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Rio Tinto:

 Is A Huge Mining Company With Operations Throughout The World With The Centralization Of Their Operations Mostly In Australia.

The Main Periodic Elements They Are Searching For Are Titanium Dioxide, Iron Ore, Aluminum, Copper, Borates, Diamonds, And Salt,  

Titanium Dioxide:

When A Metal Has To Be Used At Extreme Temperatures It Can Be Very Difficult For The Metal To Sustain Its Durability And Strength. For This Reason We Use Titanium, It’s Lightweight But It Can Perform Extremely Well In Extreme Conditions Whether It’s Extremely Hot Or Cold. Today Titanium Dioxide Is Used To Whiten A Large Range Of Products. The Reason For This Is Titanium Dioxide Absorbs Ultraviolet Rays And Reflects 96% Of Light In Turn Making Whites Whiter And It’s Also Used In Sunscreen.

Iron Ore:

Iron Ore Is The Primary Material To Make Steel, Steel Has Been Used Since The 11Th Century Bc For Knives. Now For Bridges, Cars, Everything You Can Imagine Is Building With Steel. It Is Forecasted Steel Usage Is Going To Grow 1% To 2% Per Year Over The Next Decade. With Rio Tinto China’s Portside Customers Will Be Able To Order This Iron Ore As Easily As A Touch Of A Button With Their New Mobile App.


This Metal Is Found In Basically Everything From Your Phone, To Jet Engines, To Cars. Aluminum Is Also Infinitely Recyclable. The Uses For Aluminum Is Just Now Starting To Show The Importance In Our Everyday Lives For Example In 2015 177Kg Were Used Per Vehicle However It Is Estimated That In 2025 227 Kg Will Be Used Per Vehicle By Doing This It Will Also Create A 10% Reduction In The Weight Of The Vehicle Increasing The Fuel Efficiency By 7%. Aluminum Is Also One Of The Most Abundant Metals On The Earth’s Crust.


Copper Is A Great Conductor. It Is Tough But Malleable And Recyclable. Global Demand For Copper Is Set To Grow 1.5% To 2.5% Per Year The Demand Is Growing From Electrification And Increase Requirements For Renewable Energy. 


This Mineral Is Essential To Plant Growth So It’s Used In Fertilizers, Just Recently Realized This Mineral Can Be Used For Heat Resistant Glass In Smartphones Materials For Renewable Energy For Both Wind And Solar Projects And Fiberglass Insulation. Rio Tinto Operates One Of The Largest Deposits In The World With Their California Mojave Desert Mine Supplies Approximately 30% Of Global Demand.


A Diamond Might Be A Girl’s Best Friend But Is Also Used For Industrial Purposes. Diamonds Have Been Around The Earth’s Mantle For 123 Billion Years They Found Their Way To The Surface After Volcanic Eruptions 3 To 400 Million Years Ago. 


Salt Is Used For Much More Than Eating It Is Used In The Chemical Industry For Glass, Paper, Plastic, Textiles, Soaps, And Even Detergents. The Process Of Salt Mining At Rio Tinto Differs From Those Around The World. Rio Does Not Mine The Salt They Extract The Salt From Seawater And The Evaporation Of The Water So It Is Pure Sea Salt. At Their Salt Mine They Produced 5 Million Tonnes Of Salt Each Year. The Salt Operations Are In Western Australia And Is The Largest Exporter Of Seabourn Salt. 

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