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Basic materials. Our first one let’s get up to Up here.

Scott’s miracle grow. Oh, that was, that would have been beautiful to catch it around here. Real beautiful. But right here, I like this. It’s it’s holding the two 36. I don’t really think that it has much to do with the market. It’s its own world. As you can see it hit here, I found support perfectly hit the, I mean, it’s going in stages. It’s literally hit the 200 and we’re on our way or the hundred, excuse me. And we’re on our way. I see us breaking in two 54. Let me see something In 15 days, then 11 days. So that’s basically 25 days. Yeah, we could go early June. I said it breaks early June. S M G S N G. Let’s look for that for early. Well, we might as well just do it right now. S M G. All right. Well they only have monthly options. Let’s go back to where we were. Hmm. Since they only have monthly options for it, the 49 is going to be really expensive. The 66 would be our next target to the 88. Let’s see what we can get the sixties, the seventies, the eighties,


Actually I will go to eighties, June. Cause what? Let’s let’s look at it. Hold on. All right. They’re saying That there’s basically a 10% chance that it’s going to go in the money right here. As you notice, you see how there’s these are, this is basically the 0.58. There’s a 58% chance that it’s going to land in the money. This option there’s a 41% 21%, 17%. Now mind you, this is all very dynamic. So tomorrow it will change. So if a SMG were to have, like, let’s say a 10% day 24 points, then all these numbers are going to change. Obviously there is a a hundred percent chance that one of these numbers right here will be in the money. And then there’s a 91% and it goes back down. So here’s your bell curve. If that makes sense. This is the center. This is that way. This is this way. Does that make sense? Hopefully. All right. So what it’s saying is if let’s see what that’s June. Oh, they don’t even have July. They have made June and August.

Yeah, this is really expensive. You’ll see what I’m saying. Like they, you got to go all the way up to three 20. I don’t see that. I don’t really like the being so far out. Cause we’re 40 points out of the money. Let’s see where we’ve been. Just to kind of see if that’s even a, a relative, see, we’re not in a trend. Oh, nevermind. Earnings. That was that big pop right there. So they must’ve just, yeah. I mean

Hey, he did. All right. He’s not like the greatest let’s see what let’s in two weeks.

I really do want to get in here, but I don’t really see anything that I’m gun-ho about. So let’s see if I see anything that I’m just like, yeah, this is the one Sherwin Williams. My goodness. This is just looking amazing.


One, two, three, four, five, yeah. One from 74 to 87. Actually. It’s not that big of a move. I mean, it’s a huge move. Don’t get me wrong. Oh, just watch for This beautiful. I mean, since this three for one that is, It is just been amazing to 40 40 points. So this was basically a $700 stock and it has gone up

Basically 17% give or take. Yeah, that’s a huge amount anyways. We’re getting close to the two 89 level. Let’s check next week. One, two, three, four, five. Let’s check next week. We’ll sit there and see if we can kind of get a retracement back, kind of pull back and then come back in. Yeah, Rio. We, we hit like lotto on real. Let me see, what did we buy it? And where we at? Hold on just a second. Real was another great buy

So Rio Tinto, we got the May 21st, 87 fifties. We bought those for 75 cents. I don’t know, what’s day, but they’re now $6 and 10 cents. So that’s almost a 10 timer on our money. That’s a beautiful one. It’s 713% gain on our money, which is, I mean, that’s a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful game. I keep raising stops on this, but this is it’s. I thought we were gonna, I thought I was gonna get stopped out like over a year, but I was very wrong and it was just gone parabolic. So where would this stop next? If this doesn’t just slow down a little bit, which I’m, I’m almost kinda waiting for it to kind of slow down, but if it holds this 92 34, then I really do have the potential of this going all the way up to one 10 really, before it gets really, really stop cause these the six one eight and the seven, eight, six, those are strong numbers.

They’re strong. As you can see, they stopped and we bounced around it for this. This just stays. So one, two, three, four came a knocking and then six, seven, eight, and nine. And we’re gone. So don’t don’t we can’t say the lines are not there for any reason. However, look for it all depends on Monday. It’s obviously it’s Saturday right now. So it’s difficult to say, but if the market pulls back, which I think the market might pull back just a little bit, come Sunday into Monday just to kind of pull like the, to rebalance and then off to the moon again. But I would say, look for the 96 76, come back down to 92, 34. If you can hold that, then sky’s the way since we’re already in this, I don’t feel like putting more positions on just raising steps or rising, increasing my stops to protect my capital. Now we also, we caught this. This is beautiful. This was, I don’t know if you guys remember last week, I was like, this is kind of my, my gamble. Well the gamble turned out beautifully. Let me show you

So we bought it like right here. One, two, three, four. Now we bought it. Well, we got it on Monday.


Oh, it must not be my gamble on two, three Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Well, yeah, we did. I mean, but I mean, come Tuesday, we got destroyed. However, by Friday I didn’t watch these every day. So I’m only it. Now I saw the end result. I didn’t see the middle of the week, but the end result you can argue with me whether it’s good or not. We got the may 20 eights, 36 calls. We bought it for a dollar and now there are $2 and 21 cents. I man, imagine if we had got it down to here and those bad boys would have been like 20 cents that’s sucks. Any which way we are up 121% on that particular call. We will wait. We were looking for the 38. It looks like we could go there. I mean, Oh, that’s what this was. Were we? It was our earnings. I remember now I remember perfectly.

So really truly with the momentum that it has, this, this could get kind of nasty for the shorts. If it does not slow down at the 38 94, you know what I mean by, okay. This is like a slowdown popped up, look above fail, look above, fail again. Look at that and you know, get some momentum, come back down, got some momentum, came back down and then, you know, we’re still hovering around that line all the way up until right here. That’s kind of hovering. Now I’m saying a blow through, if it, if it doesn’t like kinda hit come down and retest right here and then it hit again and go back up. If it looks like what it could do is just blow through and hit the 42. If that happens, that will be a beautiful trade. But again, we have until the 28th.

So that has gives us an extra week. We’ll be looking to try to close out, come Friday. If, if we’re we’re, we’ve made a decent profit, but if not, if it’s kind of jiggling around where we are, we’re in the money right now. So we have a little bit of premium that we can let the K through theta. However, I don’t want a lot of, a lot of it to Duke. I don’t want a lot of the time value to DK. So we’ll be looking to exit next week. If it does not have a decent move,

Oh, that’s too bad. We didn’t get this one, two, three, four, five. Yeah. Oh, earnings breakout. Oh yeah. Look at the squeeze. That was beautiful. Three days into the squeeze. I looked for a retracement and then let’s get back into DuPont for 87 as that bad boys going for it. Let’s see. June, June 80 sevens for 56 cents. Yeah. I liked that.

All right.

And let me, let me show you why our breakout is 87, right? That’s the one year high. Let’s see, I’ll go weekly, 10 years. So our tenure high is at one Oh nine. If it breaks this 87, which is around this price right around here then, and then, like I said, this is kind of like the mosaic. If this breaks out and breaks out tough, then we’re headed to that 92, but within a blink of an eye, because this is the 87, it’s this line. Now we’re at the green line, 50% retracement of this big move, right? This is only this move we did not. We did not. We’re not paying attention to this actually grandiose move, which is over here. So that’s why I’m saying this has the potential. If it can hold this 83 to blow out of that, this what is it? 87, 86. And if it does that, we’re, we’re hit 92 really fast. That’s why I’m giving it a gift of time, June 87. And it’s really cheap. It’s only 56 cents with a potential. Maybe turn it into $5. Hope that made sense.

B a S F

Doesn’t give us any options, but that would have been beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

Dow chemical.

I like it. I like it. One, two, three, four, or five. I like it. That would have been why didn’t we get into this one? This is frustrating, man. That was a beautiful set of five points. And it was right on a line. That’s frustrating. I say, hold on just, well, we just broke out of the squeeze, so, Hm.

Look at

The dude. What did we do? Why did we not get into that one? That’s that’s frustrating because that’s a beautiful, beautiful, Oh no. We were, when we did get into doubt. I’m sorry. We did. I was about to say that’s too beautiful for me. I have not gotten in. Oh, no, it didn’t. It’s just to share where are we?

Here we go. Nope, we did not.

Anyways, I enjoy how this is the reason. Yeah. Why is this is the, a very, very prominent breakout. Like this has been in a range for a very long time. I see that we could head to the 72 to the 78, as long as we stay above this 68 21, which we’ve had two closes above it and it’s tried to go below it twice. So I would, I Would like to see what, how far can we go


To get a seven to right around the seventies? This is What is this July look like? Ooh, look at that. And the reason I’m saying this, I don’t want to give myself the very most amount of time possible for me Just

Because I, if we put it like this, even if it doesn’t go to the numbered, if it doesn’t head up to 80, 78 all the way, but as long as it has a large move, then that’s gonna affect my gamma. Right? And then with that, it’s gonna increase my, my option price exponentially too. It gave me a higher price. Right? A lot of this doesn’t make any sense. Right? Cause that’s not what we’re talking about right now. We’re just talking about the bloody, the chart. Right. But through an option strategy, just plain, straight, I V

So Dao,

We’ll go some Dow and we’ll look at July, July, cause we’re not, you know, July, eighties

For 40 cents.

Watch, watch and see what happens is that 40 cents is going to turn into something. And it’s all about what I was just externed to explain. I bet you, I wonder if there’s any volume right here. 101 people agree with me on Twitter. That’s why all these things were. I haven’t closed them out. This is what’s confusing. All right. E C Nah, I thought I saw this eco lab.

Nope. All right. Well

And who’s that knocking on the window blouse. Nobody. Now we are knocking on that window. Pretty strong. It looks, I mean, this is a very expensive stock. So the options are going to be pretty expensive. But if we break this, let’s look at this. Oh, we’re almost out all time highs, man. The two 30, one 36. It’s a hundred percent retracement of that move. Oh man. On man, on man, on man. And we’re in a weekly streets, squeeze with the momentum going up. It’s almost caused for a perfect storm. It’s difficult.

Cause you’re gonna, you’d have to go out pretty far and you gotta go high enough to where will work. Let’s see what we can. We got over here, eco lab.

We’ve got the two sixties. Whereas the two sixties I’ll go for the two sixties. Cause if it breaks out of here, says one thing about these big stocks. It, once they start moving, they can move fast. Like one 24 to one 60 in a day. Right now I know that’s last year. But just to let you like put it in perspective how much this stock could move. Like if it w if it clears out the inventory right here, right? All the people that are, that are short from this point right here. If it clears it out and there’s no more sellers than this is going to go parabolic. So

How much are they sling in this for? We’re going to go for June. Did June to fifties. I liked that. And last but not least in Bait. Nope. We got two more. Linda was old. Oh man, this sucks. Well, that’s just Friday. No, we wouldn’t have got that.


That’s his weird way out of nowhere. Just pop. I mean, it popped big and then it’s saying the negative right here. No, no, no. I like it. Let’s see what, if we can see any cheap, cheap options?

The one thirties? No. That’s way. That’s really far away. Oh, let’s just keep an eye on that. We’re probably missing some easy, easy money, but Whatever

International paper now it sucks. Dude. Look at that. Now it’s beautiful. One, two, three, four, five. That was way back here. 53 to 61 seven point move all the way. Just sky high. Wait for the retracement dump dump on. Did we get any of the IP? No, we didn’t


But I do like, I enjoy IP kinda come back to the 59. If it can pull back from here. I mean, it’s a little extended, but if it pulls back, let’s go. Oh, that’s because of earnings. Look at them, Right? Yeah. It blew on earnings almost 20% higher. Yeah. That’s why that popped pull back and let’s go IP. See if we have anything that’s cheaper and IP. Yeah. June 65.

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