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Or introducing a new section or a new sector. I was able off the options that we made money on last week, I was able to open a new portfolio, so that allows us to go through 10 more stocks. So let’s go through, I think a little brighter. There we go. Healthcare. This is ABB V but first, since this is a new, new everything, let’s draw some lines. Let’s draw some extension lines. Okay.

We’re going to stand from here. Nope. Wrong one Extend from there to this top, right there. Back to this low. No, from here to here

To hear all right now let’s check out our numbers. How close were we? I would say those are pretty good numbers. It looks like what? That’s, what they’re playing. As you can see a break above right here, come back. They juggled around this number. That was basically the breakout number we were looking for. Came, you know, exploded came all the way back, bounced off of it. Boom got rejected, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And now we are looking to hold the one 15 looking to the one 19 to hopefully the one 23. Yeah, no, this looks pretty good. Let’s look at it from three years ago. No, let’s go 10 years. Ooh. So we’re getting close to it. When was this? This is 2018 high which is we’re gonna have, Oh, we’re having resistance as we speak. It’s right at the resistance from 2015 or 2018. Excuse me. Hmm.

I like it. However, this is the first week we’ve we’ve dealt with healthcare. I don’t, I have nothing to base it off of. It looks great. It’s it’s but it’s holding a lot of resistance right there. Do you see that now? That’s the monthly chart. Let’s look at the daily chart again. I mean a daily chart looks amazing. Right? My only fear is we are a little extended and then we do like to touch the 100 or you see we’ve bounced around a hundred. If we were only going to the green, the 20 and going off, then that’d be one thing. But just for the simple fact where it’s only four seven, so it’s basically one month ago we were at one Oh four, we’ve gotten 16 points without really a comeback. And we should be having some resistance. I would want to kind of see what happens for the first week without making any trades in, in healthcare. Unless we see something that’s just blatantly obvious for the only reason is it’s the first week. I don’t know anything. We haven’t really been able to check anything. Yeah. This looks terrible. I haven’t, I don’t know why this is in the account. I must have found something that’s amazing in here. Cause this looks absolutely horrendous. I mean, at one point in time. Yeah, that was amazing. But this looks terrible. You know what? I put this in there again. There has to be, what is this?

Okay. I think I know what it was.

I did my analysis leading up into this. So I don’t know what happened at the beginning of the year. I have to do some more research and figure out, cause we might dump this one. This does not look like it’s anything I want to be close to. It looks like it’s going to go down. However, if it holds this right here, the 68, then it could be an amazing buying opportunity. So let’s check this out for the week. For the next week. I’m going to do a little bit more research on this. Kind of see what they do. See if my mentor or if my mind has changed or if this is this amazing buying opportunity. But so far I don’t like, I don’t like at all. It looks terrible. However, if you look at the squeeze,


If you look at the squeeze, we are starting to build momentum higher right Now with this, we would build a retracement. All right. So let me see some numbers. Now. I am in trouble.


Because it literally hit like all time high and then just took a bath.

I want to see what happens when it hits the red line and we’ll go from there. I will see you next week. I’m not buying it, but it could break out and headed straight to 92, which would be amazing move, which we’re in it for the stock. So it doesn’t matter. B M Y no, it looks great, but no, we are way too much in a range. We’re in this huge trading range from 66. Wait. Well Bethy 58 to 67 and we’ve been in this range since, when is this? Let’s just go back a couple of years. Let’s go weeks. Yeah, no, I’m good. However, look at this squeeze. This is a massive weekly squeeze. This, we started August of last year. Oh man. I’m sorry. August of last year is when this squeeze started. When this breaks out. Yeah, this will be great. It’s going to be a great bull run. Hopefully we can get something like this, but until we see something, I mean it’s steady climate. Don’t think it’s not climate, but if you want to get your head ripped off, then be my guest. This don’t forget. These are weeks. So it kind of it’s trays that maybe go down for four weeks, then back up for four weeks. This is difficult. It’s difficult to trade. Not too bright, open, not easy. We’ll we’ll worry about this once we, we understand these stocks a little bit more. All right. Gilly ad sciences

Of anything up, anything I have seen so far healthcare, I enjoy this. We’ve got the potential. We have potential to go up to 69. Where are we right now? Is he 66, 69. That’s four point move. And then like, if he can break above this 69 area, then it’s, it’s go. It could go all the way back up to the 78. I enjoyed this. However, again, let’s draw some retracements.


See that we’re at that 50% Mark. I prefer to be on the, you know, the other side of the 50 before I want to jump in. So when it comes above the 67 77 and can hold that, then I’ll be more amped to get in, but it’s playing these numbers correctly. So this looks like it could be our big line in the sand is holding the 67 77. I asked for Zeneca. I kinda like it. I kinda like it. It’s not Kind of wishy washy. Honestly. Let’s do a retracement. I mean, we’re doing a backwards and tradesmen, but yeah, we’re at some resistance again. Let’s just wait. Okay, Sweet. Give it a week. Kind of see what happens next week. Okay.

Pfizer. I like, but I know I don’t like at all, this is, this is more of like not going anywhere stock. Cause this range, it looks really big. Right? It’s 40 to 38. It’s only two points. So it’s not like it’s that big of a deal. Right? So with something like this, you got to really be paying attention. It’s a small stock. Yeah, it could have been a great, great move. Yes it could do. I kind of see that going above 41. Yeah, I do. So let’s kind of check this out. What’s give herself the gift of time. June 40 ones that looks like something that’s not very expensive. We that’s something I’m interested in. What is it? This is the P F E June 41.

All right. Nah, it’s not guaranteed. I’ll buy it, but it’s I’m interested in looking at it. So look at Merck. Honestly, this is probably the only one that I, I like this. Let’s see. Do they be no, they did not beat. However it has taken off since did not be it’s above. Give it a week. I mean, it could be the turning point and it could break above the 79 all the way up to 87, but let’s give it a break. Johnson and Johnson. It just got cleared with her. Everything’s fine with there. Whatever it’s called. Let’s do a retracement. I, I kinda like this. Let’s take, let’s get rid of this real quick and we’re going to do an extension.

Yeah. So we’re basically getting the same numbers. Nice breakout. We got one, two, three. Oh, it’s held it. So Johnson and Johnson would PR this would probably be the, the, and it beat on earnings. I like this one better than Pfizer, depending on price.

So target 71. No, you know, you know what I do like this? I really do. However, I like it even better if we can get to the 71 or if I can get it, it’s kind of like right in the middle. Right. That’s the only reason I like it, but it’s just right in the middle. If we can get closer to 66 75 and hold that a little bit closer. Right? Cause it’s too, it’s like basically two points out of that. We can get maybe 75 cents away from 66, 75. I looked at want to get in just because it gives us a little bit more bang for the buck to try and get the seventies right here. It’s just kind of difficult. Cause our all time high, we’re having resistance at the 71. And then all time highs at 73 with the next move to 76. I do see that it could get there. No problem. You know, the they’re about to have amazing amounts of money with their vaccine that they created. And we’re in an upward trajectory ever since here. And this has, this stock has the ability to, to rise rapidly fast. Again, let’s just wait till next week.

Moderna aye. I got to keep my biases away from this. This is to keep my biases 110% away. It kind of looks like one was shoulder head shoulder. Right. But we also literally touched a hundred and bounced 12, no 20 points in two days. So watch this, this could bounce up to the, the one this could get up to one 80 with the quickness. No problem. See and it’s, and you can see it cause they are pricing in look at Implied volatility, 67%. Even down here, we’re at 59, but you can see like there there’s a lot of premium there for the eighties. You’re going to pay six bucks for the eighties and that’s 17 points away. There w with that just basically means this is a very volatile stock. I want to play with it without pain, knowing it without seeing it for at least a good week and a feel for it all steams that it had on you knighted health group. So let’s do This probably won’t even give us anything. Yeah. See it is already, it is full steam ahead. Let’s do it again.


Look at that though. I’m glad we did that. You could sell some calls Against this line right here, the four 20, however, that’s not what we’re talking about in this. We’re only, we are doing directional options strategies only to start off with now that, that lines right there, it’s kind of hard for me to be like, yeah. Drop in. I’d want to see a pullback, a pull back, give us back to four Oh seven maybe and get in there. All right. That was for health care and glad we went through that. That’s, it’s going to be fun. Exciting, kind of over the next few weeks to try and make some money off of the healthcare sector to build our portfolios. And then yeah.



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