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Blackrock. What I did is I got out of BlackRock Friday. I got out of Northern trust and I got out of T Rowe price. And I’ll show you the reason why in just a second, I kept the Blackstone and I kept the KKR. Alright. Blackstone or BlackRock.

Part of the Reason I got out is look, we, we hit the seven, eight, six, and I mean, it’s just been one. This is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. I’m talking about wow. Straight up. Right. So we’re 14 days away from expiration and feed the ducks when they’re quacking. Right. I’m looking forward to probably come back down, look, look around around this area. You know, let this come back up. Let the cause this is the 19th to 20. Let the 20 come up a little bit, at least above the 28. Like, cause that’s what we’re looking at. Almost 50 points right here. Right. And this is below that. So we’ll know it’s exactly 50 points away. So, and that’s five that’s four days ago. So just from that, I’m looking forward to kind of come down a little bit and then I want to reload. Right. But I didn’t. Cause I just have a feeling. They, they pumped the market up on Friday, but if you got to pay attention to me, Oh well they don’t let me see if they

Show it. All right. So this doesn’t tell the story at all. This does not tell a story.

So on Thursday there was a lot of money that was made at the, the 42 hundreds right here. So if you remember Thursday, the market was way down here. Well, I got in the 20 fives for like 70 cents turned out. I sold them for like $5. That’s not what I’m talking about though. They ran the market up, right? The, it would have been able to see it much better on Thursday, but I didn’t make the video. So just with that information and how far these have gone, I look, I’m seeing Monday being a shocker down a couple hundred points. Maybe if not, that’s why I kept a couple of other ones, but I see just a small time retracement back and then let’s hit the nine 26. I could be completely wrong. And this just goes full force right up to nine 26 and then gets then comes down. But what I think we turn 70 cents into a few hundred dollars on this one as well. So $70 in a couple of hundred. So it was, it was worth selling

Goldman Sachs. I mean, it’s almost like with all of these, they’re all the banking ones that we’re see what, you’ll see what I’m talking about. They’re all at like resistance numbers. I kind of want them all to kind of pull back. This is, you’ll see what I’m talking about here. So you see what I’m saying? They gapped this down. Well actually it hit perfectly. That would have been, Oh my goodness. What a beautiful buyer that, that would have been. If I was paying attention, I was not, I did not see that, but it would have been a beautiful Bible. Let’s just look at this. This is 30 points Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. So this is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. We went from 42 to 71 30 points in four days. Right?

That’s a massive move. I’m very like, I was just like BlackRock. Now look at FAS. I’m glad we got it. I’m glad we were in this. We caught, we didn’t catch it at all. We caught BlackRock, we’ve talked T Rowe price and we caught Northern trust. So we caught three out of 10. So what we caught 30%, we still have two more. We have a Blackstone and we got KKR. So we’re still waiting for those. But so almost 50% of all the moves we caught. Well kind of, if you understood what I meant FAS, this is, I mean, it’s just frustrating that I didn’t get these. Cause this is just massive moves, right? One Oh six to one 21, we got a little bit more of a game, one 24, and then I’m looking for a retracement, right? Just to kind of come back in. I’m not saying these are not bullish. I’m I’m waiting for the pullback a little bit so I can reload and then let’s go again.

So here we go. Blackstone. Let me see something real quick.

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