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Ecolab Is In A Plethora Of Different Businesses Ranging From: Buildings And Facilities, Chemical Processing, Commercial Laundries, Food And Beverage Processing, Food Service, Health Care Facilities, Hospitality, Life Sciences, Retail, Refining Fuel Additives And Petrochemical, Pulp And Paper, Primary Metals, Power Generation, Mining And Mineral Processing, Manufacturing And Transportation.

A Great Thing About This Company Is Its Desire To Help With Cleaning And Treating Water. If You Go To Their Homepage You Can See They Take Much Pride In Their Conservation Of Water With Amazing Numbers. The Amount Of Water They Have Saved Is Equivalent To The Yearly Drinking Needs Of More Than 700 Million People. 

If You Work In The Restaurant Business You Might Be Familiar With Some Of Their Products Solidsense Dispensing Systems No Rinse Drain And Floor Cleaner And Sanitizer Or Regular Hand Hygiene Food Retail They Make Our Hand Cleaning Habits Safe Simple And Efficient.

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