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Eni Spa:

Is Global Energy Company With The Goal To Become A Leader In The Production And Sale Of Decarbonized Products. With Partnerships In Italy And Around The World Allows Eni Spa To Develop Solar Wind And Wave Power. Eni Spa Believes By 2050 Gas Will Account For 85% Of Upstream Production .

Eni Spa Sees Hydrogen As The Next Worldwide Solution For Meeting Climate Challenges Their Belief Comes From The Qualities Of Energy Hydrogen Creates Without Creating Co2 Emissions During Combustion. Hydrogen Is Also The Simplest And Most Abundant Element On Earth Ninety-Eight Percent Of Hydrogen Today Comes From Fossil Fuels They Are The Largest Producer And Consumer Of Hydrogen In Italy Today Hydrogen Is Usually Used For Feedstock As Well As Biorefineries In Venice And Gala For The Production Of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil Biofuels 

An Italy-Based Company Operating In Exploration, Development And Production Of Hydrocarbons, In The Supply And Marketing Of Gas, Liquefied Natural Gas (Lng) And Power.

They Look To Be Transitioning To Alternative Solar Energy

 Its Gas & Power Segment Engages In Supply, Trading And Marketing Of Gas, Lng And Electricity, International Gas Transport Activities And Commodity Trading And Derivatives. So Be Careful Their Dividend Could Fluctuate . This Is A Long Term Play On Alternative Energy And Lng.