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Basic materials. We have Ecolab Ecolab looks like we’re finally doing what we’re supposed to be doing, right? So this is, this was last Friday, Monday, Tuesday, or Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. This is well kind of, we still have the, the yellow line, which is in our way. So we, we got destroyed. Now. We found resistance at this are our shortest line, which is the nine. So I do like this, right. Don’t get me wrong. I do like it, but it also could very easily turn over and go down. I like it because it didn’t make a new look. Right. We had one, two, three, four, five days to make a new low and it didn’t right. It, it stayed pretty high and tight right here. And then the last day we had a nice, nice pop up. So that would be my reasoning behind liking eco lab. Let’s check it out a week.

So again, we’re in this weekly squeeze, we lost momentum. However, that does not really look like we’re losing momentum in a negative way. It kind of looks like we’re gaining it back. Right. And if you look at the weekly, the 50 weeks, we’re right there. We’re pretty, I mean, we’re 15 points away or five points away, but that’s pretty close. So we’re 15 points away from the high five points away from the 50. So you do the math eco lab looks pretty good. We’ve been in the squeeze for quite some time. We started on the squeeze negative. This is the weekly squeeze too. So this would last for eight to 10 weeks. We started negative. And then since then we’ve just had momentum, momentum, momentum. So that’s what I see with eco lab. Let’s go back to the day.

The weekly chart looks way better that we could be popping out and trying to break the two 31 going to the two 48. Just be careful as we previously discussed, it could, it’s looking at on the daily chart, it’s that resistance at the weekly chart, it looks like it’s almost that simple. Okay. Rio Tinto. This is a all over the place, man. I don’t even know what to say. It would have been beautiful if you would have been able to catch it right here. Right. But then just look at the gaps. It’s just ridiculous gapping. So, I mean, it would have been just dumb luck if you would have caught this, because look, this is, so this is Friday. It gaps from Friday from 87 to 91. Then by Thursday, it’s all the way back down to 87. Now we’re going to 89. So where it’s kinda like all over the place.

So I don’t, I mean, it’s just, it, I almost kind of want to say, this is the time to get in for the breakout of the 91 to the 95 and finally break to the 96 nineties. Cause it’s had one nasty one nasty pool back, but just be careful. Sherwin Williams, the paint momentum is going down. As you see with the schools, let me back that up those too much. However, we, it looks like we double bottomed. Yeah. Look at this. It’s almost right. Do you see it? You have to look very carefully. It almost reached the low, but it didn’t. And then where did it close a bit closed? Yeah, it closed liquid closed. It closed above this 82 69 at 83 20. To me that, that shows that the buyers are back in back interested in this stock because Thursday it had a nice little five point gain. Not huge. I would look for this one within the next couple of weeks to try to test it’s high of 93. So 10 points. Okay.

IP international paper. It’s looking beautiful on all cylinders on a why we’re still in the squeeze. Just be careful. We have to hold this 64 60 57, excuse me. 64 57. I was looking at the 65 to, we have to, if we hold that, then I would say up, up in a way look to the 68 22. Just be very careful because it could, it has to hold the 64 57 in order for it to go higher or it could just drop off. So just be careful. That’s what I’m saying. Just be careful. It looks perfect. That held above, but it also hit a high so that we don’t know how much resistance is there, DuPont.

Yeah. I mean, it’s riding, look, we hit perfectly and we’re riding the nine perfectly, basically about to break out. Well, we touched it on Friday, this little breakout right here, which was May 18th. If we can break that, let’s see where we are. Let’s draw it. Okay. So look, we doubled, we’ve doubled topped, right? You’re almost basically triple topped at the 87 27. This is the 85 57. If it breaks, I see that it breaks the 87 pretty convincingly just cause it’s had so much energy right here has been here for a minute. With that being said the 92, all the way to the 99 over a course of some time, obviously, because look how long it takes it to me, B a S F I mean, it looks like it’s going to pop, but again, this one doesn’t have options or anything. So it’s just a, more of a whole, the entire stock and just let it ride.

Yeah, I see. We’re going to hit, it looks perfect. They hit, the hundred is holding the 50. It’s holding everything. It looks like we’re going to pop up at least at least try to test the highs of 2177 of miracle grow. Yeah, this is ugly. So we had shorted one, two, three, four. We had shorted right here. Right. If you remember last week, I was like, I’m kind of nervous about that. We had shorted right there. It would have been great. Would have gotten 19 points so well in altogether, went down what? 23 points. So I was beautiful short, which is we weren’t paying attention to it right here would be a place that I would, I mean, on Friday you would have had to get it right. And it’s those just a short, short play. Look at this. This is just cause it’s a huge liquidation break. Not just as a liquidation break, but just the way that it kind of handled itself. If Monday we go up, we hit this two oh nine. We come back down, but we do not break this 97 47. Then I would say it’s a buy Dow chemicals.

It looks like it wants to break the 71 38. I don’t know what you guys are, what you guys look at this, but it’s holding the nine and the 20 really tight. I mean, we’ve had consolidation period. Quite some time. Our lines are going we’re in a squeeze. Okay. My only concern is that we have resistance at 72, which is like $2 or $2 and 40 cents a way. However, the breakouts right there too. So if there’s enough momentum, it could push us right through the 72 and then come back and use the 72 as support.

So get the last little, cause this was a long consolidation, right? Let’s look at the last kind of movement of consolidation. Okay. So at 12%, eight points, let’s check what it’s cause you know, hit on this line right here. 12%. So yeah, you can bring us right to the 86, 87 area around this area midway through here. That makes sense. Look how fast it did that. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, basically in seven days. So into, in basically two calendar weeks, it could do that. It already started a two. So it could be the five, which is straight five days. Boom. It gets us up to around the 76 Londale bus.

I mean, it’s looking good. My only concern. I mean, this is exactly what you wanted. It broke out well, not exactly what you wanted, 70% of what you want. I would have loved if this would have stayed on the 1692 above it, but since it broke down, it’s only 60 cents away or what? 70 cents away. It’s still below it though. So as you can see this as kind of knock, knock, knock on a door, broke out, got rejected. Let’s see, find some support. This, this dip, oh, this is a, it looks pretty good. Cause it dipped and it found support again at the high right here. You see what I’m saying? You can draw lines. You see what I’m talking about? Our squeeze just broke out long, which is another positive. You see what I’m saying? Like the resistance point resistance point has now basically turned into support point, right? A little bit higher, a little bit higher each diet. So if we’re using that as a good end point, then our target would be more to the one 25 because this it’s what should break this one 16 without a problem. Since that was our support or resistance, our troubleshooter, but it broke down and then found support at our old resistance. And we just broke out into squeeze mosaic. We’re literally at the same place we were on last week, last Friday. What, what did we close? We closed 36, 14 or 36 oh four. So yeah, it’s done absolutely nothing in the week. It showed us some promise and then got rejected. Friday was a nasty day for it. It was basically down three and almost 300, well, three and a half percent at the full day was probably down 4%. Could be a liquidation break because it was getting so close to the high, just the people, the shorts, the shorts had their stops right there. Or defended that part right there. As you see, we had a lot of momentum coming all the way till Friday. If it can get above the 36 oh nine and kind of hold it, then I’d be interested in looking for a massive breakout.



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