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International Paper:

International Paper Is One Of The Largest Paper Companies In The World What Is Admiral About This Company Is Their Desire To Plant More Forest Then They Cut Every Year. They Employ Around 50,000 People With Headquarters In Memphis Tennessee. When We Discuss Paper Products We Have To Think A Little More Than Basic Paper That You Write On. So What International Paper Makes Are Cellulose Fibers, Correlated Packaging Products, Coated Paperboard, Papers And Recycled Containerboard.

Coated Paperboard:

 When You Think Of This Think Of Your Cologne Boxes Your Soap Boxes Products Things Consumers Everyday Use.

Correlated Packaging:

 These Are Your Packaging Boxes Your Shipping Boxes So If You’re Moving To A New House Or A New Apartment And You Go To U-Haul To Buy Some Boxes Then International Paper Might Have Been The Company That Made That Box.

Cellulose Fibers:

 These Are The Fibers That Go Into Paper Towel Rolls, Toilet Paper, Baby Care, Feminine Care, Medical Care, Nonwovens, Pet Care, And Textiles


 This Is Your Typical Computer Paper, Stickers, Digital Printer Papers, Office Papers, Offset Printing Papers, The Papers That Go Into Magazines, The Papers That Go Into Books And The Papers That You Sketch Your Favorite Drawing On International Paper Creates Those Products As Well

 Recycled Containerboard

With This They Have The Prime Duo Top Quality Test Liner Versatility To Be Used As Floating To Reduce Supply Chain Complexity They Have The Prime Flute With These Are Just Enormous Rolls Of Paper So When You’re Dealing With International Paper They Deal With Every Type Of Paper Product Imaginable.

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