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About this further, last few weeks, Months, whatever it is. Well, it finally happened. Oil broke above

The 66 77. Let’s take it back two months, 10 years. So we have a better view now that we’ve broken our next big challenge, ladies and gentlemen is this green line right here, which will be we’ll come back to it and I’ll show you. I just wanted to see our biggest, our next hurdle is this area right here. We break above this area right here, most including the right here, which would be the 76 90. If we break that area, we have not seen above 76, 90 since 2014, which would be what? Seven years, years ago. Very long time ago. Very long time ago. All right, let’s bring it in.

Remember our lines right here. These are the most important ones that we’re looking at right now. If it breaks up up, like basically, you know, right around this area, then that is the highest it’s been 70 years. All right. So let’s not forget. There’s probably a lot of shorts that were short here since now. If you remember it was in a parabolically go up. Be careful. Watch the comeback. And then again, higher. I don’t know if that made sense. If you need more guidance, go back to the last few weeks of what I’ve been talking about. All right. CVX, Chevron. I mean, those [inaudible], excuse me, I’m sorry. Most all of these should be bullish. Just kind of like banking. I said when we were going over the banks, if you watched that video Chevron, not one of my favorites. However, if oil keeps going up, throw a dart, they’re all going higher, right? Yeah. I see. We’re going to try to test the one 13, as long as oil continues to go, I am a fan of M M P.

This is, this has been doing great. They, I am a big fan of this with oil going higher. There’s this is just a beautiful company. They’re going to pay great dividends. It’s a partnership. So it’s not just a like do your own resource on partnerships, tax advantages with this it’s beautiful. They pay high dividends and they’re very consistent. I would like to see it come down just a little bit to, to reenter, but if not, I mean, I’m already in this. So I’ve been in it for quite some time. I think we caught, this was like one of the first ones that I bought. So we’re bidding the money since 47. We’re in the money since like way over here. And we have what, two more weeks until expiration. I would love for it to get to 54. But around like this upcoming week, we have to watch it just because, you know, the depreciation factor of in the money out of the money intrinsic or extrinsic value is going to exp evaporate really fast coming into expiration week, Exxon mobile. This is like my Chevron. I like it. It’s just M P just looks way better for me. These is, I don’t know. These are, these kind of have like all, it’s all a lot of politics and like Chevron, Exxon, even like he right here, it looks good, all that, but for the way, oil is I’m surprised. These are not skyrocketed higher, right? Oil is the highest it’s been since 2000 what 18, almost 14. And our oil stocks are not keeping up. One that I do, another one I do enjoy is K M I, this has been on a massive tear. I don’t see it stopping where we had our 19 basically. And we came all the way down to the 20. And since that point in time Look out above Target would probably be 1955.

Let’s go to total little disappointed in them. I was expecting that they would be breaking out already. However, they’re not mean this is a beautiful run. Don’t get me wrong. 46 to 48. Again, this is kind of with Chevron, the Exxon and the E I don’t like it. I’m, I’m disappointed in my oil stocks. I would’ve thought that these would be looking outstanding, but they’re not. So it was a little disappointing, right world, that shell and another one of them is a psychic Chevron Exxon, all the other ones, all the oil stocks. They’re just, it doesn’t seem I have all of them. I liked this one just cause we’re in a squeeze. We changed the momentum, looking for the breakout of the 41. But to me, excuse me, let me drink some water. Okay. It’s almost like, like in the oil market, Sometimes I forget

Just because of the price of oil could be at, it could go to a hundred this week. That does not mean that these companies are making a hundred dollars per barrel because this is a highly, highly leveraged business. So there, they usually sell their oil three months in advance. So they’ve, they might’ve sold their oil of when oil was at 60. So above that, does it really do them much justice, right? Cause They’ve already sold all the oil. So at a price of 60. So it kind of takes three, six months for the company to really bank money off of a huge. Now, if it’s gradual and it’s different, but the, the price moving in oil so far has been pretty, not on gradual, like, look it’s, well, that’s not good. Can I help you? Sorry about that. That’s not going to help you. I look at the Exponential growth in oil, right? We’re looking at in less than a year, we went from 33 to 69. That’s over a hundred percent gain. There’s no oil companies that fast. Cause they’ve, I mean that you’ve sold so much oil. Like they’ve like in your hedging, right? The oil business is extremely hedged and leverage. So it’s going to take, this has to really maintain this for Mount six to eight more months. Like if we’re around, if we’re above this at this time, next year, June, next year, we’re above 69 and 69 is looking low. Then all these companies are going to have record record numbers, but it takes awhile. Right? Valero. I liked Valero. We got stopped off. We’re coming back down. I would like to see it.

She had 20 come up just a little bit or maybe up

To like right here where the nine is, but watch it this upcoming week. Cause this could just take off with a target of ounces getting all the way to 92. But I do see it maybe going to like 88 to 90, then coming back down to the 84, Sonoco is another very disappointing stock man. Doesn’t look disappoint. Right? You’re like Eric, how could it be disappointing? It just had a brand new high. Yeah. But it didn’t go very high when like what, 10 cents, 7 cents above and then came right back down. So I’m not the happiest with Sunoco. I do. I am a firm believer in this doc. I do like it. I, I think that they’re, they’re set up basically better than a Chevron or an Exxon. I know you could think I’m crazy on that, but I really enjoy this company. They’re another one. If you kind of want something that’s cheaper. It’s E T which is energy transfer, which owns a lot of this company. I have them in a different portfolio. Okay. Okay. That makes a lot of sense, but we ran it from here to the high, back, down to the low. And now this gives us our new numbers. We’re literally close to as resistance. It held the three eight two extension.

Excuse me. So look for, if you can break above this 37 12 look for 37 82 and last but not least British petroleum, BP, I’ll be P I can, I can go with BP. We just broke into the squeeze. We’re where this is. See, this is a much better looking chart, then Royal Dutch shell or Chevron or Exxon or E or even total. This looks like it’s about the breakout and it looks like it’s ready to climb at least at a 28 86 with a further target of 31 16. All right. I have a great one.



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