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Organic Energy Drink March 22 Test: Midday Ingredients – Zucchini Guayaba Kiwi Orange

All right. So this is our test run for making an energy drink. I don’t know how well this is going to work. But it’s going to, we’re going to try. So we’re going to use a little bit of, of seltzer water. I, sorry, I don’t have the picture. It’ll be all right. We just got this right here at the Vinci juice maker for like tomato or what are these things called? Oranges and limes and lemons and everything like that. We’re still going to use our Mueller Grindr for our tea. We are and our zucchini. Why is this zucchini here? I’m not really sure. I was wanting to put a vegetable here instead of just having all fruit. I thought for a second there, I had more to put into this machine right here, but I realized all I have is just some oranges. So not quite as exciting as I would’ve liked, but nonetheless, let’s get into it.

All right. Let’s start with our zucchini. This is vitamin a C and K magnesium potassium, digestive health, blood, sugar control, heart health, and I health. I guess that’d be a good reason. We’re about to pump ourselves with a whole bunch of sugar. So, or in theory, so maybe the zucchini will help us deal with that sugar. Right? All right. Let’s get to our orange vitamin C and B folate, potassium, heart health, kidney, stone prevention and anemia. Anemia prevention. All right. Now, now we’ll go to our Kiwi vitamin C K and E full late potassium. Anti-Inflammation respiratory health, digestive health immunity, boost, eye health, blood, and blood regulation, blood pressure regulation. Excuse me. Those are all  I? Yeah, they’re not here. I wouldn’t think they would be. So what we’re going to do is Mark prepared a fruit cut the, the oranges in half basically, and get my setup set up and then we’ll go from there. All right.

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