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March 27 Night Time Brain Booster Ingredients

Today we have a lot of leafy, a lot of greens. I feel like I needed some greens and then we have a little bit of our fruit. We’ve got a couple of apples A Mellon, some Sweet potato or key. We, some asparagus, some bok choy, some lettuce, and some celery. Part of the reason I have so much is I haven’t been able to juice all day today. I’ve been busy making videos and I just didn’t create the time to do it. So today, or to end the day, I wanted to kind of just enhance myself with vegetable juice. So we know our lettuce is good for sleeping, so that’s why we have our lettuce. But then I also, I have a couple more projects that I need to finish today. So I didn’t want to immediately kind of wind down cause I still have to work. So I wanted to make sure I had a healthy balance of sugar, like sugar in our apples and our melon and our Kiwi and our sweet potato to where I wouldn’t automatically go to sleep. Cause I’ve noticed if I eat a lot of, if, if I don’t have any sugar at all, then it works like a charm. I get really sleepy, but I’m not ready to go to bed yet. So let’s get into our book, Right? Let’s work with our vegetables. So this right here is bok choy.

Here we go. Ready

Here, vitamins a C and B6, calcium brain health immunity, beauty boost, and cancer prevention. So what reason we’re kind of having our bok choy right now is just brain health. I’ve been working with my brain having to make a lot of videos today. So want to replenish our brain power. We’ve got our phone,

Which is this right here,

Our celery, which is where is it? Where did it go? There we go

Right here.

It’s vitamin K C N a full Lake potassium, digestive health anti-inflammation CA cholesterol, health, blood pressure regulation, and Skin health. I’m not sure exactly what it means by anti-inflammation, but I did run further today than I ever have before in an hour. So I’m guessing that my muscles would probably be inflamed a little bit. So we’re throwing in some, some celery’s kind of died down the inflammation. Let’s go to let it, which is this right here.

It’s our romaine lettuce. That’s vitamin K and a potassium zinc full day. Anti-Inflammation sleep aid and anti-anxiety relief. So after a long and stressful vape, having a little anti anxiety relief is never a negative thing. And then also I want to sleep nice and sound because I have another big action pack day tomorrow. So I want to make sure that I’m preparing as, as the month, as well as I can to be ready and bright eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow. We have our asparagus, which is that long one, right there. Multicolor kind of looks like a long tree that is right there. Asparagus. We have vitamins, K C, N a Foley, digestive health, blood pressure regulation, and weight loss. So with the weight loss, it’s always nice to have weight loss, right? I’m working out every day and running, and it’s nice to put things in my body, nutrition or nutrients in my body, which helps the process of losing weight.

So I’m not just doing it by myself. I got some allies through my vegetables in assisting me with that process. Now we know that this book does not have our Mellon. This is a product of Honduras. I cannot remember exactly what it is, is a good layout. God got us, something like that. But I do remember is a product of Honduras. We have our Kiwi, Oh, wait a minute. I’m sorry. We still have our sweet potato. So let’s get into our sweet potato, which is right here by vitamins a and B magnesium potassium, digestive health immunity, boost, and lung health. As I’m running every day. And today I ran for a mile. Having some good lung health is, is never a problem. I still have a problem with smoking. So giving my lungs that extra boost is always a good thing. Now let’s move on to our Kiwi and our Apple. These, if you don’t know they’re called apples. All right. And here we go. Vitamin C potassium, quercitin heart health, weight loss, and cancer prevention. Those are these right here. Let’s go to work. Kiwi Archi weight Kiwi is providing this vitamin C K N E full late potassium. Anti-Inflammation respiratory health digested, health immunity, boost, eye health and blood pressure regulation. So there’s a lot of nutrients packed in this little, little ball of fire right here in this Kiwi. So, all right, well give me just a chance. Let me prepare our fruit and vegetables for our juicing sequence. And I will talk to you in just a minute.


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