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When We Think Of Sherwin-Williams We Typically Think Of Going To Home Depot Or Lowe’s And Picking Out Some Nice Paint For Our Living Room Or Bedroom Or Even Buying Some Finish For Our Floors Or Decks. What Isn’t As Well Known As Their Basic Paints Is The Other Industrial Products That They Supply For Example.

Sherwin-Williams Is In Aerospace Coatings, Automotive Finishes, Coil And Extrusion Coatings, General Industrial Coatings, Industrial Wood Coatings, Packaging Coatings, And Protective And Marine Coatings As Well.

If You’ve Ever Looked Outside At An Airport And You See The Nice Sparkling Airplanes Then You Know It Could Be Sherwin-Williams Paint. The Inside Of Many Of Your Canned Goods That You Look In Your Cupboard Are Also Products Of Sherwin-Williams Not The Can Itself But The Inner Linings To Protect Your Food. 

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