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Magellan Midstream Partners:

This Is A Publicly Traded Partnership That Primarily Transports Stores And Distributes Refined Petroleum Products Based In Oklahoma. In 2004 They Made A Huge Purchase From Shell Which Included Three Thousand Miles Of Refined Product Pipelines As Long As Terminals And Storage Capacity. Today Magellan Has 9800 Miles Of Refined Products Pipeline System With Over 54 Connected Terminals And 25 Independent Terminals Not Connected To The Pipelines They Also Have To Marine Storage Terminals .

The Company Also Has Over 2,200 Miles Of Crude Oil Pipelines And Storage Facilities With A Capacity Of 37 Million Barrels Of Which 25 Million Are Already Under Contract. The Partnership Owns The Longest Refined Petroleum Products Pipeline System In The Country With Access To Over 50% Of The United States Refining Capacity With Having Such Access And Importance In The Gasoline Fuel And Crude Oil Business They’ve Been Able To Pay A Healthy Consistent Dividend Which Has Increased 683% Since Their Ipo