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For the energy sector. Let’s first check out oil, see where it’s at. We literally hit to the T let’s see the high 66, 76. So we were off by one penny of that Mark. So it’s basically, he didn’t really get much closer than that Right here.

It’s probably in my opinion, it’s all my opinions, right? Here’s the big P the like basically the, the biggest pivotal part in oil over the last seven years, This line is extremely important. Let’s remember, just go over real quick. Real fast in cases is the first video you’ve seen. We’re going back months, 10 years.


The importance of this line is it’s. The 50% line was first violated December of 2014. So this is seven years ago. It dropped in December. I was, I remember this day, I remember this day. I remember this month. It was terrible. I’m heavily invested in oil is, is I was in Africa first time in Africa. I remember this day, I remember looking at it. I thought it was going to bounce out and go above one 12th, but we have gone straight down since. So again, why is this day so important or is this line so important? It is before the drop all the way down to the absolute lowest $6 and 50 cents.

Our number that we’re looking for to break is to 66, 77. And it’s been the most important number that has to do with oil for the last seven years. If it can break this mind, you, we have to hold the last time it was above it and broke, broke. It was in 2018, and we were only above it for one, two, three, four, five, six, seven months of holding, holding above it. But each one of those seven months, we also dipped below it. So if it can hold this number, the 66 76 and not dip below it, then it is thank goodness oil is back in the graces of the world. Let’s go back to the day. So you see I’m a little excited about it. See, our oil are a hundred days already crossed above. From our last time we hit it here. This was in March 50 days. Looking amazing. This looks like a little, almost like a hammer is looking, is looking. It is looking beautiful to wear. Let’s go. I mean, I know this isn’t. We are already in this position to you see O which is triple leverage or double leverage for the energy sector. However, I want to add a little bit more. You see, Oh, but this is going to be a different type. You depends on working there. It is UCO.

However, because you’re going to see I’m sure

Here’s UCO.

We’re above the 50. I’m looking for us hitting that 70. If oil breaks above that 66 76, this is going now. I don’t know if it’s going to happen next week. So we’ll give ourselves just a, Oh man, this is extremely expensive. There’s a lot of people out there that agree with me 110 people believe that within the next 13 days, it’s going to hit 70 that’s seven points away.


Well maybe we won’t want to trade that. It’s a little bit more expensive than I wanted it to be. Let’s get back into our portfolio. CVX looking good. XOM about to break out. Let me first see, what are we in?

We have

Tim UCO.

 We already told you we have some KMI. We have some MMP. We have some E and that’s it. So E KMI and M M P all three of those were in the money. And then we’re also in invested in


Right? So we are kind of, I’m not going to say heavily invested in oil. We do have some positions open already. So before we allocate a whole bunch of money is kind of like with the banking sector, we already kind of allocated. So let’s just take a, kind of see where we are. M M P this we’re in this one,


I mean, where are we up right now?

So M M P we Have, We have the 47 50 call would cost us a dollar. Now they’re worth a dollar 50 expiration day on. Those were 41 days left. So we’re, we’re pretty much set up, pretty nice with, with, with that. Yeah, we’re, we’re set up. We’re fine. With 41 days. KMI

We have the June, 2000 or June 18, 17 calls. We’re well, in the money with these, we paid 40 cents for them. Now they’re, they’re at a dollar and nine. So I would say that we’re pretty, pretty safe in those we’ll just manage that position. UCO is we’re down on that one, but that had nothing to do with the portfolio. I created that before, but so that’s not as important. Let’s see if we can find something that is not already blowing. Cause I like, look, look at this. This is where we already missed one. There’s already green, green. XOM I don’t want to chase that RDS. I want to chase it. E we’re looking at this.

We are in E

We are in EA and lo and behold, we have the 20 fives. We are in the money as well for this one. And we have 41 days. So all three of the oils were in the money with 41 days left. I would almost say art. We’re pretty set up. We’re set up pretty lovely for oil. Yeah, in the money and 41 days left for all of them. Look at this squeeze two. This is gorgeous momentum. We’re looking probably, I mean, if oil, I mean, see, that’s the issue with these oil stocks is if oil blows up, then there’s no telling them when these kinds of where these stocks can go. They’ve been beat up for seven years.

Total. I can see this one has, I liked this one. We’re close. We’ve taped, basically taken out all the boldness or like the BS right here. We’re above our next stop is 50. That’s $2 away. Let’s check them out. And this is you. Can’t not buy that. Right. Seriously. It’s just too cheap to turn down. You guys see this right

Total. We’re going

To fifties now it’s risky. Don’t get me wrong. It’s risky because you know the 50 we’re saying that’s going to break out in 14 days. It just had earnings. Yeah. Blew out on earnings. And I totally blew them out. No, one’s paying attention to this. Well, 4,000 people are paying attention, but besides that, no, one’s paying attention. Yeah, let’s go. We might need to do two of these. Are you kidding me? 41 days out. And we have options that are worth 15 cents to 55. I understand. Like, hold on. We’re getting both of these total.

50 may and 55 June may. Cause we’re paying 25 cents. June. Cause we’re paying right now. It’s at 15 cents. I will pay 15 cents for this all day long just to see what happened, right? I mean it’s yeah. There’s nothing else to be said about that. British petroleum. Look at BP. BP did his thing. One, two, three, four, five. So I’m frustrated. We didn’t get that, but it, I mean, Hey, you can’t get them. All right. Blew off on the squeeze. We’re looking to break above the 27 looking at 28 as a quick Burke. Wow. There’s a lot of people that are betting with BP as well. This is 13 days out. I mean, above the 20 S well above the 27, looking to 28, two weeks out 28 is look at this open interest right here.

All right. So here, let me explain. This is this 13 days with a four point run, right? There’s 2300 contracts out if the bulls and the only reason I’m saying this is because look, there’s open 23 contracts. So there’s a lot of money open right there. I wouldn’t even this. However, on the other side of the thirties, there’s 8,600 8,900 contracts plus another five, another five. So we’re looking at a lot of contracts on this side. Now, if I were to sell these, right, if I had a account large enough that I could sell this naked, I could collect $300 and then basically almost buy 10 of these. So it would be advantageous for me to sell almost a hundred of these and load my bank all the way up and then push the market up. And all this would be free money. Well, basically this basically just the, this paid for my acquisition of contracts over here. I don’t know if that makes sense to you guys, but I’ve seen it. If you were to watch on a daily basis, this happens all the time. They S they finance their trades by selling contracts on the opposing side that they want the market to go to. They’re running it through that side briefly by the contracts back that they sold. And then go back down scenic it’s classic. I’ve seen it a thousand times

With that being said, we’re going to try to front run this right now. This is extremely risky. So do not do this, but we’re going to have some funds and see what happens.

BP may

We’re add on with these 4,029 for a whopping like 10 cents or get like two or three of them. All right. K M I, we already talked about MMP where he talks about sun NOCO so NOCO man on man.

Oh, that’s not good.

Oh yeah. It is. Look at that. As the earnings estimate, 69 cents actual S what a dollar 60. Yeah, I would say they blew out on earnings. This is wait for it to come back just a little bit. Cause it’s a little overextended. And then sky’s the limit man skies limit on this one. This is a long-term play it’s so it’s a such a small stock though. So it’s going to be really cheap. Let’s get to 10 years is what? One point in time was a $59 stock. Let’s look at a one year or one year. We already know it’s on the Tyson. We’ll look at three years. It just broke out at the three-year 100%. Yeah, man, I like this. I do. I like it. I like it a lot.

41 days $37 for 25 cents. You see this? That’s it’s hard. Not to as hard as hard not to, because if it gets to 30, like 38, we’re in profit, right? If it goes $2 and 41 days, we’re in profit, 25 cents. If it goes, what? $4. We paid 25 cents for $3, 75 cents game I’m in there all day long. I like it. Sunoco June 37 50. Alrighty. Then last, but definitely not least Valero.

I do like it. I like it. It looks like, it looks like it wants to at least test the highs of 84. Again, this has everything to do with the price of oil. The price of oil just falls off the Richter. Be careful because these are going to just tumble as well. But if oil breaks above the 66, 76, something like that and it holds it, then that’s just giving these the okay to just make a lot of money. If that makes sense. Our prices are 13 days from now. Yeah. Their prices are a little expensive. I’m kinda, they’re banking on it going to 85, but we have already, we’re already invested in oil and then we’re trying to pick up three more contracts or really four more contracts. Cause the total there’s two of them. So I’m, I’m satisfied with that.



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