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I’m going to say the worst trade I’ve I’ve had. Well, I’ve, I’ve met two bad trades and I’ll tell you what, what the most of it was. It was holding on holding on after I made money lost money and it was just terrible supernova. I had this, it was a beautiful trade. I had bought it like right here. And within few days it popped up to here made a few hundred dollars, but then I did nothing and had another chance did nothing. And now it is looking completely bearish and it looks absolutely horrendous. No bottom in sight. Right. so with that frustrated on that, that’s why my utilities account looks terrible. But other than that, let’s go into the more recent trades
Or at least the open positions which we have. Right now we have a w K, this is 13. Ooh, this is terrible. Yeah. A w K. Oh, I did not. Oh, that’s what it is Friday killed it. So it was at one 55. What are, what are we at? One 65? No, it just didn’t. This is, let’s see. One, two, three, four, five. Yeah. I remember this is the one last week where I was like, this is more of a gamble. Doesn’t look too promising. Cause it was it’s basically could have got rejected online and which it did now. We have two weeks. We only paid 50 cents for it. So it wasn’t very much the one 65 that was in, if this would’ve caught some steam, then the one 60 fives would have been target or at least it would have came up to the one 60. We could’ve be looking at this and to look a little bit better. Ha that’s also, we were playing it into earnings and they, it was estimate 73 earnings, 73. So like I said, we still have two weeks. If it bounces off this line, let’s kind of see what can this do in?

Okay. So in seven days, six bars. So basically I have Monday to a Monday to move to $11 before quick 7%, $11 would basically get us almost in the money, which would give us from Monday to Monday. If that were to happen, then I could get out. But it looks like we’re probably, I mean, it’s at 15 cents right now. So it is what it is. We lost the 50 on that one.
We got some D T E
Duh, duh, duh. How much time do we have left on this one? We got 41 days left on this with a June 18 one Oh five call. No, this is Duke. I’m sorry.
I apologize.
So with the one we have the one, this is the May 21st one 45 call, which cost us 30 cents. And we are up to 60 cents. Will 57 cents. 13 days left almost in the money. One 45. Let’s draw an extension line. Kind of see where target is because we need to get out this upcoming week. I don’t want to hold it in at the end of the week. I look at that it’s holding pretty perfect. We broke out was a fake out, broke out or, you know what I mean? It broke out and then came back. That was on Friday, but it’s holding above the line, which is nice to see. Yeah, we got the 45, two weeks. That’s literally just another, It’s just a little bit of way. Should be no problem. We’ll check it out. Come early next week or basically next week at this time. Let’s move on to the next one. We have Where’s Duke. Where did it go? Oh, there it goes. We have, our next position
Is Duke.
We have the one Oh five, June 18. I’m not concerned at all about this one. It looks pretty good. We are down $7 on this, but what we have, we have earnings coming up on the 10th before market close. So that’s why. Okay. That’s why we didn’t spend very much spent $60 and gave us to get the time looking for earnings. Look pretty nice up to one Oh six was target. That’s right. And then that’s it. We talked about Nova now. Let’s look up Middlesex. Oh, we also have Ida.

We have the may one, one Oh, fives for Ida. Yeah. just see what happens. We, Oh, the squeeze it’s broke. This looks good. I mean, at least up to the one Oh seven. Give us a quick $200. You paid 70 cents for so $130 profit. Not bad. Middlesex. We have middles. Yep. We got Middlesex as well. So I mean, we’re, we’re pretty much already in all these yeah, well, we got the June one hundreds. This was kind of a gamble. What? I mean, we paid $20 for it and it’s at $17, but a, this is, it looks like it, the bears did their, their damnedest to try to bring it down. We have a little like a hammer and if it can break above this 50% line, then, I mean, we literally could make it to the hundred. Right. I don’t, I don’t really see it. I think that was more of a, a Willy nilly trade, but it’ll be, it’s fun. It’s $20. Oh, well so we’ve gone over Middlesex, Ida Nova B E.
Yeah. No, I don’t like this at all.
No, I see it even. It’s no stay away from that AEs. I liked that. It’s one, two, three, four, five. So yeah, it broke all the way down. Double touch from basically right Here.
Yeah, let’s give it another week. Let’s see if it can stay above the 100 And N R G now I don’t like it. So I hope that helped out. We’ll see how our options did for the ones that we have. And I don’t know, the utilities just, wasn’t looking very, very nice for me. All right.



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