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Exxon Mobil:

They Are One Of The Largest Publicly Traded Energy Providers And Chemical Manufacturers. Worldwide Exxonmobil Markets Fuels And Lubricants Under These Iconic Brands; Esso, Exxon, Mobil, And Exxonmobil Chemical.


Esso Was Originally The Standard Oil Of New Jersey Following The Standard Oil Breakup In 1972 In The United States The Name Was Largely Replaced By Exxon However Around The World Esso Is Still A Prominent Name. During The Racial Segregation Years In The United States The Esso Franchises Gave Out The Negro Motorist Green Book An International Travel Guide For Negroes During The Time Of Segregation Outlining Safe Routes For Them To Take. 


In 1999 Exxon And Mobil Joined Together To Bring Exxonmobil It Is The Same Company However Mobile Is The Primary Retail Gasoline Brand In California, New York, New England, The Great Lakes And The Midwest You Will Also See Mobile Gasoline Stations In Australia, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, Guam, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand And Nigeria. 


Exxon The Flagship Brand Creates Synthetic Blend Of Oil And Gasoline To Increase Fuel Efficiency So You Can Go More Miles For Every Tank, Protect Your Engine, Burn Cleaner And Reduce Emissions And Enhance Power Coming From An Improved Engine Performance.

 Exxonmobil Chemical:

Exxonmobil Chemical Is One Of The Largest Chemical Companies In The World More Than 90% Of The Company’s Chemical Capacity Is Integrated With Exxonmobil Refineries Or Natural Gas Processing Plants They Also Have Manufacturing Capacity In Every Major Region Of The World.