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Chevron’s Expertise Is In A Range Of Different Products And Services. They Are In Exploration And Production, Refining, Transportation, Chemicals And Additives Chevron Lubricants, Products And Services, And Supply & Trading.

Exploration And Production:

There Is Heavy Oil, Deep-Water, Liquefied Natural Gas, Regular Oil, Natural Gas, Shell/Tight Resources. They’re Up Stream Operations Span The Globe They Have Operations In Africa, Asia-Pacific, Eurasia, Europe, Latin America, The Middle East, And North America. 


Seven Of Chevron’s Refineries Make Up More Than 95% Of The Total Crude Refining Capacity; The Five Core Refineries Are In Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Richmond And El Segundo California. They Sell Their Refined Products Under The Names Chevron, Texaco, And Caltex Brands They Also Recently Completed Major Upgrades In Several Of Their Refinery Implementing A Loss Prevention System At All The Facilities. 


This Department Of Chevron They Have Two Different Companies They Have Chevron Pipeline Company And Chevron Shipping Company Chevron Pipeline Company Transports The Natural Gas, The Liquefied Natural Gas, Carbon Dioxide, Petrochemicals, Crude Oil And Chevron Shipping Company Manages A Fleet Of Vessels To Ship The Crude A Staggering And Commendable Feet. Chevron Fleet Travels Approximately 55 Trips Around The World Each Year Around 1.4 Million Miles.

Chemicals And Additives:

Chevron Chemical And Additives Company Is A 50/50 Joint Venture With Phillips Chemical Company Their Products Are Used To Make Food Packaging, Cleaner Fuels, Biodegradable Solvents, Lubricant Additives. They’re Headquartered In The Woodlands Texas And They Employ Over 5,000 Employees Across 30 Different Regions And Countries. 

Chevron Lubricants:

Chevron Lubricants Has Over 30 Years Of Experience Manufacturing Premium Oils. They Create Lubricants For Commercial Transportation, Passenger Vehicles, Industrial And Off-Road Equipment, And Marine Lubricants

Products And Services:

Their Brands Are Chevron Which Is Committed To Advance Innovation And High-Quality Care For Your Car Texaco With Over A Century Of Delivering High-Performance Fuel And Caltex All Around The World Customers Can Meet Their Needs Without Compromise

Supply & Trading:

Chevron Supply & Trading Is The Critical Link Between Upstream, Downstream, And Chemical Companies. They Provide The Much-Needed Support For Crude And Natural Gas Production. They Buy, Sell, And Transport All Major Grades Of Crude Oil By Doing This It Secures The Best Prices For Chevron Upstream Production. The Product And Supply Trading Manages Global Supply And Logistics For Feedstocks Fuels Refined Products And All Other The Marketed Products