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Dupont De Nemours:

Dupont De Nemours Commonly Known As Solely Dupont Is The 35Th Largest Company In The United States. In 2017 It Closed A Deal And Became The Largest Chemical Company In The United States It Merged With Dow Inc And Corteva. 18 Months After The Acquisition Of Those Two Companies They Split The Company Into Three Publicly Traded Companies That Focus On Three Different Industries

 Where Corteva Focuses On Agriculture Dow Specializes On Material Science And Dupont Is Specialty Products. 

Corteva Agriscience Brings Both Chemical Companies Research And Development Together Through Seed And Crop Protection With An Estimated Annual Revenue Of 16 Billion Dollars.

Dow Which Consists Of Dupont’s Performance Materials With Dows Performance Plastics Materials And Chemicals Brings An Estimated 51 Billion Annually

The Mothership Called Dupont Includes Nutrition And Health, Industrial Biosciences, Safety And Protection, Electronics, And Communication Brings An Estimated 11 Billion Annually.