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Basic Materials May 1st (SMG, ECL, LYB, DD, DOW, BASF, RIO, IP, MOS, SHW)

Okay. And this one and then basic materials. Our first one is Sherwin Williams. Now this will look a little weird that it’s only two and five and eight and seven. You’re like, well, why is it only had two? Let’s not forget edit three for one stock split. So that’s basically six. So a beat, not quite as good as last year when it beat the last quarter. So what was the estimates? One 65. The actual was two Oh six. So that’s pretty nice. It’d be we’re shining colors. It would’ve been nice to catch this here. Literally on the day that day they had an earnings. However, it’s going to 89. Not a question. I don’t know what it is with this doc, but since basically March, it has gone straight up. We got rejected. Came down, touched the nine. We’re really holding the three or what is this? Hold on.

It’s really holding the nine. We came down, got rejected and came to the 20, but it’s, it’s holding the nine and it’s holding it like a champ. It got rejected where it was supposed to at the time it was supposed to for basically almost everyone just to reload back up. And since then it’s on its way. So I see this breaking out. I like this one, The national paper, or they just came out seven 50. Oh man.

That’s like a 20% increase. Their their earnings. That’s, that’s beautiful right there. That’s beautiful. We just did the all tie by. Let’s see if this is all time, all time it, or at least over the last eight years. However, it’s not. Ooh, look at, this is a breakout from when is this? 2015. Now it could be head and shoulders. So watch out. So it could be in your shoulder, head, shoulder and roll back over. However, it doesn’t really look like it wants to do that. It wants, it looks like it wants to touch this, which would work perfect for the lines that we drew. Now, this is the monthly look right here month. So we’re going back like 10 years. So that’s, that’s why this is what six years ago, right? This was three years ago. So let’s pay attention to that. We are about to take out a six year or a three year high. We just took out, well, that was what is this high? 57 90. Look at that. And we’re at 58. So if we hold the 58, look forward to attempt the 66 90. Let’s bring it back into reality. All right, here we go.

So basically, if it holds this line right here, we are looking at the 61. I also really liked this one. I like them all. Well, not really because there’s some of them I don’t really like at the time I wanted to develop a loop like this would however

Yeah, no. How I was saying like, yeah, I want them, this is probably one that I wouldn’t be 100% sure wanting. Cause they, they, they whipped on their earnings. Their estimate was 81. Their actual was only 67. That’s not kinda what I want to see. Let’s look at this, their actual, so they barely beat last quarter. This quarter. They did not beat whoever this thought, man, this is kind of difficult because it’s holding. It wants to go to the two 30. It had a huge dump from two 28 to two 17 salute basically dropped like 15 points. It’s already gained most of it back out. Be really careful. I want to see what it does next week now, honestly, just because the market is crazy at the moment, I could see this saying, who cares about the earnings and sky sky away up to the a hundred percent retracement or extension?

No, as a retracement, however, at the two 30, we’re going to get, I would see some, some resistance. So I would, what I would like to see it break out of all this, this nonsense right here, get rejected on the two 31, come back down and then on the second way through it, I didn’t want to buy that, but I wanted to at least hit the number first get before I want to get in or even better take over the number and then buy it when it’s on its way to two 48, opposed to trying to get it right now for six points.

The point,

This is boring. This is a snoozer however May 4th, we have the earnings. So that should give us some type of movement. Last, early leads they beat, but the market did not like it. And it’s basically crashed them. It crippled them. I can’t even really say the momentum. This is it’s in a really heavy squeeze. This would be perfect for like an iron condor, but we’re not worried about iron condos right now. Cause I haven’t explained what that is. All right. Next. We are already in a position with this one. Friday routed us pretty bad. I mean not really 37. No. Yeah, right. It was terrible. It was through present loss. Well I’m, I’m not really worried about it because I think we got in like around here and it’s been straight up, so I’m not really worried about it. And they, so on Monday they report. So I’m looking for the report on Monday. Where did it come in up? You see the height right here. It basically came down to touch that. Plus this was overextended. Got rejected at the 36. Well, it actually broke through, came back down. Let’s try to get to nine, a little bit higher. And the 20, a little bit higher. Once it touches those, then it’s off for the racist again. Let’s see.

Oh wow. They blew out earnings last time. Like basically doubled. You see that estimate 24 cents per share and actual 57 cents per share. And that’s what gave him a nice little boom. So going into earnings. Yeah. That’s what it is. They dropped it so that the, the option prices would go down. That makes sense. So then Wednesday, the Monday or the next week options would have been sky high at the 36. So Thursday that’s Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. They drop it. Right? So these 36, I want to explain it, but that makes sense if they beat on Monday, then that actually I want to see something [inaudible]

So where is the money on mosaic? Right? So they’re saying they’re they’re guesstimating. So this is the standard deviation. So there’s what a 98%. No, what is it? 88% chance. My math could be wrong. It might be 80 or 98, something like that. A percent or 95, something like that. There’s a high percent chance that it’s going to stay within the $3. Right. And the implied volatility is 79. It’s not very much. So you’re not paying very much premium over here. Right. But look, we’re going $3. It’s at 35. So we’re looking at give or take 38 or 32. So let’s look at our 38. Not very much action over here. Our big action is that the 40, which we’ll have to see once it clocks over super early in the morning. Did they sell these or did this go go to six? Right? If this went to six, then look for this to have a massive day. However, remember I told you they’re, they’re literally just playing these numbers right here. You see the size 3,500 3,100 and then another like, well this is a spread 1,001,000. So what they, I don’t want to go through all of this. That’s not, that’s not what I’m doing right here. However there’s a lot of money banking on 40 and 33.

Oh wow. Well there’s something that came. There is no, it says earnings estimate for 20 S earth, 56 cents. Oh, wait a minute. No 46 cents. Oh no, it’s not there.

However, like this is, it just fell out of, out of the roof man. Something, nobody liked it the 5%, but it, it landed like literally right on the hundred. So just on a bounce play, I’m interested. I don’t like this chart. Don’t don’t say I don’t like the chart. I don’t, I don’t like it, but just as, because I am a degenerate gambler, sometimes it bounced right off this Mark. I would say I could see it going into the 15th and rowing back over just cause there’s going to be a, there’s a lot of support on a a hundred stock. That was the only reason why. So B a S Y F that’s the next one? Dow chemicals.

I it’s a decent one. You can see it just, I mean, we’re in a massive squeeze, massive squeeze. It’s it’s not, I mean, I don’t know. Look, our lines they’re steady increasing. So either they can come down by force, which it came down by force, right there came down basically to force almost to the a hundred, but didn’t, and now we’re we’re holding it. So I would be before anything. I kind of want to see this breakout in the 65, as I know it’s this is the 60 eights really far away, but I want to see let’s give it another week because if this is going to bounce around because we had the earnings, so right here would have been the day, right? If it wanted to do something, it could have done something right here, actually a beat. So that’s a little interesting and it’s right on target. However, we did not break out, which is makes me nervous. Let’s give it one more week and see what going on Our I O we are in this day.

Ooh, excuse me. When you’re looking at the chart, right? This, this makes perfect sense. It got rejected. Well, it beat had trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble. One, two, three, four days. The trouble, the market was basically open for everybody. And we got ripped. I should’ve had a stop closer to here, cause this is basically one, two, three, four days of it telling me to get out. I did not and had to take the pain for it. So it goes with having a plan to get out, to make sure you have a plan to get out. Don’t just have a plan to get in. But yeah, I, I see the worst that this, this market, right? If we can’t break down past the 83, then there’s just a healthy market liquidation and still looking for the 92 Ladelle owl. No.

Oh, they, They killed on earnings, not bad job. However, this one is also in a squeeze and it has been in a squeeze for since March when it made it a tie at one 12. So unless you want to, this would be perfect for iron cost.

Nope, no, no,

No, no. I do not like this one After earnings. We’ll see, but Scott’s real quick growth looked like a promising chart to me. We got rejected. We, I mean this, as you can see, it can go way below the 100. So no, don’t like it. The ones I do like Sherwin Williams. So let’s go over here. Oh, they only have monthly options. Sherwin Williams with a target of two 89.

We’re going to start with these little guys, the 86. So a mid one 35. Where’s this to

A six. So the mid is one 35. We’re looking for 89. So almost so 86 let’s add the dollar and 35 cents. The strike would be seven, nine, 10, eight. So there’s still at least a dollar of value in there for,

That’s why I like it. We’ll pay a dollar 50 or a dollar 30 and basically can almost double if we hit target. I P

Good IP again where we’re looking. Yeah, I would in the next little bit, this looks like it was basically kind of going up and down and then now it’s time to go up. So we’re looking for 60. How long did it take? 16 days. [inaudible] $3. We’re looking for $3. It took two eight, eight date nine, excuse me, two weeks. Yeah. there’s a 60 CC ones are absolutely nothing. Oh, this is six days. Six days. See, here’s another huge open interest at the 59 50. So let’s go ahead. And or that set this, what is, where is this? Is that the 60? So yeah, I mean they’re, if they, if they were to close it at 60 and we buy the 59 fifties, then we’re basically getting this from scratch.

I don’t know if that, I don’t know if you follow my drift on that, but what that means is there’s 3,500 or 3,100 contracts there. So there’s a lot of open inches there. So whether it’s bought or sold there’s sometimes when there’s like that, there’s a, it’s like a magnet right now. It could go all the way down to 57 because you see that’s the other large number right there. But when it’s in a bullish ignoring the reason we’re looking at this, cause it’s pretty bullish. So the 3,100 contracts right there that are opened injurous is kind of like a magnet right now. We can get the, and there’s a 50 cents difference. So right here, we’re probably can get one of these for 55 cents. So with this magnet being here, our risks, or if that closes at 60, then our risk was 5 cents. Does that make sense? Hopefully, if not, keep watching, I’ll explain it as we go and be a S F I remember the BSF a S this one, B a S F Y has no options. All right. Nevermind. Nevermind. So we found our two stocks. It is now five o’clock in the morning, and I have got to go ride the bike for 20 miles. So talk to you later.

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