends.

The higher oil goes the better for them. The more like it’s a partnership. I think if I’m correct, there it’s all pipelines. So it’s mostly all working interest capital. So as long as the oil goes up, this company is for sure to profit. Well, I love it. Get some more, get some more we’re going 52 Sunoco is another one. I really like, just because of their distribution channel there and this, they don’t look too great. You know, one, two, three, four, basically we were on our way to break out and reached new highs right on Monday. And then we had four straight days of disgustingness. So am I concerned about this?

No, not at all.

Oil is about to break oil. Looks amazing. All of these stocks right here, they are finally going to do something after a hundred years. It feels like obviously not a hundred years, but you know what I mean? A Good little break

Closer to the 50. If you pay attention to what it really did, the 50 was down at 33,

And this is Sunoco. Then it, Ray came all the way. The stock rose all the way to 36 and now the 50, as it broken above May 11th low. Right. Does that make sense above the 34 oh nine? Where if you really think Sunoco’s gone almost nowhere since that point. However, because if you think, look, Sunoco closed basically at the high of right here. You see what I’m saying? So all it did was bring the moving averages, higher kinder Morgan. This needs a break. I’m not gonna say that. I’m not one to be like, man, take a break. However, this has been massive moves. It’s doing amazing. And I really don’t see that it’s going to stop anytime soon. It looks okay, look at it. This is, this is, this is how I said, how I feel. It’s very powerful. Came all the way down, touched our twins Almost, and then Really closed below our a hundred percent moving average, like 1832 for not Fibonacci close we’ll load on Thursday, Friday, dips below a little bit more. And then zooms back up a button closes above it. Not by much but closes above it. I believe that’s a very strong stock and looking for 1955, total quite frustrated

With you make a move, man, make a move. And when I say, make a move, make a move up.

Last week was a nasty week four total. We were at 58 or 48 down to 46. So not a very good move. However, we were above the 50, which is good to see, which is this right here. 50 has climbed or it’s climbing a little bit. We closed the book. We touched it, look below for a hot second and then closed above it. I’m looking to see if we can get a little bit momentum going higher with total, just not from total itself, but from the oil market included. So now let’s go to BP, which is, these are just ridiculous, how they’re having bad days in oil. Is that doing amazing? We hit it where I pretty much was probably guessing it’s 27 oh six is exactly where I was talking to be careful. And it got rejected. I would want to see this 50, get above a 25 79 kind of looks like that’s what they’re trying to do. Cause if you look at this or I just look the first entrance, like really above entrance, this was way down to 24. Then the second time it dropped below 25, then now if we can get it, we’re at 25, 63 closer and closer to above

The level E kind of like this we’re, we’re holding the 50 pretty strong.

The only I gonna to stay as far away from this as possible for this one reason, we are in a range, it’s a tight range. And I don’t even want to guess which way it’s going to go because we have a lot of resistance right there. We’re at support, but the support and resistance are basically about the converge. So it’s, who’s going to win the bears with the bulls Exxon mobile man. And two years, this is going to be like 120 and room be thinking like, wow, she just bought it regardless. As long as oil stays up, right, we basically been two weeks

Hovering this 50 while waiting For the last little go round. We hit the 50 bounced This week, this For the last two weeks, we’ve been hovering this 50, letting them move in averages, come up. I think everyone was just watching oil honestly. And basic materials is almost the same thing. It looked the same Royal Dutch shell. Yeah, I know goodbye. I don’t like it again. I don’t understand why we’re looking so horrible. However yeah, I don’t like it. It looks horrible. V L O I like it looking for 84 39 had some decent Snus. This is a whole little wool walk that we’re talking about. This kind of looks like a can’t remember now Sherwin Williams, maybe where it just pops before everybody else and then kinda got rejected on Friday. I don’t see that. It’s going to be, anything’s going to hold this back. I see. We’re gonna, we’re going to break and head for the 84 39. All right. Have a great Memorial day weekend.



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