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Mosaic Co:

They Are Located In Nine Different Countries Through North And South America They Are Serving Customers In More Than 40 Different Countries. With 13,000 Employees, 3 Million Metric Tons Of Microessentials Are Shipped Each Year Worldwide Contributions Of 12 Million Dollars In Different Foundations Around The World .

They’ve Increased Adoption Of The 4R Nutrient Stewardship Practices On More Than 6 Million Acres In North America. Some Of Their Products Are Susterra, Aspire, K-Mag, Pegasus And Microessentials.


Is The Next Generation It’s Built With 15% Recycled Organic Matter Is The First Of Its Kind Of Phosphate Fertilizer And It’s Designed To Help Growers Sustainably Achieve Maximum Yield And Roi.


A Crop Nutrition That Is Proof To Perform It Is A Patent Fusion Technology That Provides Uniform Nutrient Distribution Of Phosphorus Sulfur And Even Zinc While Providing Increase Nutrient Uptake.


With The Power Of Boron They Have Been Able To Harness A New Innovative Power While Using Potassium And Boron.


With A Unique Mineral Found Only In Few Locations Around The World Kmag Features Crop Friendly Potassium Magnesium And Sulfur.


Pure White Potash Provides Lower Insolubles And Impurities For More Uniform Blending And Application.

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